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A talented bowler and a sincere learner who always wants to improve. Wishing you a very happy birthday Rashid and just like your name, always follow the right directions.

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Rashid Dahabreh
Rashid Dahabreh ()

مقاومة العياط في عز خنقتك أصعب احساس حرفياً ممكن تحسه.

Shehla Rashid
Shehla Rashid ()

Indian govt has, for the second time in history, forced Amnesty @AIIndia to shut down, so that it may continue to violate human rights without interruption. At the same time, the govt seeks a greater role for India at the UN - so as to cull any discussions on India at the UNSC.

Sameer Rashid
Sameer Rashid ()

Yet another example of conservative conventional wisdom getting predictions wrong

تٌـقى🍓🐈 ()

- لا يمكنك أن تبهُت وأنت تملك صديقًا جيدًا. بهت وانت عندك صديق جيد انى اسفه 🌚🚶‍♀️

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‏﮼راشد،الشيذاني، ()

لمسة يد مدافع ريال بيتيس مارك بارترا كانت واضحة أمام المهاجمين مايورال وبنزيمه .. القهر أن ولا واحد منهم طالب بركلة جزاء !!! 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️ ما عرفنا هل هذا برود ولا سذاجة 🙁

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سانیہ ()

No! They need to break their lower order and get nabi at 4 and rashid at 6. Warner, Bairstow, Manish, Nabi, Shankar, Rashid, Samad, Sharma Float Shankar and use him as an anchor when needed. Rashid and Nabi are experienced players. They can take more with the bat

B.Sourabh Patnaik
B.Sourabh Patnaik ()

@SunRisers @davidwarner31 According to me SRH playing 11. 1. David Warner,2. Jonny bairstow, 3. Kane Williamson, 4. Manish Pandey,5. Abdul samad, 6. Virat Singh, 7. Abhishek Sharma, 8. Rashid Khan, 9. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 10. T Natarajan, 11. Khalil Ahmad

Dr. S. Jaishankar
Dr. S. Jaishankar ()

Glad to meet Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum. Exchanged views on developments in Afghanistan and the larger region. His vast experience and deep insights were evident. India remains fully committed to an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan-controlled peace process.

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ABC Hobart
ABC Hobart ()

It has been confirmed today that 94 whales have now been rescued after the mass stranding on Tasmania’s West Coast. Six whales have been saved today, and around 12 others may still be viable to rescue. Around 350 whales have died since Monday’s stranding, 📷: Bilal Rashid.

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@dullrafus23 ()

@Albert99Sanchez Creo que rashid esta bien hecho , seguramente lo veamos en futuros juegos de capcom . Me gusta bastante el diseño y el gameplay del muñeco

Stunt 🇦🇴
Stunt 🇦🇴 ()

O que me faz bem - @DjCaiqueOficial Sam the kid, 3030, Rashid e Mundo Segundo

Swapnil ()

@MoukthikS Laxman told they were going with marsh due to see effect and grass on wicket. They need 3*proper batsman + Rashid

Kaushik 🏏
Kaushik 🏏 ()

So playing Josh will be based on the opposition. Surely played to tackle Rashid thn.

Syed Rashid Rizvi
Syed Rashid Rizvi ()

“If one person committed blasphemy, hold them responsible for that,” said Rashid Rizvi. “Calling the whole Shia community non-believers over the act of an individual is totally wrong.”

ah sarle nuvvellu
Ah sarle nuvvellu ()

Warner wicket, Mitchell Marshall leg injury, rashid khan falling inni goraalu oka match lonena🤧... As a RCB fan i really feel bad for they will come back!!! #RCBLove❤ #SRHhome🧡

Ravi Tarakian 🏴
Ravi Tarakian 🏴 ()

Tactical Changes Made By Captain Kohli Today 1. Marsh Injury 2. Warner Runout 3. Rashid Injury

Maytha Bint Rashid
Maytha Bint Rashid ()

تذكير بقيام الليل والوتر جزاكم الله خير جميعا ورزقكم الخشوع في الصلاة وجنة الفردوس الأعلى بلا حساب ولا سابقة عذاب يارب ووالديكم وأهلكم وأرحامكم وجميع المؤمنين والمؤمنات والمسلمين والمسلمات الأحياء منهم والأموات آمين يارب العالمين

Shehla Rashid
Shehla Rashid ()

Dear Indian right-wing trolls and MPs, you know how you keep hating on Muslims, Muslim nations, and thinking that Muslims are extremists by default. Ever looked within? Horrifying!

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar ()

A talented bowler and a sincere learner who always wants to improve. Wishing you a very happy birthday Rashid and just like your name, always follow the right directions.

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Dr. Rashid Buttar explica porque, segun él, habra una segunda ola y como la tecnología 5G sería uno de los factores Ver este video de Instagram de @drbuttar

Avi_nashᴰᵒᶜᵗᵒʳᴬʸᵃˡᵃᵃⁿ ()

@madurakaranda2 Bhuvi and rashid semma Warner,bairstow/kane,rahid,stanlake dhn nabi aaduna foreign pacer illa Already kane or bairstow one batsman short +Pacer friendly pitch um illa anga khaleel matum 140+ poduvan michavangala kammi dhn so pitch la um assist irukathu kasta paduvanga paaru

सादिक अंजुम صادق انجم
सादिक अंजुम صادق انجم ()

1. Mohammad Maknojiya s/o Rashid Ahmad persuing Information Technoly Engineering from SIDDIK College of Engineering, is a very brilliant student,currently topper of his class with CGPA of ,MashaaALLAH.


Appidi avare maari vazhthittena un vaazhkayile kandippa unak jayichida mudiyum nu tha 😇 @Siva_Kartikeyan 😊👍

L.E ()

If you are surviving panopa ndi nyengo ino, it means u work hard like me. Keep pushing 🙏

Shiamak Baria-Unwalla
Shiamak Baria-Unwalla ()

@elitecynic 1. RCB 2. DC 3. SRH 4. CSK 5. RR 6. Virat Kohli 7. Rashid Khan 8. Yashasvi Jaiswal 9. Ravi Bishnoi 10. Ravi Bishnoi 11. Mohammad Nabi 12. Virat Kohli 13. 3 14. 2 15. 2 16. Jimmy Neesham 17. Pat Cummins 18. Steve Smith & Jos Buttler 19. Dhoni will have a great season.

Yousif Yahya
Yousif Yahya ()

@RAbdiCG When I read neophyte I was like “wow why is Rashid being so harsh on him”

Rohan🏏 ()

@elitecynic @cric_archivist 1. MI 2. DC 3. KKR 4. RCB/SRH 5. RR 6. KL Rahul 7. Chahal/Rashid 8. Devdutt (if he opens throughout the tournament) 9. Ravi Bishnoi 10. Devdutt 11. Hardik 12. Hardik 13. 1 14. 3 15. 6-7 16. Finch 17. Maxwell 18. Steyn & Russell 19. If Gill opens throughout, he will get 500 runs

Vane ()

Eu só queria a camiseta do rashid nesse vídeo aqui, se alguém souber onde tem me avise 🤧 Luccas Carlos e Rashid - Bilhete (Ao Vivo) via @YouTube

Shehla Rashid
Shehla Rashid ()

When you celebrate the politically motivated arrest of someone like Umar Khalid, Sudha Bharadwaj, Safoora Zargar, Sharjeel Usmani or Anand Teltumbde, you are essentially celebrating the demise of your own rights and your own diminishing status as a citizen. #FreeDrUmarKhalid

Noga Tarnopolsky
Noga Tarnopolsky ()

Multiple White House staffers have tested positive for #COVID-19 today one day after after Israeli PM Netanyahu, UAE FM Abdullah bin Zayed & Bahraini FM Abdullatif bin Rashid Alzayani met with them.

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