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The Dodo
The Dodo

Abandoned bunny is rescued using his favorite treat — watch the moment he meets his soulmate 💙.


These are the faces of puppies who will never be used for experiments 🥺 PETA helped ensure that 4,000 beagles will be rescued from the Envigo breeding factory, and we just took in 25 survivors who are finally getting the care they need with us before they head to loving homes..

Last week, student Souad Hassouna was celebrating her superiority in high school, and today she was rescued and pulled out from under the rubble, but her younger brother, the child Muhammad, rose by the bombing of their house in Rafah #GazaUnderAttack #IsraeliTerrorism.

Rescued Photo,Rescued Photo by Ahmed M Aburaida , Gaza 🇵🇸💔✌️,Ahmed M Aburaida , Gaza 🇵🇸💔✌️ on twitter tweets Rescued Photo

@NotHoodlum GOOD NEWS: The ferret, named Cotton Candy, has been rescued and will be rehabilitated and assimilated with polite society after a bath to remove toxic levels of bronzer!.

Rescued Photo,Rescued Photo by Robert Johnson,Robert Johnson on twitter tweets Rescued Photo

its actually kinda wild how much of a time waster aesop can be for the hunter. like even if you kite like ass and get downed early, if you choose to rebirth or get rescued/downed you can still waste time for the hunter for like 3 ciphers if your teammates actually decode 🕺.

1011 NOW
1011 NOW

Aircrews from the Tennessee National Guard rescued multiple flood victims over a four-day period in July following record rainfall in Kentucky..

@CoachJoe__ @Official3DWN vouch joe rescued my kitty out the tree cuz hes so strong and tall.

@BBCSportScot I’ll watch the game and decide, based on possession, chances made, shots on goal etc. If they say we rescued a victory I’ll acknowledge it. If not, what is your agenda BBC?? Pro Union extend to talking down Celtic now does it????.

A swashbuckling 114* by @HimanshuRai84 rescued the 2nds from 72 for 6 to post 271 as they beat Brampton 173-9 by 98 runs. Rai hit 14 4s and 3 6s and shared a 2nd XI record 8th wicket stand of 83 with Frankie Tester (36). Will Blatch with 5 for 33 bowled with pace for a Michelle..

@BBCSportScot The absolute desperate language of snatching results and being rescued is brutal 🤣🤣.

WATCH: A Carnival cruise ship rescued 24 refugees adrift at sea off coast of Cuba..

Why do they twerk so hard for that lot Rescued my arse, we got what we deserved from our performance, County likewise. Impressive nothing, they were shocking..

@breaking_frames In the same scene they were talking about left 4 dead and how that girl you rescued in resident evil 4 is hot.

Rescued this little guy. We didn’t notice he got into the garage. He was very dehydrated when we found him. We were able to bring him outside where we gave him food and water. He lingered for a bit but once he got his strength back he “said bye” and flew away. ♥️🥹.

Rescued Photo,Rescued Photo by Rita,Rita on twitter tweets Rescued Photo

@venetianblonde @NYCACC St. Francis, St. Roch, please in your compassion intercede to Jesus for His intervention in helping find Bruno a foster, rescue, adopter, lots and lots of pledges and prayers to get him rescued and out of that shelter from Hell. Amen!.

Reported the SA account to FBI tho, so hopefully that poor kid gets rescued from that evil pos father..

Cuban migrant boat capsizes near Florida Keys: 2 drown, 5 missing, 8 rescued.

Rescued Photo,Rescued Photo by Babalu Blog,Babalu Blog on twitter tweets Rescued Photo

“Elderly people are waiting in rising waters, praying to be rescued, because infrastructure in this entire region has been left to rot. People are going without their insulin & medications because for generations, corporations have been stealing our labor, our land, & our lives.”.


But you would do anything to destroy the body that they rescued. Your sick little head, so brain damaged..

One rescued after falling from bluff west of Houston, authorities say.

@Richiestoke Lucky, rescued, under par, second Anything else they could write?.

Souad Hassouna was celebrating her high school achievement last week, and today she was rescued and pulled out of the rubble, but her younger brother, Muhammad, was killed by bombing their house in Rafah..

Rescued Photo,Rescued Photo by Abo Bashar ابو بشار,Abo Bashar ابو بشار on twitter tweets Rescued Photo

Rescued these 2 ikea rabbits from work (I work at an animal shelter so we get a lot of old stuffed animals donated). Already destuffed them and am going to clean and patch them up. ❤.

Rescued Photo,Rescued Photo by Confused,Confused on twitter tweets Rescued Photo
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