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Updated: September 17th, 2021 10:41 PM IST

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This is as divisive as it is pointless. This is dangerous authoritarianism that will not save a single life. This is the theatre of Covid security. Shame on the Welsh First Minister.

#pointless Twitter

Three pointless answers today on Classic Who - Celestial Toymaker, the Time Meddler and Caves of Androzani.

@grantshapps managed to make a farce of his announcement I note. Can never make things simple. Scrap the pointless LFT on return. Reduce red list based on science. Why do you insist on making things so complicated? EU must be laughing at us.

@ccchaircut I’m always torn on this. In general too many things have regulatory hurdles and pointless licensure that justifies bureaucracy. But like you, I’ve seen the other side. Have no answers, just shades of grey.

@jono_pce Not much I can do about that now - it’s pointless trying to stop it, so I will just buy the best of a stupid idea and see where we go in the future 🤷🏻‍♂️

@RJK1701 @pointless You were fantastic! I cheered when it went to zero! One and done! Bev will have to make an appearance now! 😍

@mukumbura @JHBWater It’s a standard answer to keep the boxes checked 🙄 how pointless and useless

Well when you say it like that, an extra $90 billion for some pointless submarines sounds like a trifling amount. 🙄 #auspol

Wistfully imagining the shit that would have kicked off on Pointless today if someone had said The Tribe Of Gum during the name a classic Who story final round

@SenTomCotton We need to move to Resume Politics. Literally. When Ranger Tom runs for re-election, ditch the pointless debates and make him stand on stage and we’ll go over his resume. Imagine watching him try to explain how he’s been in Congress for years and never accomplished anything.

@ChampBrocialist But we need pointless server farms to destroy the planet and make an extra and more useless currency! /s

@JillRTeamXRP If we stop with the pointless wars, maybe we can use that money to pay for free healthcare. Just a thought.

@RJK1701 @pointless Omg I just switched on, saw the last few minutes and shouted I WENT TO SCHOOL WITH HIM! Congrats, you clever thing 🎉🏆

@ellardent Winning it with Genesis of the Daleks would have been a full pisstake. But as they said, almost everything was pointless.

This is as divisive as it is pointless. This is dangerous authoritarianism that will not save a single life. This is the theatre of Covid security. Shame on the Welsh First Minister.

@YEJUNFL0WER like pls let me just vibe on my own topics are kinda pointless to me lol

@ftrpirateking so many parts of sanji’s character are ignored because of all the pointless perv scenes toei adds 😔😔 he deserves better

@SamPogono Someone just asked why im having this pointless conversation. Some shit can be addressed early

@SpeQx @CedricDeBeer1 Everything you said here is untrue, when polio vaccine was introduced in the 50s there was…. actually this is a pointless exercise, so exhausting to engage… Go get #vaccinated

@DoktorFuttocks Understand the last couple being pointless and think they were unlucky with Relics.

The party of fiscal responsibility wasted 300 million dollars on a pointless attempt to recall Newsom. When will the @GOP pay taxpayers back?

@SpeakerVos All this article does is paint you as the pointless obstructionist asshole you are.

@version3point1 This was a question on Pointless that I was literally about to message you when that like came in

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@shamtheecreator The one Pointless Paris tried to doxx yesterday for saying bullet bags

@JClickbaited @SenSchumer She could do something at the state level for UI. NY got an awful lot of fed pandemic cash that is NOT accounted for. (Another reason “tax the rich” is pointless. Corrupt NY state pols hoard the $ and give to their cronies

Lol Pfizer permanent jabs every 6months Useless and pointless shit

@Docta_Moe I mean, making new GTA games is quite pointless. One in 10 years is enough since its basically the same thing

shit corny. whole time it’s going on the nigga sitting back thinking he the shit while he got two bitches arguing over himm. Nigga prolly not even loyal to either one, it’s really pointless.

@MirrorTV @MirrorCeleb I assume yet another Completely pointless Reality person 🙄🙄

@Dazzlingwinds i do bc jm a completionist but its more useless and pointless nonsense and also making emma look like a chump 😭

It’s a somewhat pointless argument as it boils down to personal bias and preference. The answer is no and yes. Possibly, maybe not. But 100% for sure and no way jose.

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