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Tony Cascarino on Pulisic: I don’t remember a young Eden Hazard being as quick and direct and there’s no reason Pulisic can’t develop into a player of Hazard’s standing.” #CFC.

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No one at the club has actually offered a threat of getting in behind since Robben, its always been played in front of the defence. Odoi + Pulisic giving us new dimensions.

Pulisic movement is going to be a nightmare for defenders I really like he prefers running from behind something we lacked only Pedro does it.

Tony Cascarino expects Christian Pulisic to be as good as Eden Hazard.

Tony Cascarino on Pulisic: I don’t remember a young Eden Hazard being as quick and direct and there’s no reason Pulisic can’t develop into a player of Hazard’s standing.” #CFC.

@NanaQwophy1 @NodziKofi Like Mount, Abraham, Tomori and Pulisic?? This is the EPL we are talking about bro, injuries are yet to set in oo, don’t forget. You are ready to fight but you’ve lost two big games, NO HOPE chale 🤦🏾‍♂️.

Pulisic and Pedro were excellent We had more control with the midfield 3 I loved it.

@PhikaD Kante is a beast bruh, Pulisic will be good, Pedro is Pedro and Ermeson is becoming a better defender than Alonso. your team played good last night.

How good were we yesterday. Kante easily MOTM, Pedro not far behind. Emerson was great as well, Pulisic and Mount impressive. Regardless of the loss I’m very optimistic. We look such a tactically flexible side. Well done Chelsea!!!.

Honestly, not doubting Lampard, but his subs yesterday destroyed the game. Batshuayi should have come on ahead of Abraham and Pulisic should have stayed in..

Christian Pulisic gives massive boost to starting chances with impressive showing in Super Cup.

Look @DJAnkletap im not a Chelsea fan but Kante n Pulisic last They were on 🔥 more especially Kante. Congratulation to your Team from a Man City Fan #YMornings.

Kepa James AC Rüdiger Emerson Kante Jorginho Kovacic Pulisic idc CHO This can be our team in a month’s time once all these players are back from their injuries. That’s a decent XI on paper, but lacking in the goals department. Once RLC’s back, he’ll provide 10-15 goals a season..

@Majomontilla Kepa es garantía en el arco y Zouma hizo un gran partido; Kante es más 5 que volante ofensivo pero Jorginho distribuye juego a un gran nivel; Pedro es siempre rinde y a Pulisic le falta acoplarse al equipo. Esta Premier estará interesante..

Sounds yer da but it’s nice to have players who care about the club, but also are talented. Kepa, AC, Emerson, JKK, Ruben, Pulisic. Might as well throw in Mount too.

@SumeetCFC_ Been impressed with Pulisic so far. He can both make runs in behind and carry the ball as well. Only thing is his if he gets bodied by stronger defenders but did well today..

@SGH31_ Yep, exactly why Pulisic was such a good buy. Needed someone to come in and stretch the defense.

My thoughts on the CFC Game: - Kante and Jorginho in particular showing why they are needed for the future of Chelsea FC. - Pulisic proving haters wrong with a spectacular showing. - Giroud > Michy > Abraham - Zouma after an early shaky showing really stepped his game up.

I’m really hoping that Pulisic, Giroud, and Christensen were subbed off so they would be rested for Sunday.

Christian Pulisic and N’Golo Kanté provide Lampard with reasons to be cheerful | Andy Hunter #FOOTBALL.

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@cfckante7 Kanté. Though I gotta say Pedro, Kepa, Mount, and Pulisic all deserve a shout as well..

@AnonoFootball Why does VVD turn his back on the run when Pulisic is running into about 4 players?.

@Chelseatweeets Pulisic on one wing and the other one is of course sancho. Bvb duo link up incoming.

Joe Cole: They’re winning the balls and when they’re winning it, the biggest difference I feel, is they’re winning it and breaking with [Christian] Pulisic and Pedro and [Olivier] Giroud into some great positions. (BT) #CFC.

@chelsholic007 @Pulisic_SZN_ would you rather win a farmers league or the get runners up for the top league..

Christian Pulisic trolled with a tweet from five years ago following Chelsea hammering by Manchester United.

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