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Dear unmasked teachers, staff, childcare providers, If you aren’t wearing masks to protect children in your care, is that because you are OK with them (and their families) getting #COVID19? Sincerely, a doctor who helped advocate for you, for masks, vaccines, RATs, supports..

In Colombia, the same brown rats that feast on garbage and steal slices of pizza in cities around the world may be the primary pollinator in urban settings for the feijoa plant.

BOYS leave their boots on the porch when they get home. MEN don’t have a porch/home and wear their boots while they sleep on top of a bin in a coles loading dock as they need to be ready to run away in case a pack of rats attacks them again or a manager yells at them or something.

The Dictator waving to all his ministers (Rats) deserting the ship. #YourNextDan.

Rats Photo,Rats Photo by David 🎣,David 🎣 on twitter tweets Rats Photo

Rats are leaving the sinking ship 😱 That didn’t take long. I only fell back asleep at 5:30 and look what I missed.

very productive morning ♡ pero gago si fannstar after 22 consecutive votes now its not running me my ads rats.


Rats fleeing the ship. Self preservation before everything for them. 🤣🤣🤣 #toryrats #byelection2022.

I drew a shitty rat and my friend put it in a bun 😆 #rats.

Rats Photo,Rats Photo by Linwail,Linwail on twitter tweets Rats Photo

y’a la fête du cinéma du 3 au 6 juillet, les places sont à 4€ donc les rats qui veulent date qlqn c’est le moment.

I put up that Sevo tweet expecting Muhoozi to even retweet but nothing ...not even NRM peeps commented. Naye when you criticize Sevo they be in your mentions like swamp rats 😂😂.

@jv_uk2011 Wonder how many more rats will jump off the Johnson sinking ship or whether they get shot of him #ResignNow.

Ooooof. When the most smiling of sycophantic rats abandons ship, you know the gig is up….

Mick lynch is taking lives out there 😂 Finally a guy taking these rats on.

@skudlooking @StrettyNews Those rats took money out today with the state we are in. Stadium falling to bits, squad is a mess and owe the banks 500+ million.

So dividend day and those skanky rats the Glazers will take £11 million out of the club, as another day passes without them investing one penny in the club. How are the @premierleague sitting back and doing nothing? @The__1958 we are all behind you we have to get #GlazersOut.

When sycophants like @OliverDowden bottle it you know @BorisJohnson is in trouble. The rats have started jumping #ToriesOutNow #JohnsonOutNow.

What a glorious morning, Checked my phone & the Tories have been battered in the by elections. Wonder how long it will be till theRats abandon ship leaving Johnson to go down with it..

#NowPlaying: Rats by Ghost on The Faction & iHeartRadio.

Rats Photo,Rats Photo by The Faction,The Faction on twitter tweets Rats Photo

People: “i DoNt LiKe ThE nEw MaP bEcAuSe ItS sO rAtTY” Bro 😂 rebirth was like a fucking sewer system full with rats, stop crying..

@ACTBrigitte Those old republicans are selling out to the Rats, taking the money and running because most probably aren’t even gonna run for office again..

@michaelharriot thank you! what they knew, when they knew it, and chose not to warn then isn’t bravery now. it’s covering their ass, and now they are rats jumping from a sinking ship. trump no longer has anything to offer. he’s become a liability..

Travelers to Nigeria should avoid contact with sick people, animals such as rodents (rats, squirrels) and non-human primates (monkeys, chimpanzees), products that come from wild animals (including wild game), and contaminated materials (such as clothing) used by sick by the sick.


@POTUS Joe Biden, on day ONE, with executive orders ATTACKED America by DESTROYING OUR oil and gas industry. Then the FASCIST demon-rats blame oil and gas companies for following those EOs. PROOF of HUGE FAILURES of ALL demon-rats and the HATE they have for our NATION! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.

I-I went through so much trouble to get you this rats mixtape, I know how much you like them.

@grantshapps It’s the Tory’s that bring this country to a 🐀🐀 rats are fucking this country up and that 🤡🤡🤡 clown boris…………...

@newbury3186 The rats are about to get a pension and live the high life at our expense.

@Michelle4Laughs We said knots. Bu I do remember the term “rats nest” when my hair was particularly knotty..

@EdTheHeretic @ipattorneyliza Uncontrolled transmission is going to leave us sicker, poorer and at risk of long term disability across whole populations, disrupted supply chains and a rats nest of unforeseen consequences - it is wild, it is irrational and it is a road to hell.

@NatalieLanovill @ellle_em I know it is a contentious here in New Zealand a lot of our native birds nest on the ground. So they are fighting with stoats, rats and now it seem feral cats. We are going all out to get rid of predators here, but this may not work in all environments or communities..

@_kvsmooches Fandom of girls/boys who sing like dying rats being dragged up a mountain getting brave?.

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