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Normally find Dominic Grieve a thoughtful voice on politics and the law. But it’s absurd to say @theSNP is “manufacturing a grievance” when it defends Holyrood and Scottish democracy from UK Government attack. #r4today.

People paying their taxes is not a story Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove says he believes HMRC has no quibble with Tory Chairman Nadhim Zahawi after newspaper claims that he agreed to pay millions of pounds to settle his tax affairs | #R4Today.

Hapless Home Office Minister Chris Philip killed political satire on #r4today #r4today by defending Zahawi. It echoed his performance as a slippery Con man last October defending cutting 45p tax then defending cutting the cut the same day..

Before any disruption. So the government has just effectively criminalised the last remaining right to protest. I am sure all those proud free speech advocates among its ranks will be up in arms any second now. #r4today.

The government has done nothing but attack Albanians, ignoring how Albanian young people are one of the most at risk groups of child trafficking. Its rhetoric, its hostility and its indifference to their safety has led to so many going missing and being exploited #r4today 1/.

Refugees abandoned, families separated, hundreds of children left in camps unable to reunite with relatives, and all the government does is make it harder for them to seek asylum in UK. This is why people have to cross the channel in small boats. #r4today.

In light of the language being used by the Home Office, and the latest addition to the Online Safety Bill aimed at further demonising asylum seekers, it is important to remember that Albanians have as much right, and need, to seek asylum in the UK as others do. #r4today.

Incredible that Mark Rowley can talk about the residual levels of trust the pubic is meant to have in the police having just announced 800 investigations into serving officers for more than 1000 sexual offences. It is detached from reality. #r4today.

A serious reason for loss of life in the Channel and Mediterranean is governments are more focused on stopping people reaching safety than saving lives. They see deaths of asylum seekers as collateral damage in pursuit of exclusionary policies. #r4today.

Imagine a country where there are possibly more sexual offenders in the police than in a prison. Imagine a country where the Chancellor of the Exchequer is a tax cheat? #r4today.

Imagine if the EU had announced it was unilaterally scrapping 4000 laws without any scrutiny whatsoever. Imagine the amount of frothing from ruddy faced Surrey pensioners and value pack Red Wall racists. 😮 #r4today.

How can undoing a seatbelt to shoot a video be a mistake? Who doesn’t know you need to wear a seatbelt? #r4today.

Are the standards good enough and have the standards been applied consistently? The answer to both is no Andy Marsh, CEO of the College of Policing, says following the PC David Carrick case vetting needs to include the threat to women | #R4Today.

Many of us would prefer a rejuvenated BBC4 showing high quality comparatively low cost arts & history programmes #r4today.


How about doing a whole programme about people on waiting lists waiting for years and how this corrupt Tory government has let them down! Instead you act as the attack dogs of the Tory party in demonising striking nurses!!#r4today.

The hypocrisy of tax avoiding Tory ministers condemning low paid workers striking for wages that reflect their contribution to society. Far better than Brexit loving, self serving, austerity Tories. They are foul politicians. #r4today #ZahawiTaxScandal.

Imagine being angry that in 10 years train drivers get 17% increase what is nicks percentage increase #r4today.

Imagine if Mr Robinson interviewed government ministers with the same venom he uses when talking to union leaders who are simply trying to defend the pay and working condition of their members. #r4today @BBCr4today.

I wish Amol Rajan would stop making long statements that interviewees then have to agree with. #R4Today.

@Marthakearney Go on Martha! You can do it!! “The NHS is in trouble because of Covid, flu, staff shortages and, and, and (Go on, Go on!!), and B B Br (Go on!!!), Brex…, and 13 years of (Go on, cast your chains aside!!!), 13 years of Con…” Awww good try!!! #r4today.

#r4today is Robbie Gibb still working for the Tories and Govt?.

#r4today As Russia drives the poor & stupidest minds from the Middle East, & Ukraine into GB they increase anti Chinese sentiments. GB minds were better when we enjoyed 9 out of 10 ppl originating from Asia. Russia marries Israelis & benefits from sympathy, & takes over the USA.

#r4today Photo,#r4today Photo by YyenVUyen,YyenVUyen on twitter tweets #r4today Photo

@chrisbrighton10 Railways in Ukraine more reliable than in UK. Extraordinary? You think? In Ukraine the railways are run by the government as a national resource #r4today.

Policing culture reflects the norms of white male culture. It isn’t abt enforcing law, it’s abt enforcing white male supremacy. A sys designed to protect the power & privileges of WM won’t function to protect the rights of those who threaten the power & privilege of WM. #r4today.

Well illegals get away with breaking the law and carrick such as he is must have been doing his job at some point. Taking his pension even if he is ever free to spend it is just being vindictive. From jesus #r4today.

Any money from rail companies profits are split 50/50 between UK and German govts? #r4today.

@AlecHitchman1 I thought it was quite measured an interview and nice use of “turpitude”. Amol also doesn’t interrupt like other R4Today presenters..

“They say hip hop is misogynistic & glamorises violence.” What a facile & anti-Black analysis of misogyny. BM aren’t uniquely misogynistic, all men are socialised to be. You can criticise BM for their misogyny w/o viewing black masculinity as arbitrarily pathological. #r4today.

@1957AJB But Andy, don’t you understand? It’s other people that have food banks and poverty - not proper people. #r4Today.

#r4today @BBCr4today Listened to this for years first thing! Finally given up and retuned my radio! No proper journalists just talking heads biased and unrepresentative of this country!.

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