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20 minutes into Question Time Fiona Bruce attacks Mick Lynch again. Obviously determined to do what no television presenter has been unable to do up until now and skewer Mick Lynch. Presumably she will get an honour for this.


Biden administration expands Title IX protections—but sidesteps trans athlete question.

Excited to watch Mick Lynch on Question Time for 5 minutes before realising I do not like Question Time and go to bed instead.

First time I’ve wanted to watch question time in yonks just for Mick Lynch 👊🏼.

Mick Lynch on Question Time will be outstanding telly tonight! Yes I am excited and yes I am a geek! #bbcqt.

Question Time tonight is just going to be flooded with tory plants isnt it #RMTsolidarity.

Record audience expected tonight for Question Time as Mick Lynch appears, @Conservatives Politicians will be hiding behind the sofa..

I’ve not watched a second of Question time since September 2014. Tonight I’ll tune in to watch Mick Lynch smash whatever Tory mouthpiece they have on..

Went to the theatre with @MediocreDave tonight and we were discussing whether we’d each watch Love Island or Mick Lynch on Question Time first when we got home… guess what we (both) settled on….


#DharmendraPradhanHelpUs #JUSTICEforNEETUG We are facing a very tough time. We are anxious and tensed about the current situation hoping for good but with a question in mind that will we get justice?? @narendramodi please help 🙏🏻 we have lost hope.

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@nduxsm I want to go but the question is I wonder ngizobe Ngi sexy by that time nah ey jesu.

@ultrabrilliant My wife asked a plumber this question one time and he responded by asking her when she thought she was going to die. Evidently it is a saying in Poland but we had to take his word for that..

It of course goes without saying that neo-fascist arsewipe Peter Hitchens has been on BBC Question Time 26 times and also scribbles his brain-farts for the Sp*ctator #fucktheBBC.

@iNomRenjun i also got confused w that question LMAO i saw 2 different meanings, kissing while lying in a bed/couch etc, n the other one was kissing for a prolonged time?.

@nisslbodies Silly question but how does one do that? I’ve never run a block chain before but I tried to do so for the first time the other day and could only find tools that would mass block by replies to a tweet, not by followers of an account..

@sevenoffourteen Good question. It’s def been deleted scenes. Cause some of them I’ve noticed. But there also was a time we’re they released extended versions that didn’t air. So I’m not sure if there are never before seen..

@chrislintott @Astro_Wright Good point, but the question was from the perspective of Alpha Centauri? in which case, the likelihood that they are in that snapshot of time where radar is available but other detectors are not is extremely unlikely?.

@pr_titanium1 I wanted to ask the same question, immediately she accept to be ur babe the knackinson has started already,no time to check time.

Chinese ambassador to France did a 2-hour-long interview in French. The interviewer is a great guy, that is, gives interviewee the time to answer the question without being interrupted every minute. Can any ambassador to China do a interview in Chinese?.

Before you go around looking for answers,be sure you are answering the right question. Many people spend time answering the wrong question. Question the question. Speed is not the same as velocity..

@nwayne66 We have not gone on vacation in five years. We decided to take a bit time off. My husband asked me where I wanted to go question I said I don’t wanna leave the house!.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot - this weird and wild existence - and what I can do with it. What I *should* do with it. Every single time I ask myself that question though, I just keep arriving at the same answer. I should have another bite. I should laugh a little harder..

@davidfowl This is a really interesting question David. I think I will have a crack at it this weekend. Since you cannot take the time to answer everyone, I will ask some example questions and give some answers my self, so you can follow my thought process. I will link a repo with my answer.

@HeuristicLineup @FCartoscelli3 If Murray ends up being a top 4 player from this draft in 3 years time, then there’s nothing to be mad about. Here’s a question - if we’re taking BPA, then what stats/measurables make the case of Ivy over Murray? Or is BPA really best prospect available and not player?.

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@raahissus @WarriorNationCP Basically no one was hating on the move from kd just because a question is asked doesn’t automatically mean someone is hating it’s just like when people bring up questions about lebron Kobe jordan people discuss about them because they are all time great similar to Steph right.

Eh, little girls of about six or seven were asked, What do they like to do? And then, some time later The same question was asked in a slightly different form They were asked What do little girls like to do?.

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TIMEさんからRT: Biden administration expands Title IX protections—but sidesteps trans athlete question   06月24日3時07分台のニュースでした.

Omar! You have to win this time! Question every Vote. Shes got the money to buy the election.


Never ask men more than 1 question at a time cos they will lit only answer 1 even if you ask 3🤨.

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