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Rob Holding’s first-half vs. Crystal Palace: 8/9 duels won (most on the pitch) 1 tackle won 3 recoveries 2 clearances 4/4 accurate long balls 2 final third passes 38/42 passes completed (most on the pitch) [@StatATM] #afc.

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Rob Holding on Instagram story: “Never seen a player trip themselves up and get a free kick 😂” 😂❤️ @RobHolding95.

Rob Holding Photo,Rob Holding Photo by afcstuff,afcstuff on twitter tweets Rob Holding Photo

The Arsenal line-up! 🔴👇 ✅ Rob Holding ❌ William Saliba.

🗣️Bukayo Saka on Rob Holding after the 4-1 #Arsenal win over Palace yesterday: “I gave him a big hug when he came into the changing room because he deserves it. He was magnificent. We need that, you know, when he’s coming in to stay at the level that we’ve been playing. “He….

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We would need to rely on Rob Holding to play for us at CB while City are playing world class CB’s at full backs. Their depth isn’t fair.

Arteta has revealed he now calls his substitutes impacters. In November, @TheAthleticFC spoke to Eddie Jones, Rob Holding & a top Premier League coach about why that kind of terminology can be valuable, & the psychology of a substitute. 🔴⚪️ #AFC.

Muy buena la Europa League eh. Un saludo a todos los que me insultaron. Mucha suerte jugando la recta final del torneo más importante en 20 años con ROB HOLDING de titular..

Rob Holding replaces William Saliba. White continues at RB. There’s no alternative correct answer..

Rob Holding has just been hooked. Arteta really knows miracles don’t exist and he wouldn’t score a pen.

Arsenal lose their second defender of the first half as William Saliba is replaced by Rob Holding. #UEL.


This includes rob holding. He doesn’t belong at this level but we know this already. We’re ahead of schedule in our project.

How many aerial duels did Rob Holding win yesterday?? He went up against physical attackers and managed them well! He’s learning and would step up for us! #COYG.

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I’m all for the hot takes on Rob Holding not being good enough for Arsenal but I’m curious as to what level of a 4th choice RCB are we expecting to have in the squad prepared for such moments.


Imagine being rob holding rn there are more atheists with faith in god than arsenal fans with faith in him.

Just watching the match again, and Big Gab is the reason why Rob Holding had a monster game. Played the Saliba role with aplomb..

Rob Holding Photo,Rob Holding Photo by Gilles 🇳🇬🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿,Gilles 🇳🇬🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 on twitter tweets Rob Holding Photo

Rob Holding thank you for your 2 great FA Cup finals but its time to say goodbye. Average, average player..

Switched off after I saw “trust in Rob Holding”. You’ve seen 7 years of that geeza. He’s flipping garbage.

Rob Holding is the only current Arsenal player who have witnessed Arsene Wenger era who have cost less than.

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I’m gonna say it every time i see Rob Holding it makes me nervous. We’ve progressed beyond him now. Him anywhere near the team is frightening to think of..

🗣 Rob Holding in the All or Nothing documentary: “I want to look back at my career and think, ‘I’ve played a hell of a lot of games’. If that’s for Arsenal, then great. But whatever happens, I’m not going to just give up and be like, ‘.

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Congrats. No more Losses Huge BOOM Huge Cash out Join this channel now Barcelona Sancho Potter Sabitzer Maguire FACup Biafra Nasarawa Congratulations Sir Yvonne Inconclusive Bigot Brighton Tife Mr Bayo Rob Holding Nairobi CBD Binani.

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Je ne suis absolument pas rassuré de voir Rob Holding titulaire mais j’espère de tout cœur qu’il va réaliser une grande performance. Il reste un valeureux et fidèle serviteur de notre club. 🔴⚪️🤞.

The season is over for players like Fabio Vieira, Rob Holding, Kieran Tierney, Kiwior and co except there’s a major injury. Playing once a week now, Arteta won’t rotate much anymore..

With 3:46 left Vols holding on to a 54-45 lead. Will have the ball coming out of this timeout.

Rob Holding winning a good header lifting the crowd. A big game is needed from him..


gdy przyjdzie LM musimy ogarnąć sytuację z prawą stroną, w której Saliba ma lepszy backup niż Rob Holding.

Toda la noche se la pasaron inventando soluciones para la posible ausencia de Saliba y Tomiyasu por lesión. Algunos llegaron a proponer a Tierney de lateral derecho. Sinceramente, ya no sorprende nada. Le toca a Holding. Dejen de inventar, así ¡VAMOS CON TODO, ROB!.

Can’t be asked with Rob Holding in 2023. This guy single handedly drags our game model down..

Rob Holding has now played three times as many minutes today as he did across his other seven Premier League appearances this.

@mustafi4captain Have you watched Rob Holding play football? He’s a liability unless you’re looking to see the game out..

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