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Dominic Raab won’t approve but I did indeed go the opera last week (it cost me £62). Tom Eisner, a working-class lad from Buxton near where I grew up kindly invited me. He’s been playing violin at Glyndebourne for 36 years. Never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. 🎻.

Raab Photo,Raab Photo by Angela Rayner 🌹,Angela Rayner 🌹 on twitter tweets Raab Photo

I know Dominic Raab is a karate black belt and everything - but I’ve got my kung fu pandas on and I’m ready! #PMQs.

Raab Photo,Raab Photo by Angela Rayner 🌹,Angela Rayner 🌹 on twitter tweets Raab Photo

Dominic Raab accuses Angela Rayner of being a champagne socialist for attending Glyndebourne. Heaven forbid a working class woman should enjoy watching opera. #pmqs.

Dominic Raab says he’ll take no lectures from Angela Rayner on defence given she campaigned to make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister, Angela Rayner says she’ll take no lectures from Raab on defence as when Afghanistan was falling “he was on a sun lounger.” #PMQs.

Dominic Raab balmes the Tiverton defeat on people not voting Conservative. Where do they find such intellects?.

Dominc Raab on media today explaining that having removed our freedoms with Brexit, the Tory Government will now remove our human rights..

Deputy PM Dominic Raab calling key workers who kept the country moving during COVID “militant” for asking for a decent pay rise in a cost of living crisis - to applause from those behind - is a graphic illustration of why the whole rotten lot must go.

Dominic Raab not standing in for Oliver Dowden on the morning round now after all. Seems No 10 are struggling to get a minister on the airwaves..

.@AngelaRayner wiped the floor with Dominic Raab at #PMQs. Tax rises, struggling families and broken promises - how much more will Tory MPs tolerate before they tell Boris Johnson enough is enough..

Absolutely essential thread on Dominic Raab’s utterly destructive Bill of Rights - this Bill will drive a forklift truck through our fundamental human rights, and it must be defeated @libertyhq 👇.

“Dominic Raab says workers should accept a real terms pay cut. Meanwhile MP’s have just slapped themselves on the back with a £2,200 a year pay rise & the Prime Minister wants to lift curbs on pay for city bosses! Well boll**** to that!”.

Utterly shameless Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab just went full Johnson at #PMQs calling key workers asking for a pay rise in a cost of living crisis militant - to applause from those behind him LET’S PUT THE RECORD STRAIGHT ON HIS BULL****!.

What is the point in having a statement by Raab in Parliament on A bill to reform the law relating to human rights and a response from the shadow Justice Minister without the Bill having been published or even seen by the Opposition?.

The Guardian view on Raab’s bill of rights: liberty bent to prejudice. Plans to make universal rights subordinate to ministerial opinion and political whim mark a backwards step for British democracy..

Pay rises are not the answer to inflation says the Deputy Prime Minister Listen below to hear why Dominic Raab thinks giving RMT workers higher wages would be counter productive #KayBurley FC.

Speaker Lindsay Hoyle delivers this criticism of the government after Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab choose to announce the downgrading of our ECHR rights (under a watered down Bill of Rights Bill) via the media rather than Parliament, the correct channel..

To be clear - the allegation here is against BORIS JOHNSON as Foreign Sec abusing his position and breaking the Ministerial Code. Trying to dismiss it as an attack on Carrie Johnson, as Dominic Raab does, is a pathetic diversion..

Whatever your politics or your view of opera, it’s pretty clear that the result here is Rayner 1 (og Raab) Raab 0.

@KayBurley What a light touch interview with not full of idiotic provocations and wild insinuations like your disgrace of an interview with Lynch yesterday.

🏴‍☠️ #PMQs Listening to Dominic Raab make excuses for his legislation to override the authority of ECHR is sickening They want free reign to indulge in racist, discriminatory policies that the ECHR was specifically set up to avoid. They are vile,….

Offensive for Raab to claim crime is down in a week when another woman was killed by a stranger on our streets & Met Police taken into special measures It’s not true for many of the most serious crimes or overall if fraud is included - huge issue the Tories want to ignore #PMQs.

Raab, Patel, Truss, Kwarteng penned his crap in 2012 and it’s pure coincidence they all turned up in Boozer’s cabinet, total fiction..

Raab Photo,Raab Photo by Ian collins,Ian collins on twitter tweets Raab Photo

The Bill can’t be published until it’s been presented (1st reading) in the @HouseofCommons. This takes place after ministerial statements so after Raab & Rees-Mogg statements have concluded and before the social security debate (see ).

The Guardian view on Raab’s bill of rights: liberty bent to prejudice.

Also, listen to ⁦@bbcnickrobinson⁩ a sincere bloke calmly talking to Mick Lynch - equally sincere. Compare to Shaps or Raab provocative double speak. This kind of measured conversation is such a relief from Tory induced stress. It’s constructive..

Without wanting to be accused of being a champagne socialist it should be pointed out that Dominic Raab called it the “Glyndebourne Music Festival” when any self-respecting Deputy Prime Minister knows that it’s “Glyndebourne Festival Opera”. @HansardSociety.

Mick Lynch is so effective because he’s brutally and charmlessly direct and transparent at a time when we’ve been fed a diet of deflection and obfuscation for so long. Raab this morning being a great example..

@KayBurley People not touching their forelocks or doffing their caps, disgraceful in this day and age. Raab is a complete tool who should do us all a favour and just climb into a bin..

HoC Opposition benches nearly the bars must be open. Very few stayed to challenge Raab on the Bill of Rights. It’ll sail through the committees then ...

Dominic Raab has presented a very valid reason why there should be a #NationalShutdown because people are paid low wages and have no terms and conditions of employment . Time for a #nationalstrike.

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