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Christian Pulisic thinks big things are coming for the @USMNT 💫

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The Chelsea Debate
The Chelsea Debate ()

Seems pretty obvious that Christian Pulisic should be dropped from the XI. Gutted because he’s a real favourite of mine. Two goals + zero assists in 17 appearances this season. 📉 Time for Callum Hudson-Odoi to shine. Captain America will bounce back though! 🇺🇸💪

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What’s going on with Pulisic recently? Does not look electric as he did. 🤕

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Sébastien ()

Hope Pulisic gets the Hudson Odoi treatment and stays on the bench for the next 12 games after a performance like that.

Chessy Hour
Chessy Hour ()

You’ll be kidding yourself if you think Pulisic starting today has anything to do with CHO starting against Wolves. - Meeds

A ()

Pulisic is only 22 but this is starting to get frustrating tbh. Inconsistency is one thing but he’s been straight up bad this season with like 1/2 good games. Miles off his post-lockdown form when it looked like he was ready to take off this season

Chelsea FC
Chelsea FC ()

Big chance! Great awareness from Werner to dummy and leave Pulisic with a free shot. But it hits the legs of Sluga 🔵 2-0 🟠 [27’] #CHELUT

B/R Football
B/R Football ()

Christian Pulisic thinks big things are coming for the @USMNT 💫

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LockdownSZN ()

@callumxmcgrath @AfcHenryx Yep exactly. He was absolutely immense Man. Maybe pulisic will become world class one day, but hazard level absolutely no chance. Guy needs to reach rashford level first loool

Henry ™
Henry ™ ()

@technicianFC Comparing him to hazard just puts unrealistic expectations on the guy and puts a bunch of Unnecessary pressure as well. Let him be pulisic not the next hazard

LockdownSZN ()

They called me pessimistic for saying pulisic has world class potential but not hazard level btw. Just saying. Some of our fans need to stop hypin up absolutely everything because it makes us look so stupid.

Ives Galarcep
Ives Galarcep ()

For folks wondering how Christian Pulisic could go down the same photo path of THAT infamous #USMNT photo shoot, here’s a friendly reminder that Pulisic was THREE when that photo spread came out (and Gio Reyna hadn’t been born yet.) 👨🏼‍🦳🤣

Nizaar Kinsella
Nizaar Kinsella ()

Chelsea team to face Leicester: Mendy, James, Chilwell, T Silva, Rudiger, Kovacic, Mount, Havertz, Hudson-Odoi, Pulisic, Abraham #CFC #LEICHE

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GQ Magazine
GQ Magazine ()

“Teams now are going to the states and saying ‘This could be the next Christian Pulisic’” —Geoff Cameron

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JT Stan Account
JT Stan Account ()

- how many game did Pulisic get post injury before criticism? cause I’m seeing a lot of hate Hakim’s way cause a certain 20yo winger who is a direct threat to 🇺🇸 position is outperforming him #TouchlineFracas

UnItEd T4y 🧡 🦥
UnItEd T4y 🧡 🦥 ()

How are Chelsea fans calling martial rashford and Greenwood overrated when your team employs Werner , havertz and pulisic 😭

Cubana chiefpriest
Cubana chiefpriest ()

Am giving out IPhone 11 to 4ppl all you have to do is retweet and Dm your phone number. Am going to pick randomly. If you won last time please ignore. Make sure you’re following to win. iPhone 12 Rema Shatta Wale Werner odoi #FULCHE Who will you Marry Museveni Pulisic

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chEEf 🌚
ChEEf 🌚 ()

Cho Pulisic are the wingers that need to play only issue is, they’re the only wingers we really have :/

Zach Lowy
Zach Lowy ()

Callum Hudson-Odoi has to be a starter for the next few games, at the very least. Such a special, unique talent that gives you something that Ziyech and Pulisic aren’t capable of providing at the moment.

Kev ()

CHO carries this I dont care what everyone says. Nun of this pulisic and Ziyech Bullshit

Lidocaine 🔆
Lidocaine 🔆 ()

Pulisic extremely low on confidence and always playing it safe. He should have cut inside there instead of passing to Chilwell.

𝕵𝖔𝖍𝖓 ()

@CarefreeKlima @timcheIsea Lmao agreed. As much as I live him, Pulisic has been awful so far

♦️ ()

Rashford has the same amount of UCL hat tricks this season as Pulisic has premier league goals 😭

Fantasy Premier League
Fantasy Premier League ()

Are you backing Christian Pulisic to bag his first goal since Gameweek 11? 👀 #FULCHE #FPL


Pulisic that has been playing like someone putting on adult pampers is who Lampard 🤡 started and benched Odoi that has been on form. This man owns a circus 🎪, you can’t tell me otherwise.

Kαι 💎
Kαι 💎 ()

I am genuinely curious as to why CHO isn’t starting. He’s put in 10/10 performances consistently for the last run of games yet still gets benched when Ziyech and Pulisic are back. It’s sad to see. Wasting his potential. I guarantee he will come on and change the game now too.

Nizaar Kinsella
Nizaar Kinsella ()

Chelsea team to face Fulham: Mendy; Azpilicueta, Thiago Silva, Rudiger, Chilwell; Kovacic, Jorginho, Mount; Ziyech, Giroud, Pulisic #CFC #FULCHE

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ً ()

.@cfcjoseph_ sources: CHO starts, Pulisic bench, Havertz bench, Kovacic starts, Reece starts, Tammy starts😉🔵

TAS⚽️ ()

Paul Merson Chelsea have 8 or 9 match winners Spurs have 2: 🤔 PL goals⚽️ Abraham 6 Werner 4 Giroud 3 CHO 2 Mount 1 Ziyech 1 Pulisic 1 Havertz 1 Total 19 Kane & Son 23 ⚽️ Not really sure what his point is 😂


@_Bongani__ 1. Mendy 2. Azpi 3. Ben 4. Zouma 5. Silva 6. Jorgihno 7. Ziyech 8. Kova 9. Giroud 10. Pulisic 11. Werner

Men in Blazers
Men in Blazers ()

COMING SOON. Christian Pulisic joins Rog on the Men in Blazers show to talk through his Premier League journey from his @ChelseaFCinUSA debut to the debut of his facial hair, and beyond. Tune in TUESDAY, Jan. 19 at 6:00 pm ET on NBCSN. @NBCSportsSoccer

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