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BREAKING: The pound is continuing to crater against the US dollar. Now at The market clearly believes Truss/Kwarteng have taken a ridiculously reckless gamble on Britain’s economy that is doomed to fail. Very worrying..

Ian Dunt
Ian Dunt

Kwarteng has already started calling commentary on the value of the pound talking down Britain. A reliable indicator of a politician in serious trouble..

Pound is now higher against the dollar than it was at close on Friday. And higher against the Euro than it was 5 years ago. Talk of a ‘crisis’ is hyperbolic nonsense..

Ironic that the first set of increased bankers bonuses will be paid out to those who shorted the pound..

🇬🇧🤦‍♂️🚨“UK companies are suffering from #Brexit discount and the [falling] pound so lots of foreign buyers are scouting here, not just the French.” French groups swoop for depressed British assets - via @ft @AnnaSophieGross et al..

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British pound fell almost 2% to $ on Fri, fresh low since 1985, after government announced several tax cuts, in attempt to boost economic growth. Plan includes cancellation of a planned rise in corporation tax to 25%, keeping it at 19%.

I heard that the Pound had fallen in value but I just bought a bag of 20 £1 coins from the bank and it cost £20! Dirty bankers ripping us off, yet again..


헤더는 갓도나 언니 작인데 왜 내가 마음을 더 받고 있는거지 원본 봐줘 외국인들아!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!.

give them their worth - dragging the Pound down to parity with the Dollar is actually pretty impressive..

Even they must be concerned James, the pound is plummeting as we speak, which helps no one! Another Tory Black Friday!.

@KemiBadenoch Wish I had a pound for every time a Tory says this today… in fact can I have a dollar instead….


come thru • own it • furthest thing • too much • pound cake 🏆.

Hold On We’re Going Home Tuscan Leather Connect Too Much Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2.

It hasn’t been too difficult so far and according to the cals I’ve lost a pound so that’s nice Ig, hopefully it stays this way 🤞🤞.

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#GBPUSD parity: Will pound follow euro to even billing as sterling hits record low against dollar 🔻.

British people really call their Dollar Tree, “Pound Land”. Bitch that’s the name of my room.

People will talk about how the Euro is falling too but the pound was worth $ exactly 1 month ago and today it’s worth $.

@JeremyCliffe The pound is tumbling in response. Is this the desired effect? however this will put food imports up. Unless all environmental protection is dispensed with. Is this the Tories let them eat dog food strategy?.

@ZFXtrading EURGBP poised to go higher on a swing trading perspective. the htf range holiding up well. I wonder whether the pound will find any ground soon..

Mesela adamlar burada eski ayakkabı giymiyor bizim 3000 verdiğimiz klasik airforce burda 80 pound asgari ücret ise 2000 pound her şey doğru su ve bir büyük boy kahveye max 5 pound ödüyorsun ben Kaş’ta 45 tl veriyorum bir m boy kahveye arada indirm yapıyorlar 10tl allah razı olsun.

Its not just against the dollare the pound has collapsed that can be put down to the (relative) strength of the US economy, its collapsed against the Euro which under normal circs would have tories rushing their letter in to the 1922 committee..

What currency should an independent scotland use? Not the pound - it’s fkd..

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Well done Truss and Kwasi - look at the pound falling like a stone you utter numpties.

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What Happens to the Pound If Jeremy Corbyn Becomes Prime Minister.

Hard to imagine a worse response to a cost of living crisis.…the pound is falling fast after the Chancellor’s reckless budget announcement.

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@MattChorley Big Tory donors have shorted the pound this morning and got exactly the result they wanted..

I am most definitely NOT an economist but surely the fact that the Pound has dropped in value against the dollar (in which oil etc is transacted) by approx 20% is a massive contributor to the financial crisis in the UK. The drop just today after the budget is over 1%..

Intrstg mrkt reactions. Pound fell against $ but not against Euro. Equities also fell, but throughout Europe. UK mrkts concerned about US interest rates and risk of US recession. In other words, focus is elsewhere, and q remains: does UK have much influence over its own growth?.

@PeterBa48103946 @napoleonsal2k Not many people will be going on holiday next year. The pound will by then be almost worthless. Thanks to Kwasi and his bird doughball Truss..

@CaiParryUK Probably we will have 60% declined I pound is this tanging a continued like this.

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