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There was no “ferocity” from the Deputy Chief Medical Officer. @Peston just doesn’t like being told he was wrong.

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(((Lady B))) ()

@F0xyUK @Peston Every night I remember him going on about how bad it was going to get and about all the businesses that would eventually close. Shocking!

C Cawley ()

Peston, Cadwalladr and others fixate on The Politics of very like C17 Witch Finders. Engineer outrage twisting most flimsy evidence then screech blame suggesting removal, or some even insinuating death of their object of hatred, will solve everything.

(((Lady B))) ()

@F0xyUK @Peston I believe he actually talked this country into recession back in 2008

Mr Snuffleuffugus ()

@Peston @MattHancock I think players get paid too much. But this is classic populist diversionary nonesense. They know angry Joe P thinks players are overpaid, pampered fairies, so the nudge unit says: get em bitching about footballers, instead of us. Cynical bullshit.

Stephen Page ()

I would gladly watch Kay Burley sink under the metaphorical waves. Along with Peston, Rigby, Marr. They are yesterday’s people like Grieve, Letwin et al before them. They deserve an unmarked political grave.

Clare Reeve #Dawn4Deputy ()

@Peston @MattHancock The NHS should not be in debt. It is us, including this abysmal government that are forever indebted to them - and always have been. Don’t you see? We can’t keep putting our fingers into the holes of a sinking ideology. We need radical change. We need socialism. We’re connected

Martin mcsheen ()

@matthewway63 @brexit_sham The media faux outrage is sickening. Peston was all full if himself because he fact checked Goves lie about test ingredients , did he challenge the govt about it in the following days live briefing ? Hmm lets think

Annette Neary ()

@Peston Ferocity??! Some of you are sensitive flowers. You were interrupting him while he was trying to answer the question! Bit rich for you to be so disrespectful to him, but quote anonymous Downing St sources as if written in tablets of

John McDonnell MP ()

The problem, Robert, is huge gaps remain in protection schemes for employees, self employed & many others. I’ve submitted further paper to Chancellor on the need to address this so people are not forced into real hardship or working at risk to their health. He must act tomorrow.

Richard Mollet ()

This is home-schooling in CMO vs Peston on Antibody Tests via @YouTube

BeFreeLiveKindly #BBBB ()

@CharlotteCGill No sorry that is not what happened. For 48 hours or more @peston joined the media mob of attempting to damage the government with lies & disinformation and he good a good slapping for his attempt at #paintingducks. If it was innocent I would forgive. It wasn’t it was a campaign

Nick Morgan ()

... & this is why UK is testing kits before issuing for use. Remember this the next time Peston & Ripley have a political dig during daily briefing Questions Spanish capital ditches ‘unreliable’ Chinese coronavirus test kits | South China Morning Post

Tim Montgomerie ()

There was no “ferocity” from the Deputy Chief Medical Officer. @Peston just doesn’t like being told he was wrong.

Stay at Home . Tish. ()

@DrJamesKent3 @DCBMEP Well well well .. Peston 💩 stirring against the PM yet again with wrong facts!!

Anushka Asthana ()

Last night on #peston I interviewed deputy chief medical officer - Jonathan Van Tam and asked him about testing & cutting death rate. He said when it came to reducing infection rate testing was a “side issue”. But then why does South Korea stand out like that & why WHO advice?

Douglas Bulloch ()

@RafiBSingh Indeed. Asking laboured and loaded questions in an attempt to trip exhausted people up, actively disrupting efforts to inform and reassure a public that is justifiably concerned about an unfolding national emergency. To think Peston was actually quite good in 2008/9.

Gastrogeorge 🌹 ()

FFS, is there anybody more brain dead dialling it in for a six figure salary?

Andy Pennington ()

@Peston Please read what Professor of Public Health John Ashton, former President of the Faculty of Public Health, Director of Public has said about this Robert, for all our sakes @Johnrashton47. SARS, MERS, Swine flue, Bird flue, they were warned.

Anne Elizabeth Nicol ()

@lisanandy @Peston We would also have to replenish all of the stock if we had stockpiled equipment for weeks or years. Boris Johnson is a good man & he never asked for this Pandemic people need to back off

Anne Elizabeth Nicol ()

@lisanandy @Peston It is about time that People started sticking up for this Government instead of moaning & criticising everything that they bloody do. I am a Conservative voter & Brexit supporter & I believe this Government are doing a fantastic job. If we stockpile things it goes out of date

Stanga ()

@rockthumper Voters knew in advance that Boris is not fit to be PM, but they wanted Brexit done. So why are they suddenly frightened? Is this not another project fear? Even the experts cannot agree what to say. Brexiteers call it democracy and the will of the people. #Peston

Pieford ()

@Peston It’s so lucky that it only started today though, and that there have been no decisions that anyone could have been held to account for over the past few weeks and months that led us to this point. Small mercies, eh?

John Loxford ()

@Peston Stop embarrassing your self you stupid Tory mouthpiece! You really are an embarrassment to God’s creation. Have a pork sausage and go to sleep you stupid gammon.

David Wood ()

Eddie Mair was too good for the BBC. Watch and learn @bbclaurak @Peston

David Vick ()

@clarescastle @Peston Sold, not donated, too. Chinese caused this pandemic, and now are treating it as a profit centre.

Foglia Verdemela ()

@Peston I hope you realise how much damage that stupid banner in your room undermine your credibility. When the country is losing 000s of lives, you company cares about the publicity and the brand. News is not marketing. Stop it.

Martin Cope ()

@Peston @itvpeston I am so appalled by your use of self-promotion in such an inappropriate situation as the No. 10 briefing I have felt it necessary to write a letter of complaint to ITV. In my 48 years, I have never found the need to do that. You should be ashamed.

Matt ()

@afneil @Peston asked a pertinent question in a coherent fashion? (for clarity i am gripping my chest and miming disbelief)

Clarissa Reilly ()

@DavidVick5 @Peston Complaints of faulty Chinese kit received by the Dutch, the Czechs, Turks and Ukrainians as well I

Carole Cadwalladr ()

Is Gove spinning the public a line? Excellent fact-check on press conference claim by @Peston

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