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So sad: RIP Archie Battersbee and deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

RIP Archie. An unbearable situation for any family to face 😔 The way his story has been co-opted by Christo-Facists & media misinformation is disgusting. I feel for his treating team in the NHS & the vitriol they are likely to continue to face..

@SkyNews The family were in a tragic situation from the moment Archie fell foul of the criminal depravity of online near-death games. How can she ever forgive herself the cause of her boy doing this at 12! To me THAT is what matters most - Archie was killed. RIP.

@BoyGeorge I did not know little Archie, but I understand that there is one more little angel 👼 in the Good God’s Paradise Surely, little Archie will be missed by all those who had the chance to know him ; RIP Archie ❤️🙏.

@supertanskiii I can’t get my head around this photo either. Appreciate the family simply did not want to accept he was brain dead but it just concerns me. RIP Archie 🕊.

@supertanskiii @snb19692 What on earth was there to smile about ? Archie’s mum has received sympathy and money and made it into a puppet show …… shame on her , her son deserved dignity and thanks to the NHS staff for their constant care . Rip Archie ❤️.

@BoyGeorge As a parent of a son with #CF, I witnessed parents of children with all health struggles, vascillating between hope & despair. I have been there to offer hugs of encouragement & the same hugs for acceptance of the inevitable. #BlessedRelease for Archie, RIP little man. 🙏 4Family.

Un tribunale ha deciso che doveva morire senza tenere conto della volontà dei genitori. RIP Archie!Perdona questa società di 💩 se puoi da lassù 😭🙏 #ArchieBattersbee.

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I wish I could’ve known him sooner I’ll have to check out his music tonight…RIP Archie 🕊.

RIP Archie… Such a pity that he had to live through this… Then his ‘parent’ blaming TikTok. 🤦🏻‍♂️.

RIP Archie and condolences to the family. Your fight was phenomenal 💔.

@SkyNews Very sad and very tragic #RIP Archie, i hope his mother find the strength to overcome this nightmare..

@ProtecttheFaith As painful as it is, Archie was braindead. Nothing could be done to save him. I am sure he’s in a better place now. RIP..

This is one of the most repugnant things I’ve ever seen. Who the hell visits a boy in hosp whose already brain dead and uses it as a photo op to smile with a bloody Union Jack and photo of the absolutely no poor Archie RIP @MarinaPurkiss @DebayDeLux.

@6531933D So sad, fantastic docs and nurses for doing all they could and sad for Archie’s parents for their grief and not being able to see the that everything was in Archie’s best interests RIP little man.

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