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Britain’s real heroes: those who appear on @BBCRadio2’s #Popmaster and when asked if they have any hellos, simply answer “Anyone who knows me”. We owe a debt. ❤️❤️❤️.

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Whipped up some pesto whilst listening to #popmaster 😋 #multitasking.

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Jo Whiley was absolutely awful on Drive Time, and she is even worse on #popmaster Has she got friends in high places at Radio 2 or is this a deliberate ruse to lose listeners?.

@BBCRadio2 My #popmaster DAB radio has arrived. Will take pride of place in my caravan. Still tickled pink about scoring a full house!.

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Britain’s real heroes: those who appear on @BBCRadio2’s #Popmaster and when asked if they have any hellos, simply answer “Anyone who knows me”. We owe a debt. ❤️❤️❤️.

How Does it Feel by Slade, is like most of their songs a great tune. Yet when I was young they passed me by. 😀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿#popmaster.

you heard him get so many questions right you should know he beat contestant 1. #bloodyhopeless #popmaster.

Please can we just stop #Popmaster whilst Jo Whiley is covering. She talks too much, pushes the wrong buttons and asks the questions wrong. Ruins it. Raaaaagghhhhh.

Life On Mars by David Bowie - a solid tune from a legend in rock who will always live on through his amazing discography! 😃😍💙💖👍 #popmaster.

Jo Whiley with these jingles cock ups over the last few days reminds me of when my grandad got control of the tv remote #popmaster.

Jo Whiley, a broadcaster of over two decades experience, mashing away at the jingle buttons on the console is why we love Ken #popmaster.

I know you all love dogs and I’m not saying anything against them but they don’t need radio hellos. #popmaster.

#Popmaster really is luck of the draw. 🤷‍♀️ Full house yesterday. I managed 21 and 30 today..

Bloody hell. One contestant gets a question about an unknown. The other gets 24 hours from Tulsa. #popmaster.

6 points for round 2. Talk about now I feel kinda bad for giving that guy a hard time for not being able to name What Have I Done To Deserve This by Pet Shop Boys. 🙄😑😢🤣👎 #popmaster.

Sorry to interrupt your Twittering pleasure but I need to let someone know that I got 21 top score for me on #popmaster One year spot on #1yearout.

I loved the ‘what does this button do’ style of #popmaster from Jo at the end. Brilliant!!.

Ken Bruce takes a week off. 39 points first day and Jo Wiley has a car crash of a #popmaster. I am still bitter that @simonmayo left @BBCRadio2..

Hey @purlyqueen - just heard you got a full house on #popmaster - well done 😊👍 Will listen after work 😊😘.

Kinda feeling for @jowhiley , bless her . No one EVER gets 39. So credit where due xx Youre doing a grand job! @BBCRadio2 #Popmaster.

Well done that lady on a full house! For me it was 33, 27 & just about 3 Osmonds #popmaster.

@purlyqueen WOAH! Didn’t even have to debase yourself with 3-in-10! #popmaster.

She nearly cut him off without letting him have a few hellos. Which would’ve been fine. #popmaster.

Well done Ronke @purlyqueen. Looking forward to hearing you again in December 😀#popmaster.

The proper version of Everybody Wants To Rule The World, not the awful @robbiewilliams attempt. #popmaster.

#popmaster 3 in 10 reeled them off easyyyyyyyyyy! If it actually was Billy Ocean. 😬.

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