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This awful, AWFUL Conservative tenure has been disastrous for the UK. This cannot stand. If they won’t resign and call a General Election, then an all out General Strike seems the only option. Brexit Britain is on its knees. #PoundSterling.

Judge Cannon should resign in disgrace. She has defiled the legal system. She’d be the laughing stock of the legal community if she wasn’t such a dangerously heinous person. She’s been exposed and it’s time for her to resign her position in shame..

Parliament should be recalled The Budget should be abandoned Truss & Kwarteng should resign.

BREAKING: NBC News is reporting that Ginni Thomas will be meeting with the January 6th Committee in the next few weeks. REMINDER that Clarence Thomas still needs to resign or be impeached..


Osinbajo could do one last thing to cement his legacy: Resign as VP, announce his retirement from politics, and endorse Peter Obi as the next president..

Kwarteng should resign or be sacked. His chaotic budget has caused huge financial damage to almost everyone in the country, in higher interest rates, borrowing costs and inflation, except for his hedge fund buddies. But these people feel no accountability and have no conscience..

Media: pushes PM to resign Media: complains we have no PM for months during cost of living crisis *gets a new PM less than a month ago* Media: pushes new PM to resign. They never learn do they. We can’t keep changing PM every five mins because they upset the BBC types.

If CEC had even an iota of self respect & dignity he would resign after these revelations which make him totally complicit with PMLN Imported Govt. So no credibility left..

The Audio Leaks have proven beyond any doubt that the CEC is working for PMLn. He is taking dictation directly from PMLn. He MUST RESIGN IMMEDIATELY. That is IF he has any salvageable honour left. #سکندر_راجہ_استعفیٰ_دو.

As FL’s west coast was being devastated by Ian and those Floridians were losing everything, here’s what @CharlieCrist was doing between 8:41AM and 12:51PM. The disgraceful failure was asking those devastated evacuated Floridians for money. He should resign from the race ASAP..

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• Be the figurehead of a large company • Do something that goes against the moral compass of the majority of people • Get called out by public • Company loses millions of dollars • Get asked to resign to manage losses This tweet is about the founder of Papa Johns.

How can you live with this decision, @CDCDirector @RWalensky? This will harm vulnerable patients, and you know it. You’ve caved from political pressure & taken a once-revered agency and turned it into an arbiter of death. Please show some moral courage. Better yet, resign..

@BaddCompani Hundreds of them should resign and they know it. They all just keep hoping they will come through this unscathed..

You are an expensive mistake. RESIGN.

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[askrl] gue gak tega masukkin pasal 5 kesurat pernyataan, teman kerja gue dia mau berhenti buat tes polisi, dia barista dan disini kita gak ada kontrak tapi pas resign harus gini, kalo gak ngikutin boss gue juga takut.

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@MarshaBlackburn You do absolutely nothing for our state. You are an embarrassment. You have been exposed as one of the most corrupt members of congress. You serve no one but yourself. Resign now..

Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng face calls to resign from Tory MPs over sterling crisis.

@EdwardJDavey calls for #Kwarteng to be sacked. Good call. Lib Dems call for Kwarteng to resign via @BBCNews.

Liz Truss & Her cabinet need to resign because bankers won’t help anyone. The economy isn’t going to bounce back not when hotels, shops, restaurants are closing all over the UK #MiniBudget Giving millionaires tax cuts while telling people not to ask for a pay rise 😂😂😂.

work! aku blm resign tp rencana hari ini mo ngjuin resign ke atasan, jam 11 nnti aku ada intv dan aku msk shift pagi fullday smpe mlm, alsn apa ya biar di acc sm owner, ato mnding klo ga dpt acc ijin keluar ya trabas aja sekalian gausa krja hari ini, sarannya guys.

well said The Gray Wolf protected for 45 years now in jeopardy ! @SecDebHaaland has failed #wolves so please resign and get someone who will reinstitute federal protection #relistwolvesnow.

@JoeBiden I wish u would resign. You are by far the worst and most intelligent president ever in office. U should be ashamed..

@SullyCNBC @MarketRebels Yellen is the easier demanding the Fed chair resign is messy.

The decision to hold a “review” in secret—which ended up being a dossier of vicious allegations against individuals who were given no right of reply, and which was then leaked to the media—will damage the club for years. Justin Reeves should resign..

@ShaunBaileyUK @RupaHuq You had to resign over lockdown parties, didn’t you? You lied on your election leaflets… and misused town hall headings. Pipe down???.


@MrTCHarris A bed has been made and 357 chaps and ladies are just going to have to lie in it. Or resign..

Resign Mudi ji Resign @PiyushGoyal Hey @dir_ed , raids tonight or tomorrow morning? Arrest of Goyal for investigation?.

It’s actually a sign that history is not a series of random events but a meaningful tapestry. Stalin attempting to resign thrice was not a coincidence, but a clear sign that God approved of his reign on earth.

@trussliz This deluded ideologue won’t resign because she thinks she right & everyone else is wrong. A very dangerous person who will sacrifice & destroy anything that gets in way of her ideology with IEA & ERG support. This is the great economic reset& electorate with be collateral damage.


Express-News calls for San Antonio councilman Mario Bravo to resign.

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