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If the Conservatives lost a dozen in the north to Labour, a dozen in the south, plus a similar amount of typical marginals, Johnson’s time in office would be over. Did someone say #ProgressiveAlliance 👀 😍.

These two big mid term by-election wins must be replicated across the whole country come a general election. That’s why we need a #ProgressiveAlliance ⁦@CompassOffice⁩.

@desertrose1969 and I just heard them. Tories lost both, T&H to LibDems by a majority of over 6K! Tories had that seat for 100 years+. Dowden has resigned WEF. Labour took back the other one. #ProgressiveAlliance #ToriesOut I’m delighted..

Yes, yes, yes! 🟥🟧🟩 #ProgressiveAlliance 🥳😍🧡👏🏽🌈.

A people powered progressive alliance with an active electorate who are willing to lend their vote for a better future is how we win this. #ProgressiveAlliance.

Lib Dems overcame a Tory majority of 24,239 votes – the largest ever overturned at a by-election. Tactical voting works. Starmer and Davey must work together for the good of our country. #progressivealliance #GTTO.

@That_Starmerite And a great Lib Dem showing too #ProgressiveAlliance 🗳👌 happy Friday!.

#ProgressiveAlliance It works. 1) Get them out. 2) Electoral reform. #followbackfriday.

A #ProgressiveAlliance changed both of this seats. The electorate now knows how to unseat Tory MPs and many, many more will be unseated at the next General Election!!!.

UK economy ‘running on empty’: We have been living through a period of political and economic Tomfoolery. The pandemic has been a storm - but Brexit holed the ship. 12 years of Toryism, God help us. #ProgressiveAlliance.

@tompeck And yet neither were standing and the new candidates had no connections to them. Great result for #ProgressiveAlliance.

This shows how a #ProgressiveAlliance will work - amazing to see the Labour and Green voters lend their vote to Lib Dems and the conservative voters have seen Johnson for the Charlatan that he is.

@carryonkeith Or tactical voting which must continue in a GE as boundary changes occur and BJ Trumpian playbook plays out. #ProgressiveAlliance UK voters deserve better..

@BethRigby @BlewettSam Massive lol…. Keep going Boris you’re a gift to the #ProgressiveAlliance ♥️♥️.

@theousherwood Dear @michelledonelan Didn’t go very well for your ‘local’ candidate and sounds like she’s a true Tory. #TimeForAChange #ProgressiveAlliance.

After seeing the power in delivering the votes of change want of change its time to build a voice. If you want a fairer country, a kinder country, a country which rewards the many not the few. Its time for follow back Friday. #FBPE #ProgressiveAlliance.

@GrahamJones_MP Could nor have been do e without #ProgressiveAlliance #ProportionalRepresentation now.

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