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I thought once Angela died I wouldn’t have to see the bitch now y’all got her as a ghost haunting GHOST 😭 #PowerTV.

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But i feel ghost is loosing it now clueless doesnt bliv in his guts calling tommy again am nt hapy wit dat but av i lov his confidence and adding dat to my life #PowerTV.

I Cant Change What I Did But I Can Change What I Do Now #PowerTV.

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#PowerTV someone need to hire arrogant tae or kellyan or Johnathan for Tasha’s head child ✨ who ever doing it , it ain’t hittin; like Tasha is the head huncho characters , she gotta slay ✨.

None of these niggas loved Raina and I didn’t either I’m not sorry she was only good for pushing the plot forward #PowerTV.

His ex set him up .I think she planned it all .she was desperate for evidence. #PowerTV.

Rashad Thinks He Can Control Ghost Nigga That Man Is Above Your League #PowerTV.

The fact that Tommy is beefing with Ghost but still want to keep his godson safe, says a lot about Tommy #PowerTV.

Proctor fucked up and ain’t no better than who would have thought #PowerTV.

Yo Ghost looking like he boutta kill the dude Q, I would hate for him to be my babydad 😂😂😂 #PowerTV.

Dre think Ghost dumb or something? like he isn’t Ghost. Dre gone be dead next episode🤷🏽‍♀️ #PowerTV.

Tariq look at the shit you got into. The wrong mf got to put his hands on you that should have been Tasha slamming your but you know you’ll end up needing your dad and that will be one lesson #PowerTV.

Dre thinking if he get rid of Tommy & Ghost he can become Jason new distro #PowerTV.

This dude that pushed up on Tasha fine as a mf but he probably the feds #PowerTV.

Proctor ex-wife is me when I need to go get a latte in the early work day morning #PowerTV.

Bruh Ghost fought time give Tariq a good life where he don’t have to struggle and of all things he want to be a drug dealer smh this why nobody like that nigga smh #PowerTV.

The real Choate is more than 2 hours from New York City. Without Kanan now, how much are those Uber rides costing Tariq?👀 He’s in NYC more than he’s in class. @Power_STARZ #powertv.

LaLa so gah dam sexy on Power man its ridiculous my dik get hard weneva she ina scene #powerTV.

I know Kanan is doing back flips in his grave cause Tariq is STILL lying on him. Smh #powerTV.

@G0ldie_Mack Right! She in the should do a background check on everybody! #PowerTV.

The most savage thing Proctor has ever done. 😱😳 #PowerTV.

I thought once Angela died I wouldn’t have to see the bitch now y’all got her as a ghost haunting GHOST 😭 #PowerTV.

#PowerTV makes me wanna be in somebody’s writers room forreal. @PowerTVWriters DELIVER!.

I can’t fucking stand Tasha or her dumb ass you know fuck it I can’t stand yaz’s ass either! #powertv.

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