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Today, The Duke of Sussex will host The Rugby League World Cup Live Draw from Buckingham Palace. Tune in to Watch Live at 12noon (GMT). #RLWC2021Draw #RLWC2021 @RLWC2021.

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Great initiative. Raising mental fitness awareness. The power of the mind is massive 💚🇮🇪☘️.

This is great 🙌 I will be looking into volunteering opportunities with the added bonus of some #mentalhealth training #RLWC2021.

@RoyalFamily @RLWC2021 get that baby back before that Tranny Markle ruins his life as well #moonbump.

Really enjoyed today’s @RLWC2021 #RLWC2021Draw at Buck House, but can anyone tell me when @AFL are having the draw for their World Cup?🧐.

@tiffany_salmond @RLWC2021 On the front page of the official website.

see @ICC even the Rugby League World Cup is not afraid of having sixteen teams in four groups of four..

#RLWC2021Draw: Group A 🇵🇬 Group B 🇦🇺🇳🇿🇨🇰.

🍟 We’re delighted to announce that our chips were not p*ssed on. #RLWC2021Draw.

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Events like today reinforce why we love & passionately advocate for #rugbyleague all sectors included & supportive of the @RLWC2021 draw which garnered so much positive reaction and coverage. Organizers did a sensational job over two venues, sold the message & piqued the interest.

Exciting to have so much of the #RLWC2021 in the North West! Congratulations to @chris_brindley_ @jon_dutton72 & the team for continuing to push boundaries to deliver what will be an outstanding, inclusive tournament next year 👏.

Great draw for all 3 England teams, roll on 2021, the hard work begins 💪🏻.

@MarkWilsonRadio @RLWC2021 saved by Prince Harry remembering that Lebanon needed to go into the draw..

@RoyalFamily @RLWC2021 With utmost respect, not my Duchess, not my Save the Queen. 🇬🇧♥️👑.

Today was a very good day for #rugbyleague as @RLWC2021 showed just how to launch a big event. A very high standard has been set. Well done to all involved..

The @RLWC2021 will be the first time in tournament history that the men’s, women’s and wheelchair events are held simultaneously. The Duke of Sussex and @adamhillscomedy talk about how Rugby League is ‘breaking down barriers’ in sports..

Fantastic to represent @ComIntCare at the @RLWC2021 draw broadcast at Media City. What a tournament it will be! Congratulations to the organisers on a great event & all of the progress so far..

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@RoyalFamily @RLWC2021 Horrible situation but who the hell would marry a Hollywood liberal. She has no relationship with her father which means she has no respect for others. Selfish woman. I feel so sorry for Queen Elizabeth and Prince William. She brought bad blood and shame to The Royal Family..

Originally thought Prince Harry was a poor choice of RFL patron, but the RLWC2021 draw is leading the main BBC 1pm news, so chapeau. Very impressed with the tournament promotion so far. @RLWC2021.

@chasingroospod @RLWC2021 whole time watching I was just blown away at how professional and big this RLWC will draw at Buckingham Palace by Prince publicity. Men’s,women’s and wheelchair tournaments with such a diverse spread of organisers have done a tremendous job..

Today, The Rugby League World Cup 2021 launched a Mental Fitness Charter, supported by The Duke of Sussex. @RLWC2021 #RLWC2021Draw.

Today, The Duke of Sussex will host The Rugby League World Cup Live Draw from Buckingham Palace. Tune in to Watch Live at 12noon (GMT). #RLWC2021Draw #RLWC2021 @RLWC2021.

Prince Harry has helped launch the world’s first major sporting event Mental Fitness Charter for @RLWC2021. By the tournament final, every player, team and match official, teammate and volunteer will have been trained to look after their own (and others) mental fitness..

#RLWC2021 are proud to become the first global sporting tournament to launch a Mental Fitness Charter. Find out what the initiative includes and what RFL Patron, HRH, The Duke of Sussex, has to say on the charter ⬇️.