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Brazil begin their World Cup campaign 🇧🇷 Good luck, Richy! 💪.

Richy Photo,Richy Photo by Tottenham Hotspur,Tottenham Hotspur on twitter tweets Richy Photo

I honestly think Richy rattles rival fan bases even more than Harry does 😃 #COYS #THFC.

Spectacular and important goals. I might be insane, but definitely not on this Richy train 😂 say na stinker.

So many dumb tweets like this and then nothing after the brace. Nothing. But guess who’s gonna be there the moment Richy has a bad game? These same idiots.

I doubt Richy is thinking about the first touch when the second ones a match winning overhead kick 😂 #COYS #THFC.

você já vê quem é esperto ou burro no marketing depois do 1° jogo: várias marcas sem perceber que parte do público alvo não gosta do Neymar por culpa toda dele, e que TODO MUNDO curte o Vini, o Richy e quase todos os outros. o Zé Delivery já tá usando o Vini garçom agora.

Currently wishing I was the turkey he’s about to eat🤭🤭.

@WholesomeMeme They are mourning the loss of their turkey friend..

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We need to be sticking Richy in the team to give Kane a rest…..finally an adequate back up and we’re still playing Kane to within an inch of his life and Richy out wide 🤦‍♂️.

AND I CAN CAST DISNEY+ SA OLD SAMSUNG TV KO! Yahooooo!!! Thank you again, @larsychan for my Chromecast! Huhuhu. I am so happy!.

ブスのアソコってなんで全員臭いんやろうねwww 洗ってねぇんじゃねえのw 男楽しませるためにアソコぐらいあらえよwwwwww.

@FoxNews Its awesome 2 see Russia leading the way for good. They are fighting Nazis in Ukraine & now fighting the evil of sexual deviancy in there own country as America supports the Nazis & the sexual deviancy even if it effect young children..


I see the Spurs official accounts are already rinsing that Richy goal. They’ll be pulling this one out every season he’s with us now and he didn’t even do it in a Spurs shirt.

Your daily Tottenham round-up! Sonny, Lolo, and Richy all impressed..

Jesus has 1 goal in 18 matches for Brazil and some of you question why Richy is getting picked over him? Get outta here man.

@craigburley 0 goals in his last 11 games for club/country 1 goal in his last 17 games for Richy 9 goals in his last 7 games for But your having Jesus over Richy? Thank god you’re not picking the side.

They hate kane they hate Richy they hate and are often racist towards sonny its pure jealousy and it eats away at them even in their sleep.

@kevinhatchard Would be more keen to see them go 4-2-3-1 Allison Danilo Silva Marquinhos Sandro Casemiro Fred/Fabinho Rodrygo Neymar Vini Richy Neymar in the 10 role for me, better role for him. They have so many options though, mad depth. #BRA | #FIFAWorldCup.

Man like Richy… People just getting to know… but he’s been proper since Watford (and before I’m sure) 😍.

Richy Photo,Richy Photo by Leon Mann MBE,Leon Mann MBE on twitter tweets Richy Photo

@loopyrizla @richarlison97 Innit let’s play all 4 for the rest of the season 3-5-2 with kane n richy upfront.


@COYSJordan94 @SPURS82est Difference is Lo Celso easily could have performed for us he just didn’t want to. A lot of people forget he was actually really good when we first signed him. Richy was just being played out of position..

acho bem foda esse efeito que o segundo gol do richy teve na galera, até o maior odiador de futebol deve ter vibrado um pouco com essa cena gente que nunca se interessou por um jogo antes e falando que essa cena foi foda.

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acabei de descobrir q o pessoal lá fora tá chamando o richarlison de richy e eu achei isso bem fofo aff.

@npepper101 @blthfc Agree with second half wholeheartedly. Think he fits better as a 9 than a winger! Son is in this weird predicament in my opinion with just perisic playing so close to his past role. But yeah at the end of the day richy in rotation is nice! 🔥.

@Richy_Identity シェリーさんそういう人だったんですね…。 悲しいです…(TT)(TT)(TT).

Yalnız Richy fena got etti iyi topçu evet ama ilk mactan böyle bir performans beklemiyordum yetersiz diyordum.

@Lwangees Siku sema richy asibebwe ,yesu ni msela si wajua kila game lazma alete ngumi.

With this goal Richy scored he just stamped his name ahead of Jesus in that Brazil team..

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@TherRichy2l Gm gm gm my dear Richy 🫂🙏🏻💜 glad that you liked it!! Have an awesome Friday 🙏🏻🫂💜😍.

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