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@MarkJohnstonLD @MelbourneCarrie But #RevokeA50 first. It gives us time to reflect, rebalance, heal, debate & decide..

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The UK’s Brexit junta has catered exclusively for the for far too long. It’s got us nowhere & taken us to the brink. Not once have the been heard. Not once have our views been considered. It’s now time to listen to the ignored 72%. That’s democracy! #RevokeA50.

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Could you help friends and/or neighbours who are not on line but would like to add their name to the #RevokeA50 petition?.

@AlisonKMurray @DragonTheHorse 530 now! #RevokeA50 Please use this exact hashtag whenever you can to keep it on the trending list. The more people see it the better..

@CornishSkipper How great would the #FridayFeeling be if #RevokeA50 came true? It’s the only way to save the country x.

@joelymack @toutvab47727220 Million! 😉 6 Million over the required number to have it raised in Parliament yet MPs walked out of the #RevokeA50 debate. 😡.

This exactly what is needed. JC will never command a majority in either Parliament, or even his own party #RevokeA50 and #StopBrexit.

I’d suggest doing a second poll Dawn and all that! 🤷‍♂️😁 #RevokeA50.

@DawnWestcott I’d suggest doing a second poll Dawn and all that! 🤷‍♂️😁 #RevokeA50.

I think what happened Dawn was that you asked people for their opinion, and they gave it to you. The polling should tell you something 🤷‍♂️#RevokeA50.

@DavePee Should Labour have had a clear Brexit opinion then and perhaps a policy of #RevokeA50. ?? Something definite, strong and with the tide of public opinion, educating of the real effects of #brexit.

#RevokeA50 The Grand Revoke Petition is almost half-way to the number needed for the magic MILLION. Shout of for more signatures!.

@MarkJohnstonLD @MelbourneCarrie But #RevokeA50 first. It gives us time to reflect, rebalance, heal, debate & decide..

This sticks in my craw, but I fear this is right. Stopping no deal is the most important thing at the moment and perhaps this could buy some time to #RevokeA50. The principal problem with it is, however, that no Tory will vote with Corbyn for no confidence in #ThrobbingJohnson..

People voted to leave for many reasons. Berating people who have changed their minds and have decided to speak out about it is massively unhelpful. To win any second vote you absolutely need @RemainerNow people. Please think before you shame #RevokeA50.

@Femi_Sorry @jeremycorbyn The problem is that we still wouldn’t know what the “deal” would be unless you go back to the one in the WA. So any new referendum would again be Remain or “something else”. Jeremy still wants Brexit and can’t bring himself to back #RevokeA50.

@RCorbettMEP @SKinnock There was nothing democratic about the EU Ref when MILLIONS were denied a vote! Shame on any MP spouting such rubbish as to say #Brexit is the will of the people when so many people didn’t even get a say #RevokeA50.

@joswinson @sarahwollaston I joined today too. After 40 yrs of avoiding being a party politician. If Remainers can’t cooperate we are doomed so I decided to join the party that is unambiguous on what it wants. #RevokeA50.

@chrishawtree @madgie1941 #RevokeA50 Please can you advise where to get the best anti-Brexit/ #RevokeA50 (not PV) leaflets and posters from?.

@moviedrome81 People who voted for and campaigned for remain will never understand the guilt some of us #RemainerNow feel. Hopefully this shit show ends soon #RevokeA50.

@Jennyflower @FenCoul I prefer #RevokeArticle50 but if #RevokeA50 is trending I can cope with that.

If you voted leave, you’ve given Sovereignty to the USA, increased the military threat of Russia, and trade power to China ..............So much control #RevokeA50.

@PhilipHammondUK Brexit if any form is a treasonous crime Phil The frauderendum was utterly discredited Why do Putins work for him? #RevokeRemainRebuild #revokeA50.

@happy925 @Steve_Remainer Some services will stop under No Deal. Prompt cross-recognition (eg of GDPR compliance) will minimise friction. But as UK regulations drift away from EU compliance, costs will rise. And if the regs don’t diverge, you really have to ask what the point is. #RevokeA50.

A country can neither be united nor rebuilt when the foundations, laid down by the government of that country, are built on lies, deceit and dishonesty ... this is why we must now #RevokeA50.

@NickFerrariLBC yes, for once I agree with you Nick - Brexit is a MISTAKE! Good man 👏 #RevokeA50 #YoungVotesCount.

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