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Thick as mince tory MP Rachel Maclean has a contender for thickest smug twat on question Time. #BBCQuestionTime #bbcqt.

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Is Rachel MacLean just there to pull faces? & be rude to anyone who asks her a question? Shes flustered. #bbcqt.

Fiona has been a better Tory MP so far than Rachel Maclean, the actual Tory MP. #bbcqt.

Rachel Maclean “the govt has legislated against fire and rehire”. Someone should tell P&O ferries and British Gas. #bbcqt.

This being said, Rachel Maclean is being made to look like a fool. First she tried to lie, and now she’s blustering through a government that’s simply inept. Ben Habib is making that clear..

People of #Redditch- you need to give your heads a wobble and choose a better MP than Rachel MacLean and her scary facial expressions #bbcqt.

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Rachel MacLean looks a bit like Squirrel Nutkin. Only without the level of intelligence obviously. #BBCQT.

Rachel Maclean saying it isn’t the governments job. Hmm, what is the government’s job? #bbcqt.

@Conservatives MP Rachel Maclean surmising things that arent written in a letter she reads out on #bbcqt🤣🤣.

@LoxyFlo @JRCT70 I haven’t watched QT for ages either. Only tuned in to see Mick Lynch. FB is terribly biased and her condescending attitude would make a saint swear. Rachel Maclean is a total waste of space and a nasty piece of work..

Rachel Maclean trying to stitch up Mick Lynch on #BBCQuestionTime with that letter was surely one of the most stupid things ever tried on live TV. At best pathetic..

Rachel Maclean i hope Fiona Bruce got some of #bbcqt.

Rachel Maclean Photo,Rachel Maclean Photo by Goonerson,Goonerson on twitter tweets Rachel Maclean Photo

The facial expressions on this weeks useless Tory on the panel, Rachel Maclean, when the heat is on lol. 😂 #bbcqt.

Rachel Maclean Tory MP on BBC1 Question Time; her voice and face look Widdicombian to me. Did Doris Karloff have a secret love child?.

And tonight’s victim is Rachel MacLean, who tried a gotcha moment with a letter from National Rail, and was then forced to read it to find out it didn’t say what she said. #bbcqt.

Rachel Maclean (politician) Wikipedia article edited anonymously.

@bbcquestiontime is there something wrong with Rachel Maclean? Anytime anyone speaks on the panel, she looks like she chewing a cod liver oil capsule!.

#bbcqt Is Rachel MacLean the best the Tories can do tonight. The big guns busy, or are they all scared of Mick?.

@DapperArtist I think all this dispute has done is to underline the importance of trade unions. Rachel MacLean has absolutely no substance 🤦‍♂️..

Have the Tories just rolled out Rachel Maclean because of her ridiculous talent for pulling faces? Out of her depth, the audience are making better counter arguments to the strike. Just a bit more of nothing to do with us #bbcqt.

@bbcquestiontime Rachel MacLean should stop the expressive idiotic facepulling and negative body language whenever Mick Lynch speaks..

Rachel MacLean, shaking her head looking quizzical, attempting to hide the fact that she hasn’t a clue. Pathetic..

I wish we had more of this, grown-up political discourse not the divisions, distractions, and shouting that it so often involves. The cutbacks to Safeguarding Minister Rachel Maclean are brutal.

@Femi_Sorry Quickly glossed over by (soon to be Lady Bruce) to not embarrass the quick witted Rachel Maclean. Did I say quick????.

Yet another impenetrably thick Tory - Rachel Maclean. And as Bogus has repeatedly proven, even if a legally binding guarantee did exist you couldn’t rely on them not to renege on it. These Tories are so thick they make 💩 look and sound good..

At the point where Mick Lynch says “ he [Johnson] is supported by the establishment ….propped up by his mates in the media and in the City” the camera pans out to Tories Rachel Maclean & Fiona Bruce. AWKS 😬#bbcqt.

@Femi_Sorry Rachel Maclean is an example of what you get from an overrated Oxford education: @redditchrachel = graduated from Oxford Mick Lynch = Left school at the age of 16.

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