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Actually, Red Wall voters have always worried that tax rates on six-figure salaries are too high..

Good luck to those Red Wall Tories heading back to your constituents Your party and your government do not care for those voters. Your sick will be sicker while sat in cold houses unable to buy food. However those 150K earners will be alright..

The other 90s Tribute Act I can see coming is disaffected Conservative MPs defecting the crossing the floor. Particularly Red Wall MPs. Tax Cuts for the rich was not the platform they stood on..

Best fans in the world. Members of the Red Wall enjoying themselves on the Wales Away trip to Brussels were praised by both a newspaper and local police on social media.

The South (left) enabled this Tory government, just like it has enabled every single Tory government. Keep your fictional Red Wall out of your tweets..

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The Red Wall voted Tory because the Remainiacs told them that Jeremy Corbyn was their enemy..

@timmyvoe @OborneTweets Love that clear blue on the side of tax rises + punishing the working class. The Red Wall will always remember Labour ignoring grooming gangs. #NeverLabour.

Whoever voted for Tories, I hope your objective was unleashed at today’s budget, particularly the red wall voters. #ToryCorruption.

@Daffooo Similar situation here. We’re lucky enough to have a buffer at the moment, but many don’t, and ours could be gone in the blink of an eye if one of us lost our job. Hopefully the “red wall” Tory voters will see the error of their ways before the next GE..

@Kevin_Maguire @ModerateLabour1 The red wall voters will be absolutely delighted to hear that news I’m sure….

@montie @iealondon More like Britain is now the Tories LAVATORY. What a mess our country is in. Protect the rich and its powerful influential donors and sod the rest of us. 1% pay rise for its workers. Welcome to #BrexitBritain is this what red wall voters voted for? is this #BrexitBenefits ?.

Facts Red Wall duped into fighting immigration and Brexit when the real cause was GREED! You lot need a slap 🖕.

@tomhfh Yup. 💯 this! In particular the red wall MPs - they simply couldn’t believe how they were going to share the joyous news with their constituents that they would now save £55k on their £1m income! 🥳 Oh..

I don’t know who in their right mind would decide ‘oh let me paint the walls red&yellow’… now I’m here having to do 3 coats on one wall😑.

It surely will not help the Conservatives in the Red Wall that all these people keep popping up and saying about a regressive Budget: Ah, now this is the real Tory party we know and love! ?.

@OborneTweets Red wall is still here & proud. We love what the Conservatives are doing, they are totally transforming the area I live in..

@OborneTweets Another metrocentric take with no actual understanding of the Red Wall!.

@RichardJMurphy The red wall lot must be shitting themselves. They were the joke selections that never expected to win. Then they got sweet jobs. This will terrify them becuase they KNOW their areas are fucked.

I hope all those millionaires in red wall constituencies that voted Tory will be enjoying the tax windfall they received today!? #minibudget2022 #stockmarketcrash.

@mikegalsworthy Unfortunately also the Red Wall: hahaha Liz Truss is owning the wokes…what? No I’ve actually met a woke…eh? Of course I can’t afford to feed my kids, that’s a sacrifice we all make for Brexit innit? 🤪🇬🇧.

And with an arrogance & breathless contempt for any working class person they nakedly reward the already rich & screw the poor. Thanks Red Wall voters. Ffs learn a lesson! The Tories are NEVER on your side. #GeneralElectionNow.

@mjtward19 If that doesn’t send a firm ‘up yours’ message to all those Red Wall voters then nothing will… #GeneralElectionNow Starting to despair Mike if I’m.

Not only is this bizarre economics it will be electoral suicide. How the Red Wall will be able to stomach the cut in top rate income tax is beyond me. (I think removing bankers bonuses is good economics but bad politics. It served no function and reduced tax revenue)..

@Falcon_Malteser @KwasiKwarteng What will Labour do now? Having embraced Hard #Brexit and the existence of Brexit benefits and much else of Tory economic policy to this point so as to appease the Red Wall. #MiniBudget.

@JackieMayes5 @christopherhope It will make very little difference. But anyone on £1m a year just got a £55k tax cut (more than the salary of most people in the Red Wall). Are you a millionaire?.

Many of those ended up as first time Tory voters for Boris Johnson, the ‘red wall’. They wanted Brexit for a culturally conservative, but economic left-wing policies..

Nor does embarking on trickle-down economics when another central theme of your manifesto commitment was levelling up. if you believe that the former leads to the latter, persuade us that trickle-down economics are what millions of Red Wall Tory voters cast their ballot for..

@DavidLammy What will Labour do now? Having embraced Hard #Brexit and the existence of Brexit benefits and much else of Tory economic policy to this point so as to appease the Red Wall. #MiniBudget.

@BenKentish Kicking the Red Wall right in the teeth, very hard, and grinning away while he does it. Are the Tories now trying to get Labour in to clean up their mess?.

@RichardBentall @christopherhope You think the red wall won’t appreciate or benefit from the reduction on the basic rate of tax.

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