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But the govt is sitting on a much more complete dataset including pillar 2, which tells a completely different story More than 90% of new cases in Leicester are now under pillar 2, yet these numbers are not public. If you’re a local biz owner in Leicester, you only see the blue.

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Nick Harkaway
Nick Harkaway ()

@10DowningStreet It seems Johnson talks about wanting us to use our common sense, but is terrified of us doing so. We’re not allowed the Pillar 2 data in case, when we see it, we respond by saying “this isn’t safe”.

Nick Harkaway
Nick Harkaway ()

We would like the local Pillar 2 data now please, @10DowningStreet

Tom Lewis
Tom Lewis ()

And to complicate matters, it is really pillar 4 that should be informing understanding of local epidemiology. What are they up to? Pillar 1+2 suffer big potential issues of ascertainment bias.


@rakeshdaultabad The most important issue after these is the HANDING OVER of Society from Builder to RWA. The Builder escapes his liabilities in the absence of CLEAR GUIDELINES from the TCP department. NO GUIDELINES means NO CHECKLIST. Buyers are forced 2 run from pillar 2 post, but no respite

MitoHacker ()

Yo: Me tengo que ir a Laredo. Mi super yo: ¿Vas a bañarte o a pillar olas? Yo: no, voy a llevar un puto sofa y 2 bicis.

Mceinstein ()

Ffs I will ask again , does anyone know whether the Scottish government are releasing the pillar 2 data on corona infections in Scotland ?

Peter Hayes
Peter Hayes ()

@CityMayorLeic We all owe @CityMayorLeic and the people of Leicester, a thank you, for getting this vital pillar 2 local #Covid19UK data more available. Keep well, neighbours. #pusb

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UK COVID-19 ()

United Kingdom coronavirus (COVID-19) infections so far this week vs. the last full week - broken down by day. This includes positive results from both pillar 1 & pillar 2.

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次シーズンで医師1位を取り返すもち王様 ()

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Jacq Dodman 🇬🇧🇪🇺 Europen Citizen ⭐️
Jacq Dodman 🇬🇧🇪🇺 Europen Citizen ⭐️ ()

@BethRigby [email protected] has confirmed Leicester received pillar 2 data on 25th confirming Starmer’s assertion

rachel shabi
Rachel shabi ()

All this time, well past the pandemic peak, with no pillar 2 testing = no idea of infection in communities. Appalling how regional ability to respond / help was so badly hampered by government

Jim Pickard
Jim Pickard ()

Leicester thought it had 80 new cases between June 13-26 via “pillar 1” tests (in hospitals) it only found out it had 944 when “pillar 2” tests (mobile centre tests etc) were belatedly included

Cerulean Man 🇪🇺 🏳️‍🌈
Cerulean Man 🇪🇺 🏳️‍🌈 ()

How can @Keir_Starmer get anywhere with a compulsive liar like Johnson. He blatantly told a lie around Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 data. How do you counter a massive liar.

Brian Smith - Continue to STAY AT HOME SAVE LIVES
Brian Smith - Continue to STAY AT HOME SAVE LIVES ()

@GOVUK To help stop the spread share the data on Covid-19, including Pillar 2 cases. Thank you

Kenneth MacArthur
Kenneth MacArthur ()

@dgurdasani1 @Duffycaramole The FT had pillar 2 data for Leicester only as far as I saw - which in its citation said had come from PHE via the Leicester Mercury.

Sue G # join a union 🍊🍊🍊
Sue G # join a union 🍊🍊🍊 ()

@AndyBurnhamGM Andy, can you publish the pillar 1 and pillar 2 data for each local area regularly? The public feel we are being treated like mushrooms.

Ronald ()

@christineburns Calling it “pillar 1” and “pillar 2” also helps to obscure this important difference, if it means public data and private data.

Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams ()

Re pillar 2, a reminder of what Greater Manchester found when its first data finally came through last wk

John Sweeney
John Sweeney ()

We are allowed to know about Pillar 1. But not Pillar 2. That is for our masters alone. This is bred-in-the-bone-elitism and it does not work in a democracy.

Kyrl ()

@JohnWest_JAWS The Westminster Government failure to share the pillar 2 data even with local medical authorities, sums up how poor the management of this whole crisis has been, there is no possible justification for their behaviour.

John West 🖤 🕯
John West 🖤 🕯 ()

Now, a lot of people did not know what pillar 2 was (frustratingly so) But if you are regularly a talking head on TV I expect you to do your homework

Chr1 ()

@JohnWest_JAWS I have been wondering for a while why Wales keeps topping the table of covid infections in the UK even though it has a much lower excess death rate than England. I now know that one of the reasons is that it openly reports pillar 1 and 2 infection numbers.

Pierre Delarue
Pierre Delarue ()

Pillar 1 = NHS testing - Pillar 2 = private testing (Serco). The fact that Pillar 2 data is not published by the government really disturbing. It almost as they setting it up to fail.

Lloyd🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ()

@46_Linda Yes I have. Luckily, in Wales, we include our pillar 2 testing in the headline figures.

Tony McKelvie
Tony McKelvie ()

It was only a matter of time before this shambles resulted in inevitable consequences. For six weeks now the UK Government has been unwilling or unable to publish the results from its crucial community based Pillar 2 testing system.

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Paul ()

@UKCovid19Stats ...but only pillar 1 infections are reported, while up to 90% of new infections are pillar 2, right?

mike byrne
Mike byrne ()

Pillar 1 is testing in his labs and pillar 2 tests are done in commercial labs

John Burn-Murdoch
John Burn-Murdoch ()

It’s a particularly big problem in the East Midlands and in Yorks & The Humber, where pillar 2 accounts for the highest share of new tests and cases. The public, MPs and councils in these areas are only seeing a tiny share of new cases, risking being blindsided by a second wave.

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John Burn-Murdoch
John Burn-Murdoch ()

This is a growing issue, with pillar 2 tests catching an ever larger share of new cases. Two months ago, most cases were found under pillar 1, so not publishing pillar 2 wasn’t a huge deal. Today, pillar 2 is >80% of new cases, the public is being shown only 17% of new cases

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John Burn-Murdoch
John Burn-Murdoch ()

But the govt is sitting on a much more complete dataset including pillar 2, which tells a completely different story More than 90% of new cases in Leicester are now under pillar 2, yet these numbers are not public. If you’re a local biz owner in Leicester, you only see the blue.

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