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残念ながら負けてしまった渡辺くんのリクエスト曲は…SixTONES 「Imitation Rain」でした!! 次回こそは!! #nhkらじらー

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➷ȶօʍǟȶօ🍅 ()

#いいねした人の名前を動画で呼ぶ 新しい日常垢で早速やってみよー笑笑

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バン対策🏙ボ対策にリプ欄ご自由にお使いください🌼 SixTONES AL 1ST 音色盤 ST NAVIGATOR Special Order NEW ERA Curtain Call Dance All Night Coffee & Cream Imitation Rain Lifetime EXTRA VIP My Hometown ってあなた SG 僕が僕じゃないみたいだ


When the rain hits the ground it creates vibrations on the soil surface.  This causes earthworms to come out of their burrows to the surface. Earthworms find it easier to travel across the surface of the soil when it is wet, as they need a moist environment to survive.

Connor the Spartan
Connor the Spartan ()

@SweetieMiraiMai It’s supposed to rain tomorrow where I live and then it it’s going to snow on Monday

Iamcardib ()

When it rains heavy in LA I get really sad 😞.It reminds me of when Covid couldn’t be around my kid, family for weeks cause a lot of people around me caught was super shut down,supermarkets was empty and it rain for hours everyday .I was losing my mind.

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残念ながら負けてしまった渡辺くんのリクエスト曲は…SixTONES 「Imitation Rain」でした!! 次回こそは!! #nhkらじらー

Matt ()

@TCrasH77 Australia kept batting after a rain delay. Went all out. India batted for a few overs before another rain delay ended the day

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@rain_of_world ちなみにあの造波より総防は高い😊

Rain Photo,Rain Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Gagan Virat
Gagan Virat ()

@AnshumaNot Really want 100 from both bcz india need to win but rain will spoil the play maybe Rohit 40 or 60 Mayank 80

🌙𝓡𝓸𝓼𝓮𝔂🌙 ()

Na instagramie zenibyfit natrafiłam na temat freeganizmu i wryło mnie po przeczytaniu artykułu na ten temat ile ZDATNEJ do jedzenia żywności trafia do ś grupy ludzi którzy na własne ryzyko ratują takie jedzenie i poświęcają swój czas na to aby się nie marnowało🥺


@rain_7070 ترا حلوة المادة🥺🥺 وبشكل مبسسط حتكون يعني معلوماتهم لطيفه شدي حيلك وبالتوفيق لا تحطي فبالك انك تكرهيها وحاولي تحبيها


Im so proud of Jennie! After the rain always come the rainbow! Jennie today reached 3M subscribers and now her channel also entered in the Top 100 most subcribers Youtube in South Korea!!!! 😭😭 #JENNIEYT3MSUBS @BLACKPINK

Rain Photo,Rain Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

UPDATE - Due to persistent rain, play has been abandoned on Day 4. #AUSvIND

Rain Photo,Rain Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
실비 ()

@: 저희가 수욜부터 힘숨로드들이 출전했어서 그런 것 같네요 오늘부터는 다시 1위탈환한다 매일매일 메기찜쪄먹는다 원펀맨 될거야 메기 원킬 낼거야

Astro Poets
Astro Poets ()

Week of 1/17 in Gemini: On a rock you will find that you can look up. And that’s exactly right that—that you should. A very pale and beautiful sky. There is rain, but that’s a good thing.

Laurence Tribe
Laurence Tribe ()

The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain . . . It blesseth him that gives (the most) and him that takes (more with each day that passeth): Good old Will Shakespeare amended to cover Don the Con . . .

❄️ anna simona ❄️
❄️ anna simona ❄️ ()

Блять мои опять хотят поехать на МОЙ др куда-то там с бассейном и вся хуйня и недоумевают почему я не захотела в том году так вот КАК им объяснить что у меня блять цикл не цикл и месячные могут начаться когда захотят и че блять я буду делать в этом бассейне на собственный др))0)

👿のあ😈 ()

静岡住みのトレーナーさん仲良くしてください!はじめたばかりなのでいろいろ教えてもらえると助かります🙇‍♂️ #ポケモンGO

feminist coven timekeeper😌
Feminist coven timekeeper😌 ()

@demigodgeous So that his glory can be shown🙃. I mean would you appreciate rain if there was no drought 😏

Goatatunde ()

This match is ultimate shithousery lmao. Need rain to wash away the upcoming days and we retain the BGT 😂

🐬42💙 ()

그냥 지들끼리 싸우게 사이트 하나 파주면 안되냐 난 ㅇㅔㄴ번방때도 불쾌감때문에 해시고 단어고 싹 뮤트하고 거의 안들어온다 시피 살았는데 그 지랄을 또 해야되네

Celt MacGann
Celt MacGann ()

@Annelise185 Rain noises especially thunderstorms, cello pieces, and the Moonlight Sonata are my go to.

Burythorpe Weather
Burythorpe Weather ()

Temp °C (feels like °C). Wind to (WNW). Rain Today Pressure Humidity 93﹪

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すー🦋雑多垢 ()

@twinkle_rain_8 @__pukapuka23 しまちゃんー!天才ー!ありがとうーー!!🐆✈️

まゆまゆ🐢🍐💗🦁🐧💙 ()

滝本海都「SixTONESさんの『Imitation Rain』を演奏させていただきます。」 #ISLANDTV @j_islandtvから

るむ ()

は、え?!?!?! 滝本くんピアノできるの?!?! 私も久しぶりにピアノ弾こうかな🎹ニヤニヤ imitation Rain練習しようかな😇😺

ISLAND TV更新情報 ()

滝本海都「SixTONESさんの『Imitation Rain』を演奏させていただきます。」 on eST拝見しました! めちゃくちゃRockでした!✊ #ISLANDTV

Nick Adams
Nick Adams ()

Patriots, just stay home on January 20th. The Democrats and Joe Biden don’t deserve our attention. Pray for rain on January 20th and stay home or go out and enjoy the outdoors or a hobby. These scumbags aren’t worth our time or attention.

Gov. Mike Huckabee
Gov. Mike Huckabee ()

I know @JaniceDean & she knows hot wind & a snow job so she knows Cuomo is all thunder/no rain & a drought of leadership but a flood of arrogance. That is YOUR forecast Gov “Covid-Cop” Cuomo.

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