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The Duke of Edinburgh has decided to give up driving and surrender his driving licence after his car crash near the Sandringham Estate last month. #PrincePhilip.

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So it’s been decided that it’s “Not in the public interest” to prosecute Prince Phillip. Well the last time I looked, I am the public and I’m very interested in seeing him prosecuted. #PrincePhilip.

As if the CROWN prosecution service was ever going to prosecute the CROWN #bbcnews #PrincePhilip.

Breaking news: rich old white man does not get into any trouble whatsoever #PrincePhilip.

What #PrincePhilip REALLY got up to on trip away from Queen Elizabeth.

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Buckingham Palace says #PrincePhilip has taken the decision to voluntarily surrender his driving license..

That It is not in the public interest to prosecute #PrincePhilip is disgraceful only enforcing the believe that the #RoyalFamily are above the law. He should be prosecuted just as you or I would be in the same circumstances..

The CPS have decided Prince Philip should not face prosecution for his road accident. In unrelated news head of the CPS to be given a Knighthood. #PrincePhilip.

Not called the Crown Prosecution Service for nothing. #PrincePhilip gets off 🙄.

@Independent When you sleep with the right person so you don’t have to face any further action 😳😵 #PrincePhilip.

“My wife owns all the prisons, so good luck with that, officer” #PrincePhilip.

Prince Philip will not be prosecuted over crash. Are they on about the one he had the other week or the crash he arranged in 1997 #princephilip Sent via @updayUK.

Prince Philip will not face prosecution for “ that crash”, the UK a classless society my arse. #princephilip.

The Duke of Edinburgh will not face prosecution over his involvement in a car crash near Sandringham last month, the @cpsuk has announced #PrincePhilip.

“Not in the public interest to prosecute”, which translates to the evidential test of the Code for Crown Prosecutors was met ( more likely that not that a conviction would result) but that the Crown then applied limb 2 of the test (public interest) and said no. #PrincePhilip.

#PrincePhilip will face no further action over the car accident on the A149 in January. Statement from @cpsuk says it will not be in the public interest to prosecute.

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The @cpsuk added: “All those involved in the collision have been informed and provided with a full explanation in writing.” #PrincePhilip.

#PrincePhilip CPS decides not to prosecute Prince Philip over Sandringham car crash last month..

#PrincePhilip has some pretty choice words about flying.

@Andrew_Adonis We said it before and we will say it again. #PrincePhilip surrendered his license when he was criticized for being a risk to the public. #TheresaMay should just quit. She poses more of a risk to UK & people living here than anyone else now..

#PrinceHarry looks JUST like #PrincePhilip in this 1957 throwback photo. 😱.

A 97a, le #PrincePhilip, époux de la Queen, rend son permis de conduire après deux accidents.

Aurora, tengo que decirte algo. Tú, yo, plan romántico, sin Maléfica, este San Valentín. No se, piénsalo..

So I see following the #crash #PrincePhilip has surrendered his licence meaning he can only drive on private Royal estates, so pretty much 90% of the UK.

Duke of Edinburgh voluntarily gives up his driving licence #princephilip.

The Duke of Edinburgh has decided to give up driving and surrender his driving licence after his car crash near the Sandringham Estate last month. #PrincePhilip.

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