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Popmaster ruined by poor radio reception on the M74. Still, it was stunningly pretty.

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Stephen Smith M.D (Manic Depressive)
Stephen Smith M.D (Manic Depressive) ()

Listening on catch up, Round One 36, one year out! And 21 in Round Two, loads of Suede. #popmaster

Jon Hillcock
Jon Hillcock ()

Nothing good could ever come of announcing you have over 900 albums in your Popmaster introduction.

ぽんたん@奈々大好き♡ ()

sumikaオンラインLIVE最高のセトリでしたd(≧▽≦*d)❤ 明日は髭男のオンラインLIVE楽しむぞ🥰

雲雀(ひばり THE MOD)
雲雀(ひばり THE MOD) ()

iPhoneをJBLのブルートゥーススピーカーに繋いでるのですが、なんかいい感じです。 これがアナログっぽくかんじる。

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雲雀(ひばり THE MOD)
雲雀(ひばり THE MOD) ()

世界初のベビーメタルを聴いてます。😀 iOSアップデート後、なんかちょっと音が変わった気がするが、気のせいかな

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Ian Seabrook
Ian Seabrook ()

Popmaster ruined by poor radio reception on the M74. Still, it was stunningly pretty.

Andy Cook
Andy Cook ()

23 & a disappointing 12 for me today. Frustratingly 1 year out on both Got my usual 2 in 10 #popmaster Have a great day 👍

alan fraser
Alan fraser ()

Hotel California playing on Radio Two now while Ken Bruce has a crap in six minutes thirty one seconds #popmaster

Lesley 🙊🛍🎧📻
Lesley 🙊🛍🎧📻 ()

#popmaster Hotel California, reminds me of day I was was post Popmaster song then too

Phill Roberts
Phill Roberts ()

36, 39 & more Lighthouses than I wish to remember. Damn you Underworld! Have a good day all. #popmaster

Lealea1504 💫🏁😽
Lealea1504 💫🏁😽 ()

Full house round 2 after guessing Tina Charles 😂 amazed I got 3 in 10 as have a strong dislike of the Lighthouse Family #popmaster

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Pupps ()

Radio 2, Popmaster when the loser says I chose the wrong questions Tha wot ?? ... nah you were shite 😂😂😂

Doctor Paul Quizmaster
Doctor Paul Quizmaster ()

I see loads of people saying R2 was Googler. I disagree. The cunt knew his pop. #popmaster

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Duncan Edwards
Duncan Edwards ()

“Oooh I can’t believe it I just got 33 on those ” NOBODY CARES You got fucking six on your questions THE END!! #popmaster #nohonestlyigot39

Sang ()

27, 18 and 3 in 10. Very strangely was thinking in the car this morning which three songs I would pick if Gabrielle was the 3 in 10 today! #popmaster

Carol D
Carol D ()

R1 33 R2 21 - 2 bonuses did for me as did the recent artist question and East17 and Daft Dion or Del Shannon for Mary Jane but plumped for the former 😳3 Gabrielles tho 😁 #popmaster

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Jason W
Jason W ()

Round 1 - 33 [33-6-30-6-33-6-0] Round 2 - 18 [33-0-00-6-33-0-0] 3 in 10 - 1/3 #popmaster

🍭 K͓̽a͓̽y͓̽ 🍭
🍭 K͓̽a͓̽y͓̽ 🍭 ()

18/39 round two 😂😂😂🙈🙈 some hard ones there. Soon as he says 70s I’m lost! #popmaster

Matt Oakley
Matt Oakley ()

In the 90s there was a short-lived theme park called Blobbyland which closed and remained derelict for years. Chilling. #popmaster

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Jonathan Kennaugh
Jonathan Kennaugh ()

Glad the 39 routine amuses “Richie” so much, it doesn’t amuse anyone else. #popmaster

Tom Green
Tom Green ()

Guy on BBC R2 Popmaster. Doing his shout outs. Hail Hail to all the Celtic fans around the world, here we go to 10 on a row Legend 🍀😂

Frank Kilpatrick
Frank Kilpatrick ()

“I’ve sang all over the world”. What colour was Shakin Stevens door” ans. “Red” 😂😂😂#popmaster

👿 ()

crying at everything atm, a nice man on popmaster? 😭 a sudoku my mam didn’t have time to finish before she went to work? 😭😭😭😭

Lealea1504 💫🏁😽
Lealea1504 💫🏁😽 ()

Not bad, I think the questions this week have definitely been harder though #popmaster

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💙💖💜 Rosie Tennant Doran 🎶😍🌈
💙💖💜 Rosie Tennant Doran 🎶😍🌈 ()

Just about managed to get 3 in 10 for The Lightning Seeds. 😃🤣 Pure, Lucky You & The Life Of Riley. Yahoo! 😃😍🥳💙💖👍 #popmaster

💙💖💜 Rosie Tennant Doran 🎶😍🌈
💙💖💜 Rosie Tennant Doran 🎶😍🌈 ()

Got 4 songs in 10 for New Order. Blue Monday, Temptation, Regret and True Faith. Yahoo! 😃😍🥳💖💙👍 #popmaster

John M
John M ()

I don’t think he was referring to anyone on Twitter when he mentioned anyone who’s been encouraging #popmaster

Ross Lafferty
Ross Lafferty ()

Good morning on #popmaster (for me). 21 and 27 and both years spot on!👍🏼 Savage Garden though 🤷🏻‍♂️

Neal Foulds
Neal Foulds ()

If Savage Garden had ever appeared live in Tring things could have been very different #Popmaster #Tring

💙💖💜 Rosie Tennant Doran 🎶😍🌈
💙💖💜 Rosie Tennant Doran 🎶😍🌈 ()

3 Savage Garden songs in 10! Truly Madly Deeply, I Want You and To The Moon And Back. Yahoo! 😃😍💙💖👍 #popmaster

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