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Paul is not mine and for sure not Solskjaer’s property, Paul is Paul Pogba’s.

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Red Army! ()

Real Madrid value Pogba at no more than £50m. There is an acceptance at United & in Pogba’s camp that it would be in everyone’s interests for him to be sold in the summer (daily mail) #MUFC

Hans ()

@markhoorocks Bruno should be there as a CAM, then we need a CM to control the tempo. I want Grealish at United but don’t think he replaces Pogba due to different roles. Grealish could be left wing, Sancho absolute necessity. CM void still there🤔

BeFoot ()

La Juventus Turin travail pour un retour de Paul Pogba, qui souhaite quitter Manchester United cet été. (@NicoSchira) Une offre de 50/60 M€ + Ramsey pourrait être transmise.

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Red Devil ()

Absolutely no way this is true imo. just to put things into Romelu Lukaku - mr. trampoline touch was sold for 75m pounds last summer. Pogba is worth at least 120m then

Adam ()

@NewsUnitedStand @UnitedStandMUFC I wonder if souness would be so anti-pogba if he played for liverpool i highly doubt it

WoW Farouk WoW! ()

@Bokang_DT Football at Man United is going to be played next season,players are starting to fight for positions and i think Pogba is only realizing the competition is intense ...

Feza. ()

Manchester United might be forced to accept a hefty loss on Paul Pogba if they sell their record signing this summer, with Real Madrid valuing him at no more than £50million.

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Le10sport ()

Mercato : PSG, Real Madrid, Quel sera le prochain club de Pogba ?

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#27TahunREPUBLIKA ()

Agen Paul Pogba mengungkap klienya siap membuka ruang diskusi perpanjangan kontrak.

ManchReds ™️ ()

Real Madrid menilai harga Paul Pogba tidak lebih dari £50 juta. #mufc ©️ Sportmail

BBC News Hausa ()

Man Utd na son £150m kan Paul Pogba, Man City na son Serge Gnabry kan yarjejeniyar Leroy Sane, Frank Lampard na fuskantar barazana a Chelsea.

Man United News Now ⚽️ ()

Trending: Paul Pogba ‘to be assessed by doctors this week’ as midfielder looks to return from ankle injury

Gus Dujon ()

The way British players are overhyped but are so average its not even funny. Grealish is £80m but Pogba is £

Stan⚡️ ()

Pogba has done nothing for us except getting Mourinho sacked, hope he goes in the summer and takes his injuries with him 😤

Mangaliso Masilela ()

I’m so tired of the Pogba press! Yi! Everyday Pogba this and Pogba that! Let the hommie go, he obviously doesn’t want to be here and if he does let him say it then and that will be that on that!

Detiksport ()

Agen Paul Pogba, Mino Raiola, terlibat perang kata-kata dengan manajer Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Hal itu dipicu spekulasi masa depan Pogba di MU. #Manunited #Pogba

Azza Wan Bizza ()

If I’m Pogba’s teammate right now I would definitely let him know how it isn’t right for his agent to speak out on Ole 20mins before a big match. It has come to that point now. I hope the players say something.

Ron. 🔰 🇾🇪 ()

One thing I just don’t understand is why does Paul Pogba not stop his agent or his brother from speaking about him all the time? If he has to say anything, say it by himself why use other people?

‏ً ()

Pogba and McTominay back a big boost, hope we can go on a consistent run of games and push of to get 4th place

THOMAS 🇧🇷 ()

Mathias Pogba deu uma entrevista para a Chiringuito, uma emissora da Espanha e disse: Todo mundo sabe que Paul quer ir.

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Manchester United Brasil ()

Mino Raiola: Com toda certeza, Pogba não pertence a Solskjær. Solskjær: Pogba precisa voltar aos treinos amanhã, então vamos ver onde ele está. Clima de paz em Manchester.

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Mino Raiola ()

Paul is not mine and for sure not Solskjaer’s property, Paul is Paul Pogba’s.

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Milanista Realista ()

@Milestemplaris Per carità,con un Devrij così lo stesso Skriniar è passato in secondo piano nella difesa dell’Inter 😅 Però per Lautaro fossi in voi cercherei di avere più soldi possibili, potrebbe essere quasi un’operazione alla Pogba,e poi nessun giocatore sul globo terraqueo vale il Dio Messi


JOGO DURO!👤🇫🇷🖐️🔴⚪️ Manchester United dificulta saída de Pogba para Real Madrid ou Juventus #lancenet

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Kizaru ()

El United vendiendo a Pogba: inserte el video del coche de Aqui no hay quien viva. Buscamos un Mauri.

Trey ()

Leader All round midfielder Still yet to hit his prime Has 2 years left on his contract Liverpool paid 60m for keita and Pogba is 4 times the player 100m is Robbery.

Alessio ()

Scambio Pjanic-Icardi ✅ Meunier a zero ✅ Pellegrini fine prestito ✅ Cessioni di De Sciglio,Rugani,Khedira,Matuidi,Ramsey,Douglas Costa,Higuain ✅ Acquisto di Pogba,2 centrocampisti ed un ala ✅

Silent_Assassin 🕷🕸 ()

I wanted Pogba to stay and smash it for us but even if we can keep him I dont want him because clearly he doesnt want to and this is MUFC weve had much bigger fish leave us

Pogs ()

@NG_________ Who ever made this 100 million euros is smoking something heavy, if Pogba has a mad euros and performs well in the last few months for Utd his price will be 150 million euros and nothing less.

Sky Sports Premier League ()

You can not be happy if you are not competing for the title or for the Champions League. 👀 Is Paul Pogba destined for a return to Juventus? 🇮🇹

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