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Mukhang malaking damage na naman sa mga tanim itong si #KardingPH There goes the bulk of our annual rice harvests. Harvest season is oct to dec. The palay now planted and to be harvested last quarter of the yr would be about 3 weeks to two and a half months old. 1/3.

One aspect of white supremacy is infantilizing white adults like Trump’s progeny as “children who didn’t know any better,” while demonizing Black children like Trayvon Martin & Tamir Rice as “mature villains looking for trouble.” Consciously reject this racist & unjust framing..

Heartbreaking video from a farmer in Nueva Ecija, showing the rice paddies that they had worked hard on for months, before #KardingPH is expected to hit the Philippines. Farmers are among the poorest in the country and #climatechange multiplies the challenges they already face..

Day 19 of #BharatJodoYatra started at 6:30am from Shoranur, entering Palakkad district, rice bowl of Kerala. Yatris will walk 14 kms in morning session of padayatra before halt at Pattambi. Commonwealth silver medallist in triple jump Abdulla Aboobacker walked with @RahulGandhi.

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Panggilan kepada anak kost! Masak nasi goreng yang enak gak harus di pan atau wok, tapi bisa juga di rice cooker loh!.

Buon appetito everyone 😋 tonight I made pork ribs and chunks pizzaiola with brown rice and quinoa 😋😋😋.

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@onlygavi 1-Mount çöp 2-Rice dışında hiç biri gayseame gelmez ( Rice da çöp ).

It’s Game day‼️UTSA Volleyball heads out to Houston to take on Rice at 6 PM Central time. Can’t wait to see our amazing team back in action tonight let’s go team 🟦🟧‼️.

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Declan rice has the ability to disappear completely mans the kuroko regen without passing.


@JoeThompson95 @AndyRobsonTips He’s got away with 2 bookable offences already and Rice nearly made a mistimed slider.

어제 조커로 레식짤 만드려고 play영화 켰는데 스샷 못 찍게 막아놈... 쩔 수 없제.

@uta_0113_ あーね 今はほんとに目悪すぎて、コンタクト、マイナス7とか… やばい泣くㅠㅠ.

Houston DE Derek Parish was on a potential All-American pace, ranking third in the nation in sacks and TFLs alike. Parish will miss the remainder of the season, however, after suffering a torn bicep vs. Rice:.

Stanford Üniversitesindeki ikinci proğramımızda Hoover Enstitüsü üyeleri ile birlikte olduk. Moderatörlüğünü ABD eski Dışişleri Bakanı Condeleezza Rice’in yaptığı panelde Avrupa ve Amerika’nın karşılaştığı güncel meydan okumalar müzakere edildi. @natopa_TR.

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Scene of chaos in a supermarket in #Tunisia to collect bags of sugar. The country has been plagued by significant shortages and rationing of basic food products for several weeks (sugar, flour, rice, milk, coffee, bottled ).

@appalachianthot I also think you’d be an M&M cookie of a rainbow Rice Krispy bar..

@CoachFHM I swear when I’m living alone, working out and focused I can just eat chicken or beef with rice for days and days without end.

おはよ! イヤホン新しいの買ったのでめちゃくちゃにこにこしながら学校に向かいます.

Doing the Travis Bickle fist-over-the-stove scene but over the steam vent on my rice cooker.

@llmunro I make a folder of similar guides available to my students. Among the most useful: and.

Sautéed chicken with shiitake mushrooms, steamed broccoli and rice cooked in bone broth. Simple and comforting..

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“Too much is never enough.” The encapsulates capitalism so succinctly. Listen below to the sheepish answers in the face of ferociously prepared numbers from KP. Take all with a pinch of rice if you must 🙃.

おはようございます😃 #今日の愛理ちゃん #水野愛理 撮影: @ikawa_don さん.

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@ANJNetwork23 @TomPelissero RICE my friend, RICE is all you really need most of the time.

근데 세삼스레 참 마비탐라 적응못해서 튕겨나가시는분들 많은거같애요 저는 그냥... 그거임... 비명이나 지른다고 왔다리갔다리하는거임...

lunch today is - bowl of rice with tomato and 2 eggs - croissant and raspberry jam - one large cup of coffee - 4mg estradiol.

6/13 2. Improved Agric-productivity N food security through effective fertilizer subsidy as well as provision of cheap nd affordable farm input (thus keeping D cost of food low a bag of rice was 2500)and Construction of food storage facilities to ensure maximum food security.

I hate that unnecessary stirring y’all do in your cooking videos. Be stirring the shit out of boiling rice constantly wondering why it comes out gummy. Meat be off colored and unappealing because you didn’t let it sit still long enough to even try and sear..

It’s really ppl out there that thinks Haitian oxtail is better than how the Yardies make it???? Jamaicans can’t cook rice but I will not let y’all slander their oxtail or curry or jerk chicken 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

@Travi3000 today’s fried rice has a little soy sauce, mushroom powder, oil and garlic powder.

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