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Well, I can’t say I’m shocked that deGrom left, but after seeing his physical struggles over the past couple of years, it’s hard to blame the Mets for not going five years. The AAV was a little less than I figured but this sets up an interesting couple of months. JV, Rodon?.

Carlos Rodon is more than 4 years younger than Jacob deGrom. Rodon threw 100 more innings than deGrom this year. No surprise, then, that Rodon is expected to sign for at least 5 years. @MLBNetwork @MLB.

#Rangers among the most serious suitors for free agent Carlos Rodon, as we discussed earlier today on #MLBNHotStove. @MLBNetwork @MLB.

The #Mets now of course will be focusing their attention on free-agent aces Carlos Rodon and Justin Verlander..

This is a brutal blow for the #Mets. Aside from the historical significance for the franchise which is now lost, where do they go from here? Do they go nuts on Verlander or Rodón? Do they sign one of them and Senga? It’s a big blow for the club. Big..

As I mentioned on @MLBNetwork, the Mets’ options now include (a) overwhelming the Brewers on a trade for Burnes or Woodruff or (b) competing for Rodon in an expensive FA market..

Good news on Mets-Jacob deGrom front, heard the Rangers’ interest in Carlos Rodon is serious TEX is seen as biggest player for deGrom @martinonyc was 1st to mention Rodon-Rangers.

Carlos Rodon is very good. Carlos Rodon is injury prone and wants some long-term security after a dominant healthy season. So there is some risk involved in the #Yankees going after him. #RepBX.

Dodgers Rumors: Insider Sees Carlos Rodon as Someone LA Can Explore in Right Scenario More details here:.

@lonestarfriar For me it’s more about him even being allowed to entertain certain players like Xander/Rodon. The implication that there’s still more room in the budget is significant..

O cartão amarelo para Rodon, de Gales, foi o 54º para jogadores nesta Copa do Catar. A média está em 3,18 por partida. Na foto, Matthijs de Ligt, da Holanda, recebe amarelo do árbitro brasileiro Wilton Sampaio . Foto: Dylan Martinez / Reuters #GALxIRA.

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Wales look like a team with Davies and rodon at the back. Honestly how are they still at the club.

Iran have deserved the win but Joe Allen will be kicking himself after that poor clearance. How did the shot just sneak between Davies and Rodon too? Incredible moment..

Opération #backtoSRFC , il faut récupérer nos joueurs assez vite pour assurer la seconde partie de saison ! Joe Rodon devrait rentrer rapidement 😃.

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Wilson off, Johnson on and take Rodon off and put Ampadu at centre half with Allen coming on into midfield please Page..

@EstNorthLDN All that does is highlight the absolute state of our defence. These same Spurs fans who were saying give Rodon a chance were telling us how good Davies, Dier and Sanchez were 🤣🤣🤣.

@Ril37456985Jeff @BBCMOTD Do think the ref seemed a bit lenient towards to the Iranian challenges and then gave Rodon a yellow almost immediately. Iran were the much better team before the red and shows how more impressive England was to comprehensively beat them.

In my Country there beer🍻 called: Hennessy Rodon Davies Roberts Wilson and Moore.

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@COYSJordan94 Still spurs fans saying until recently we should give Rodon a chance lol.

@FiresideYankees Replace Verlander with Rodon, and be careful trading away the infield with DJ’s injury.

Yankees bien interesados en el zurdo Carlos Rodón El enfoque esta en Judge, Prioridad 1 pero no significa que no pueden sumar otras fichas Rodón en 2022 14-8, 237K en 178inn.

@BobbyMilone29 In 2022, Rodon led MLB in FIP and K/9, and was top 6 in BB/9 among qualifiers. And he was arguably better in 2021. 300 elite innings the last two seasons. However, does feel in a weird spot where if you’re Hal and gonna pay up for him, why not just give JV 2yr $80M?.

Carlos Rodon Mojo Black /199 $10 reply with “take” to claim @sports_sell.

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Dangerous for Joe Rodon to be on a yellow, but at least he can fall back on his podcast if things get worse #FIFAWorldCup2022.

Azmoun close. Rodon yellow. I like game is tense. 2 Middle order teams going at it beautiful. #IRNWAL.

For me take Roberts or Rodon off got to a back 4 get Allen in that midfield take either Wilson Rambo off get James or Johnson on straight away.

Acabo de presenciar el mejor partido del mundial, y de los mejores que he visto en mi vida, viva el fútbol y viva Irán, merecida victoria, he cantado más ese gol que cualquiera del 7-0, hoy el fútbol gana, Sardar Azmoun partidazo, si no fuera por rodon irán habría marcado antes..

100% got what we’ve deserved today. Can’t play like this and expect to get anything. 2 yard passes being missed, offering nothing going forward, expecting freekicks that were never given. Feel for the boys at the back Rodon, Davies and Mepham. Worked hard to keep it level..

@EstNorthLDN Tbf they had Bale, Ramsey, Davies and Rodon in their side that sinks of a farmers side 🤣.

Iran totally deserved that win. I just don’t see how a team with Meopham, Rodon, Nico Williams, Roberts and Ampadu can compete with anyone. Handicapped from kick off..

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