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I loved writing & recording the song “There’s Nothing Like The Coffee At The Automat”, and now the THE AUTOMAT’s whole score by the fantastic Hummie Mann (who worked with me on both ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS and DRACULA: DEAD & LOVING IT!) is available!.

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- listening in to BBC Radio Nottingham right now ahead of Liz Truss interview - various readers have called in to say she is “inept” or “out of her depth” or “reverse Robin Hood”.

A couple of people have said to me here in Nottingham, this is like a reverse Robin Hood @sarahjulianotts quizzes the prime minister @trussliz Full interview here 👉.

‘A reverse Robin Hood’ well done @BBCNottingham BBC local radio having a moment today and I’m all for that.

‘A reverse Robin Hood’: Liz Truss local radio highlights after market turmoil.

Lovely to see another prime minister WE DIDNT GET TO VOTE FOR YET AGAIN, gaslight the entire nation and not take any accountability for her ‘reverse robin hood’ policies.

@MinolloO @BenedettaFrucci Il governo toglie alla Sicilia per dare al Veneto, come novello Robin Hood de noantri..

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And kudos to @sarahjulianotts and team for great questioning, an excellent Reverse Robin Hood line and presenting concerns of local people!!.

@actonblue @krishgm That question was asked. The interviewer called it reverse Robin Hood. #ThickLizzie waffled on about help with energy bills (as she did in response to every question). The interviewer was good but was questioning a robot..

We’ve looked at the possible historical origins of Robin Hood’s archenemy. What about his evolution in fiction? #FolkloreThursday.

@tresmasciento Un demagogo y un falton,es lo q es,,,de las corruptelas q están es su gobierno nada de nada,, Oltra cosa es muy feminista ,, acaba de decir en la secta q le gusta la política de Robin hood,,.

@windhounded i think hes very aware that killing rapists doesnt solve rape, as red hood, but as robin he definitely wanted rapists die to equal fewer rapists and. ow.

@wallstwolverine para luego no aprovechar bien ese dinero como siempre hacemos y que esas empresas acaben saliendo del país, y España pase a ser un país pobre, lo de jugar a ser Robin Hood no va a salir bien..

@ladycrocs @Apapell Ellos son más de controlarlo desde los despachos de algún partido político, sin intermediarios. Que luego vienen los líos y les sale algún juez rebelde que les condenan injustamente mientras juegan a ser Robin Hood..

Straight back to the lies. @Conservatives The Independent: Pound – live: Liz Truss says it’s ‘not true’ her mini-Budget is ‘reverse Robin Hood’. via @GoogleNews.


@subzeronell She’s also firmly denying she’s reverse of Robin Hood - when it’s clear she is, the poor will have to pay more to fund the tax cuts for the rich..

She is either delusional or Truss says it’s ‘not true’ mini-Budget is ‘reverse Robin Hood’ – latest.

@RexChapman @POTUSProf Trump is the backwards Robin Hood, he steals from the poor to give to the rich..

@BadAstronomer In reading through the replies, there are two age groups here. 1) responding with Top Secret 2) responding with Robin Hood: Men In Tights Both totally work here!.

@lilysoaper Liz Truss has been on some local radio stations this morning answering questions but only saying the same thing to each question. Here she has been likened to Robin Hood in reverse, giving to the rich & taking from the poor..

Il contrario di robin hood : rubo ai poveri per dare ai ricchi😂 Il piano di Liz Truss per tagliare le tasse: stop alla maxi aliquota ai ricchi | Sky TG24.

“This is a reverse Robin Hood “ Sarah Julian - 29/09/2022 - BBC Sounds Listen from 2 hours 30 minutes.

Even as her spox admit the #KamiKwazi mini-budget was designed solely to benefit the already filthy rich Truss says it was “simply not true” it was a “reverse Robin Hood” that disproportionately benefited the most wealthy. She is a corrupt LIAR.

@horaweb @lilygabass A veces, ni si quiera palitos había, porque teníamos, con padres clase trabajadora, las cuatro cubiertas. Después vino la casta política estilo Robin Hood del subdesarrollo (para quedarse con la tajada importante)..

@diputadonaranjo Rene Naranjo, el robin hood que negaba a su señora para sacar mas dinero al estado.

@diputadonaranjo Robin hood le quitaba a los Cafiches del estado como tú. Para devolvérselo a la gente. Naranjo hijo de puta.

‘A reverse Robin Hood’: Liz Truss local radio highlights after market turmoil.

☕️El libro ¿La rebeldía se volvió de derecha? y qué es el impuesto Robin Hood. Comienza el #RatPack de #MesaCentral junto a @angelicabulnes y @marilyluders. 🔴.

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‘A reverse Robin Hood’: Liz Truss local radio highlights after market turmoil.

Pedro Sanchez da otra vuelta de tuerca y ahora se convierte en Robin Hood. Decidió robarle más a los ricos para darle limosna a los pobres y lo voten..

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