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The UN says legal aid cuts have overwhelmingly affected the poor and people with disabilities. That is a disgrace. #PMQs.

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The UN says legal aid cuts have overwhelmingly affected the poor and people with disabilities. That is a disgrace. #PMQs.

PMQs: Theresa May implicitly criticises Boris Johnson for failing to back Kim Darroch – live news.

Kim Darroch resigns for doing his job. The prime minister fails to stand up to Trump. Johnson throws Darroch to the wolves. Barely a mention at #PMQs Taking back control.

This #PMQs is an unedifying spectacle. Jeremy Corbyn defending himself against charges of antisemitism by attacking Theresa May for her party’s islamophobia. Both have members who peddle hate and racism. Both are failing to deal with it. Neither is fit for office. #DemandBetter.

I swear every #PMQs Jeremy Corbyn gets destroyed and then bumbles back some unrelated.

@jeremycorbyn Says Labour is totally committed to tackling all forms of racism. Quotes UN who condemn UK govt for the grave and systematic neglect of disabled people. Asks May if she thinks the Windrush scandal would have happened if legal aid had not been slashed. #PMQs.

Jeremy Corbyn has just stated that Labour is 100% committed to fighting Odd then that the EHRC are formally investigating the Labour Party isn’t it or that #Panorama are showcasing their investigation tonight on the BBC! #PMQs.

How can the architect of the hostile environment policy that led to the #Windrush scandal cite a Race Disparity Audit as evidence of her war against burning injustices. You lit the fire! #PMQs.

So the PM prefers to personally attack @jeremycorbyn instead of answering questions. Appalling #PMQs..

The embarrassment that either of these fucking clowns could have any say over the people of Scotland at all is excruciating. #pmqs #ItsTime.

How is she STILL BANGING on about the last Labour government?? Just how?? #pmqs.

Great gag. But only the Brexit ref was accurate. #pmqs #politicslive Not sure it Groucho originally. Though he did use it..

The Windrush scandal and huge payouts for injustices would never have happened if there had been legal aid. JC on #PMQs.

Well this is brilliant, somehow #pmqs has somehow turned into Corbyn needing to defend the Labour party from anti-Semitic charges. He really is massively incompetent as Leader of the Opposition..

May reminds the house that 6/18 Windrush removals were carried out under Labour. #PMQs.

Jeremy Corbyn says his party is “totally committed to eliminating racism in any form” and hits back at the PM by challenging her on Islamophobia in the Conservatives. #PMQs.

Unbelievable - May saying Windrush deportations are the fault of the last Labour government. Then she makes personal attacks on Corbyn #pmqs.

Dawn Butler on one side, Richard Burgon on the other. A Gerry Rafferty song springs to mind #PMQs.

BoJo PM will make Comrade Cobber look like the amateur opposer he is. #PMQs #PMQ.

#PMQs #brexit ⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ ⁦@RuthDavidsonMSP⁩.

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I love PMQs, every week Corbyn gets his pants pulled down in front of the country..

Oh my word. Six people were wrongly detained and removed under the last @UKLabour government. How many under the @Conservatives ? #PMQs #PoliticsLive.

Theresa May says it is a matter of great regret that (Sir Kim Darroch) has felt it necessary to leave his position as UK ambassador to the US, saying it is important to defend our values and principles, particularly when they are under pressure #PMQs.

Everyone deserves access to justice, regardless of their ability to pay. Labour will ensure legal aid is available to all. Share the facts 👇 #PMQs.

#PMQs: May faces MPs as a diplomatic row with the US spirals.

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