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@hannah_disch @marinamaral2 Yeah what’s “Rising of the Lights”? 🤷‍♂️🤔

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Gregor Schwayer ()

@MsLegalSass Kings evil is skin tuberculosis, rising of the lights is a lung condition, murthered is an old spelling of murdered and planet are conditions associated with astrological causes

Ghadeer AlMuhaisen ()

Very interesting Search the mysterious old names of some diseases & causes of death 🤓 Teaser: The rising of the lights” is croup.

Tom Schrieber ()

@StephenHartill @Sorrelish Nearly 100 people killed by Rising of the Lights? Is this a leftfield promo for a future Dr Who episode?

Kay ()

@stavvers Rising of the Lights and Cut of the Stone are Nick Cave and PJ Harvey duets from the mid 90s, surely?

Jan ()

@weehalfpintt Personally I quite fancy ‘Rising of the Lights’ with a bit of Lethargie and Lunatique thrown in. Though I have to say one accident is unfortunate, but to die of several is just plain careless!

Vidya ()

Rising of the Lights seems like a decent way to given other options.

Ray Forsyth ()

@alisonkatebr Turns out rising of the lights is pneumonia and the kings evil is either lymphoma or tuberculosis (depending on who you ask)

Chrissey Harrison ()

What is Rising of the Lights? And why are cancer and wolf grouped together? 🤔

Vanesa Martinez ()

Cancer, and Wolf??? Also, really want to know what Rising of the Lights is.

Sara Zigman ()

@mdmurray1207 Yes but what of Rising of the of the lights was a common entry on bills of mortality in the seventeenth century. Lights in this case referred to the lungs. Coughing ones lungs up?

Kirsty Walker ()

@GordonElliot1 Affrighted must have a fascinating story to it. Also rising of the lights?!

Kat 💫 ()

had to search rising of the lights bc it sounded like they were abducted by aliens, but apparently it’s the old term for a lung disease? 😮

Marc Woodward ()

Various ways to die in 1632. ‘Rising of the lights’? Planet? Here’s a link to a glossary explaining antique medical terms:

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Figuredisfondo ()

@hannah_disch @gretelisabetta for all those who are wondering what Rising of the Lights is

Sue Bucklow ()

@C_CRRLL Love intriguing. I have questions! Cancer, and Wolf? You had cancer but then you were seen off by a wolf? Cut of the stone? Rising of the lights? I want to know! I agree great Pokemons but also band names!

Laura holliday ()

@hannah_disch @steamedhamms rising of the lights by cancer and wolf. an indie anthem waiting to be written.

Harold Bysshe Vedge ()

@hannah_disch Rising of the lights revved up like a deuce another running in the

Kevin Cormack ()

@memorialdevice Rising of the Lights sounds like another In the Marvels film franchise.

Ingrid Elkner ()

@sodajerker Rising of the Kings many of these sound like album names.

Anna Cale ()

@cautionspoilers I think I’ve got a bout of Rising of the Lights so I’m a bit worried

Walkhikethrivesurvive ()

How wonder what ‘Rising of the Lights’ was?

Rich_ ()

Unless and until new information comes to light, I quite like the sound of Rising of the Lights.

Bring on the Beer 🍺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇸🇪 ()

@littlesthomebrw Rising of the Lights Wrapped up like a deuce in the middle of the night

If the red barchetta was a bicycle ()

Do not go gentle into that good night, Rage, rage against the rising of the lights


@hannah_disch @marinamaral2 Yeah what’s “Rising of the Lights”? 🤷‍♂️🤔

Brittany Chenteale ()

@LucyEverleigh I just noticed “planet” and “rising of the lights”. I have questions about almost everything on this list!!

Ozzy ()

@avalard @miss_s_b Death scene in Naked Gun for the first one. ;) Apparently, nobody knows what Rising of the lights was.

Chris Jolliffe ()

My early morning Twitter reading: lethargie, rising of the lights & @DeathMedieval

🌼Kathy Herbert❤🇦🇺🌼 ()

Rising of the lights? #whatthe Some very interesting diseases and casualties in 1632. Thank goodness for #modernmedicine

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Stacy A. Koster ()

@mapsgal @UrbaniteAlaska They used to eat the lungs from animals they ate, and they were some of the lightest meat, and floated in their soup. So instead of saying something like, “coughing up your lungs”, they said you’re “rising the lights”

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