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Updated: September 22nd, 2021 01:53 AM IST

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Peyton walked into the back area of that Casino like Stone Cold Steve Austin with the glass he looks at me & goes how about that red 18 18 hits & the whole place goes BANANAS

Peyton Twitter

/ hiii guys! i haven’t had time to write a bio for peyton bc college me mentally can’t :/// but she grew up with a single toxic mom, her half brother is garrett and she moved to sagebay a few months ago to meet him <3 if anyone needs plots that are more current pls sign her up :)

Peyton walked into the back area of that Casino like Stone Cold Steve Austin with the glass he looks at me & goes how about that red 18 18 hits & the whole place goes BANANAS

His arm is elastic, he can make all those throws. I’m jealous of Aaron Rodgers.” —Peyton Manning on Rodgers’ throwing ability

The Manning brothers will be be back for Week 2. Does ESPN’s new “Monday Night Football” MegaCast have long-term potential? @richarddeitsch on what gives the broadcast promise for the future.

#Chiefs TE Travis Kelce was the life of the party on Eli and Peyton Manning’s ‘Monday Night Football’ alternate broadcast.

NEW MEDIA COLUMN: It’s generally a useless exercise to review the opening night of anything in entertainment. But Peyton and Eli Manning have a very promising Monday Night product and what they do with it heading forward will be interesting to watch.

I would take Peyton and Eli over Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy right this minute. I don’t care if it doesn’t work out.

All the good feelings for ESPN because of Peyton and Eli () just got completely wiped away.

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Peyton & Eli Manning are the 2nd coolest brothers in sports @GeorgeOnTap & @SamiOnTap


That Peyton & Eli commentary started off kinda shaky to me but then it got very very good. Hope they continue doing that tbh

@101xMorningX If it makes you feel better Jason, Peyton did like 90% of the talking. I think he only allows Eli to speak every now and then.

@ESPNPlus **Checks calendar again** Peyton + Eli are on ESPN2 next Monday night. Still cancel all other plans.

#ScheinOnSports w/ @AdamSchein IS ON THE AIR! All over Raiders win, Jon Gruden, overtime, Lamar Jackson, Clay Helton, Peyton & Eli, Clay Helton, Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays, San Francisco Giants & MORE! Poll Question: Is Derek Carr a top 15 quarterback in the NFL?

Ok, Peyton & Eli took half of a quarter to get lined out, but after that it was gold. That was awesome. Good grief, that was ridiculously good. Thank you, @ESPNNFL. @espn just figured it out. I want this during the SB as well.

@BrettKollmann Peyton put on a Ravens helmet for more role-playing, pretending to be Lamar Jackson under center. He then yanks it off. “This helmet doesn’t fit,” he said. Eli, without skipping a beat: “Shocking that a helmet doesn’t fit you. Didn’t have a double-XL helmet for that forehead?”

Varsity Vball defended the nest beating Tandem 3-1. Cara Hamil with 17 kills, Katie Lowe with 8 kills, Annelise Seiler with 5 kills. Peyton Garber and Hamil with 13 and 11 digs respectively. Hamil led in serving with 8 aces. London Constant with 29 assists! Let’s Go!

@colin_dunlap Have you noticed Peyton loves to work with his brothers? Eli on ESPN and Cooper on College Bowl?

When Julia Peyton Jones became a mother at 64 - the press was so full on she was advised to leave the country by her PR team. 5 years on - she joins me today on @BBCWomansHour for her first broadcast interview. Join us shortly

Die alternative ESPN MNF Übertragung von Ravens at Raiders mit Eli & Peyton Manning am Mikro kann man sich auch über den Gamepass als Relive anschauen. Zu finden unter NFL Originals bzw diesem direkten Link. Danke an @gutenachtjohnny für den Hinweis 👍🏼

I didn’t get to watch the Monday Night game, so I’m just now learning that it was commentated by Peyton and Eli Manning?? WHAT?!? If Peyton the goat and Eli are doing every game this season then I will totally pay for ESPN. I need this in my life too badly! #PFM

Peyton Manning was good because he played his Rookie year and sucked.

Just caught the last minute of the fourth and OT but listening to Peyton, Eli, and Russell talk about the game was a ton of fun. Only way I’m watching MNF moving forward.

This thing with Peyton and Eli is easily the best way to watch football right now. Random player cameos, etc. This is great

If you do a shot every time Peyton says “right” you’ll end up in the ER real quick.


this Peyton and eli thing would be cool if they would just let them announce the game like normal instead of a double box on the side with the game audio on 1

@jack_isachsen it would be a crime to not watch eli and peyton when the giants play on mnf

Peyton going all out analyzing tonight 😂 @brgridiron (via @NFL)

Yo, this @espn 2 situation with Peyton and Eli is pretty damn cool. If I was a HS or College QB right now…tune in, they’re pretty much giving you a masterclass on how to see the game. They’re also pretty damn funny lol


Nobody analyzes the game like Peyton 😂 Manning brothers are live right now on ESPN2, ESPN+ & the NFL app

Peyton Manning just hilariously predicted the Raiders to go 6-11 after the first play of the game 😂😂

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