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Choose Dance, Choose the Cha Cha, Choose Richie and Giovanni! 🥳 #Strictly @richie_anderson @pernicegiovann1.

Lots of good’uns this year 💃🏽🕺🏾 Kim, Fleur, Helen, Ellie Simmonds - all great energy. Loved Richie A and Hamza Watch out for Tyler West, Ellie Taylor, Molly ,James Bye and Will Mellor. All the Adams family. Oh, that’s all of ‘em. Wouldn’t want to place a bet yet:) #Strictly.

It’s surreal watching @richie_anderson on #Strictly but the guy absolutely deserves to be living his dream right now 👏 People don’t know how hard he worked to get where he is. I thought he smashed that! 🕺 @bbcwm.

Richie Photo,Richie Photo by Steve Hermon,Steve Hermon on twitter tweets Richie Photo

Personal Week 1 #Strictly Leaderboard 1. Will 2. Helen 3. Fleur 4. Molly 5. Tyler 6. Kym 7. Ellie Taylor 8. Richie 9. Hamza Simmonds 13. Kaye 14. Matt.

@RicardoBSalinas Por favor tio Richie, siempre es bueno escuchar un buen consejo para prosperar.

@GayishJewish “Irrelevant Richie. I would simply not get bitten because by the time the first Zombie was reported in America we would be ten miles off the coast in a well stocked boat” “… when you asked me to co-sign a loan last year was that-“ “That was a boat loan yes. We own a zombie boat”.

@RicardoBSalinas Jajajaja que paso tío Pedacitos u completo jajaja, Alumno más avanzado de Zayas, Inclán, el caballo rojas etcétera .... Buen viernes.

I love love love @richie_anderson and he’s gonna be the absolute joy of this year’s #Strictly.

@HertsSid Met her in Edinburgh and she was so sweet, her show was very funny as well. Would like to see her stay for a while but not sure 🤔 how well she’ll do. Richie can at least be carried by Gio’s fans for a while….

Richie perfectly executing that guy sweeping the floor at Nightingale in Birmingham who thinks they are God’s answer to dance. #Strictly.

@abochie_ No girl in trasacco go love you, unless that Gobɛwura ba at the junction, rest!.

Ellie Simmons, Jayde, Hamza, Richie, Molly all my favs tonight. Also, strangely… Anton. Welcome back #Strictly.

@DerKreisch Ding ist halt auch, meine Handys sind eig nie kaputt lol Und ist halt schon bissle Kohle Hatte überlegt aber Werd ohne nehmen bin Ja nicht Richie Rich.

I am OBSESSED with @richie_anderson🙌🏻❤️and how much he is living his best life on @bbcstrictly ❤️🙌🏻✨What a joy to watch😍So infectious, I love it!❤️❤️ #Strictly #StrictlyComeDancing.

Watching the dances again and is it just me or was there no Cha Cha content at all from Richie? 🤔 He was just feeling the fantasy lol #StrictlyComeDancing.

@bod_republic Is Alright💖 If Jesus come him go notice me fess😂.

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@richie_anderson Good luck to you you do really well! You’ll be my favourite!.

@H3limizzz @MsaneThembi Unrelated, you sound so stupid with this! It sound so shocking to see your country ladies whoring in Lagos!.

Strictly’s Richie fears all-male pairing will be a ‘challenge’ for Giovanni.

@TOTPFacts @ProfBrianCox And am I correct I’m saying before D:Ream he played keyboards for Dare? Recently remembered as their guitarist Richie recently featured in #mafsuk.

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Cómo no me la voy a pelar para poder tener mi lugar dentro este lugar, sentí hermoso al momento de ver en letras de oro la patria es primero Y abajo la bandera No hay palabras para describirlo.

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@hippojuicefilm @MiamiDolphins You look like a former teammate of richie incognito about to do a tell all..

@richie_anderson Soooooooooooo happy for you Richie. #TeamRichie all the way. Wishing you so much luck. Enjoy.

@Richie_Ramos29 He stayed until January his first season. My point was I want to see he get an opportunity..

@UtdJezza He’s been on loan this is going to be his first season staying at the club.

@Richie_Ramos29 He’s been here for almost years and hasn’t ever played a competitive game..

I brought the girls on my daughter soccer team gatorades and chips after the game and they all were so appreciative… Now I gotta make sure I pull up with the snacks lol.

@WETPRINCETHROAT @Richie_Sombrero just checked, neuroscience and 🤓epigenetics🤓.

People think man are gonna slide tackle each other like they aren’t gonna be trying favelas and all kinds of tricks.

Leyton Orient head coach Richie Wellens admitted he was proud to stand on the sideline and watch his side beat Barrow in their top-of-the-table clash..

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