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Asylum seekers are not illegal migrants. It is not illegal to cross the channel and seek asylum. Their right not to be penalised for their manner of entry, and to cross multiple countries, is protected under international law. #WorldRefugeeDay2022 #r4today.

.@MishalHusain: “Public sector workers should not expect a pay rise in line with inflation?” Simon Clarke, Chief Secretary to the Treasury: “Correct.”#r4today.

LibDem leader Sir Ed Davey refuses to rule out another coalition deal with the Tories when talking to @bbcnickrobinson on #r4today @BBCr4today.

Cancer campaigner Dame Deborah James has died at the age of 40. BBC News Presenter George Alagiah, who is living with bowel cancer, reflects on his own experience and says Dame Deborah brought joy and hope in equal measure to many of us | #R4Today.

Old story, but still relevant. Albanians remain one of the highest risk groups for trafficking and one of the largest groups for seeking asylum, and that leads to something which really needs addressing this #RefugeeWeek2022. 1/ #r4today.

People seem to have forgotten that weekends, paid holidays, pensions, paid maternity leave, paid sick leave were not simply gifted to workers and employees. #r4today.

Now you’re doing Harry Potter! I don’t care! If I wanted to hear about this I would listen to an arts programme! YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A NEWS PROGRAMME! #R4Today.

Since she involved herself in gender politics, there has been a lot of vitriol against JK Rowling and that has extended to her works. Are the Harry Potter books the best-written books ever? Maybe not. But are they classics? Certainly. #R4Today.

PM. So Lynton, how do we win the next election? LC. Easy mate, just divide the sh*t out of everything PM. Yes, but what about policies? LC. Don’t need them mate. Once everything’s binary you only need 4 of 10 suckers to stick with you and put an X in your box #R4Today.

@DaphneRomneyQC They are all a bunch of hypocrites and they make my piss boil. #r4today.

@sueowen3 Wait till they find out who Lord Rothermere (Owner of The Daily Mail), was hanging out with in the 1930s! #r4today.

@JohnnyForeign12 Oh no! Living on the edge listening to #r4today without an inhaler 😱.

AlI got from Raab’s car crash interview on #r4today is that they are going to be relentless. Dom, you’ve been relentless for 12 years. That’s why everything has turned to shit. Maybe try being a little less relentless and a bit more compassionate.

Complete with a petition calling for MPs to stand up for honesty #r4today.

Boris Johnson is going to be very difficult to remove as our system is based on an archaic system of Honour and he is dishonourably archaic. #BorisOut #r4today.

When the @UKLabour Party is in power (as @patmcfaddenmp said just now on #r4today) they will strain every sinew to avoid strikes like today. This government is shamelessly trying to deflect attention from multiple crises: NHS & social care, education, etc #ToryIncompetence.


#r4today Every Tory Government since the war has brought austerity with it. Now another pay freeze!.

@digitalsunshine The trouble is, under this government, every day is a good day to bury #r4today.

@joecrayston AI is all around, but the tendency to grow in all sorts of ways is hungry for resources of every kind. #r4today.

I first read Harry Potter as an adult and loved it. As a kid I loved Tolkien (still do) but my kids much prefer HP. Both worlds are classic and we are so lucky to have them. #R4Today.

Seems like a neat trick that works but as a customer I felt decieved and angry, and as a marketing professional, I thought it was low and unethical. What do you guys think? #RICHTEA #r4today.

#R4today Murdoch will tell Johnson when to resign, he will then toddle off, like the obedient concubine he is..

@BritainElects Creagh saying on #r4today that they are winning over Tory voters. @uklabour hunger for power, rather than change..

The Prime Minister and the chair of the Cheadle Conservative Association are deep-cover Labour Party recruiting sergeants. #R4Today.

@Helen121 Yet another unbelievable interview from the great statesman (!) tells us we are all fascinated by his personality but in reality we are appalled #r4today.

@sjames1132 @BBCr4today I really detest the arrogance and facility of that that belief cancels his noise about responsibility #r4today.

Stunning question from @MishalHusain re point of principle the PM would die for. Equally astonishing answer - supporting Ukraine is an action not a principle. Honesty is a principle. #r4today.

Well worth a listen, if you missed it. Outstanding communication of important arguments. #r4today.

This will only get worse now they have to be stasi for the @conservative party by harrsassing and arresting those who are no longer allowed to legally protest #SteveBray #r4today.

@BrexitInsanity I heard that too, needs to be more nuanced #Brexit was a terrible question for a referendum. Should have gone for Single Market, there is still hope😀 #r4today.

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