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Hitchhiking from Lisbon to Doha 🚗 These Portuguese fans doing whatever it takes 🇵🇹 #FIFAWorldCup #Qatar2022.

To answer the question I am most frequently asked, Bode is a Portuguese Water Dog. #Bode #PWD.

Portuguese Photo,Portuguese Photo by Marc E. Elias,Marc E. Elias on twitter tweets Portuguese Photo

Ronaldo and the Portuguese will explain what Prince Henry came to do in the Gold-coast in 1471 🤝🤝.

Eu aplaudi a atitude ela. Não vou negar isso, dizem filhos de mãe que matou pedófilo que os abusou na Inglaterra:.

my roommate is arguing w her boyfriend😳 but it’s in portuguese so i don’t understand it 😌.

O show em Nova York que ‘lançou’ a Bossa Nova no mundo há 60 anos.

Portuguese Photo,Portuguese Photo by BBC News Brasil,BBC News Brasil on twitter tweets Portuguese Photo

Imagine que um asteroide gigante atinja a Terra daqui a alguns anos, bloqueando o Sol e causando um colapso da agricultura no mundo. Conseguimos ver ele chegando, mas todas as tentativas de redirecionar sua trajetória falham. Sobrevivemos, mas e agora?.

A simulação consiste em 2,1 bilhões de partículas em um cubo virtual de 9,6 bilhões de anos-luz de lado, uma dimensão comparável à metade da distância que existe entre a Terra e as galáxias mais distantes observadas, diz instituto. #ArquivoBBC.

O comportamento de apostar está ligado a um desejo humano de gratificação, seja retorno financeiro ou um pouco mais de emoção, mesmo quando não há dinheiro envolvido, explica professor especialista em economia.

@_owurakuampofo VAR image from Portuguese media .. i cant trust mep3 super sports de3.

E o cara: good. I don’t speak Portuguese E o Richarlison: 🙃😏.

I watched this in English, Spanish and Portuguese. I was obsessed 💀💀.

everyday people are SHOCKED to find out either that i speak Portuguese or that im not Brazilian. everyday. its either one of the other.

@doctorpep17 @airrack British English - Football French - Football German - Fußball Spanish - Fútbol Portuguese - Futebol Turkish - Fútbol Armenian - Futbol Albanian - futbolli Japanese - Futtobōru Azerbaijani - Futbol Danish - Fodbold Icelandic - Fótbolta American English - Soccer Spot the anomaly.

They robbed us. We are proud because even Portuguese know the referee stole the match for them. Disgusting 🤮.

So what did the Spanish and Portuguese use to get to America ? Magic Carpets? Give this shit a rest.


not me only knowing piroca gostoso menino and loira in portuguese basically my fav things.


Portuguese superstar #CristianoRonaldo became the first male footballer in the history of World Cups to score in five different editions. #FIFAWorldCup @thefield_in.

i would like to thanks the gc for schooling me in all the fundamental pieces of portuguese pop culture i didnt know.

Every week I gotta talk myself out of learning Portuguese because once I reach Brazil I’m not coming home.

No way for the Portuguese to enter the Gold Coast again. We will continue to defend our nation till the last whistle. 😂😂😂😂.

i want to apologize in advance to all the non brazilians that follow me bc you will be seeing a lot of tweets in portuguese today (and during the world cup in general).


@ESPNFC Leao and Felix should be on the starting 11, not Cristiano. What a great game this was Are we gonna forget not a single African team has won so far? Yesterday Concacaf was getting slammed for that Portuguese defense is so weak.

@FIFAWorldCup @adidasfootball FIFA and white referees keeps on robbing Africa, the referee should at least check if it was a penalty, he is quick in issuing yellow to Ghanaians but forgive the Portuguese.

@TimJones15 Some really obnoxious players in that Portuguese team: Ronaldo (makes everything all about him), Pepe (perennial cheat), BF (whiney, snitching, Man United diver)..


Diego costa is the Portuguese Mendy, just cuz you lot never watched him everyone thinks he’s good 💀💀.

Hrrrrrr that last minute mistake from Portuguese dema 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️.

do i really care about the world cup? no, not really. will i still be rooting for the portuguese team? absolutely..

I think @FIFAWorldCup needs to give us an explanation as to why they never used the VAR to rectify the Penalty and the offside they awarded the Portuguese against Ghana 🇬🇭.

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