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Cheers to 10 years! Want to win our Limited Edition 10 Year Anniversary Wallet AND a $500 Ridge gift card? Here’s how to enter: 👉Retweet this tweet 👉Make sure you are following us That’s it! The winner will be selected at random on 3/31.

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U.S. Navy
U.S. Navy

⚓ Sailors aboard USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19) conduct routine operations at sea. 🌏 USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19) is the @US7thFleet command ship and routinely interacts and operates with Allies and partners in preserving a #FreeAndOpenIndoPacific region..

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#Ridge, In 2016 you said, Boris Johnson is not the right person to be PM. When you heard him at the #partygate committee, did you think you were right all along? Gove, No, Boris Johnson is a man of integrity..

13 years of @Conservatives Government Summed up in 2 pictures #Ridge #Bbclaurak.

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So, @BorisJohnson has spent £220k of Taxpayers money, on a legal team, who’ve produced evidence, that a no win no fee lawyer would laugh out of #Ridge #Bbclaurak.

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If you think Gove, sniffmeister, was full of crap this morning on #Ridge plz retweet!.

Will Carolyn, 82, finally face justice over Emmett Till? - Last month LA musician and writer Andrew Brel sent The Soci - #Media.

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