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Massively excited trivia nerd Michael Sheen is one of the most attractive Michael Sheens, FACT. #PointlessCelebrities.

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@richardosman please tell me at what point in the programme Michael Sheen threw himself on the floor. And why didn’t I see it on the tv? Was I not watching or was it cut? #PointlessCelebrities.

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@richardosman #PointlessCelebrities Jambalaya is no more a stew than Risotto, Paella or a Chicken #fakestews.

Massively excited trivia nerd Michael Sheen is one of the most attractive Michael Sheens, FACT. #PointlessCelebrities.

Confirmation of the origin of Razor Ruddock’s nickname coming from the boxer Donovan. Jess Robinson also seems rather lovely #PointlessCelebrities.

I love it when impressionists tell you they can impersonate someone, impersonate that person badly and therefore prove that they can’t, in fact, impersonate that person! #PointlessCelebrities.

Wish they’d stop all the kissing and cuddling on this prog, every time they get a good answer or even when they don’t 🙄 flamin’ luvvies #PointlessCelebrities.

@PeteThePict Anita (Bobby) Crushed by Eleanor Roosevelt 😟 #PointlessCelebrities.

Is bbc one sponsored by Neil Razor Ruddock this week? 3 days of #CelebrityMasterChef followed by #PointlessCelebrities. Must be awful viewing for those who don’t like him!.

#pointlesscelebrities Razor was the boy at school who flushed Richard’s head down the toilet..

McMahon and Ruddock, the most cunt-filled pairing ever to appear on British television. #PointlessCelebrities.

My name is slightly easier to remember and write than Pablo Picasso’s full name! #PointlessCelebrities.

Pointless celebrities. Mcmahon must feel ill teamed up with Ruddock. The best with the fucking worst #PointlessCelebrities.

Cheering on our pals @JessieRobinson and @SP1nightonly on #PointlessCelebrities right now.

Alan Turing As of course played by the legendary Judge Rinder,s mate Benedict Cumberbatch in THE IMITATION GAME #PointlessCelebrities.

2 of my favourite men on #PointlessCelebrities this evening! @michaelsheen and @SP1nightonly.

@michaelsheen on #PointlessCelebrities!! A-mazing booking @richardosman 🙌🏻🙌🏻.

Proof of the dinner with McMahon business #PointlessCelebrities.

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@Anonamandamous 🎤Michael Sheen makes umpteen things clean. #PointlessCelebrities.

@SouthCoastRed Fingers crossed for Sheen-Pemberton. What a team! #PointlessCelebrities.

#PointlessCelebrities Bobby Crush! Not seen him for years and would never have recognised him in a million years 😱.

Hope Sheen/Pemberton win and Ruddock/McMahon go out #PointlessCelebrities.

@michaelsheen @whitebites #michaelsheen #pointlesscelebrities - cancel ALL plans 😂.

The fabulous @JessieRobinson joins #PointlessCelebrities🌟 this afternoon - @BBCOne from 5:50pm!.

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This is a good one. Tune in tonight #PointlessCelebrities.

Definitive (From a Scotsman) Dundee - Dundonian Glasgow - Glaswegian Aberdeen - Aberdonian Edinburgh- Some cunt fae Edinburgh @TVsPointless @richardosman #PointlessCelebrities #pointless.

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