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“The result was clearly a massive vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister” says Tory MP and Boris Johnson critic Sir Roger Gale. “The PM says he’ll listen and carry on. This Prime Minister is not listening and he’s blundering on. We are fighting for the soul of the party.”.

Conservative MP Sir Roger Gale says that Oliver Dowden resigned because he can no longer defend the indefensible. He adds that the by-election results are a massive vote of no confidence in the prime minister and calls on the Cabinet to resign en masse..

So @BBCNews @BBCr4today drags out Roger Gale yet again, claiming not about Leave or Remain - not true. Why doesn’t Gale resign? Sounding like a worn record. I am hearing from various sources a General Election may be called September or October. Now that would be interesting..

I spoke to Sir Roger Gale a couple of times on the telephone during the height of the first wave of COVID-19. He was respectful and concerned, and genuinely engaged with his constituents. The rest of the Conservative MPs should listen to him..

This is clearly another vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister Arch critic Sir Roger Gale told us if any more MPs go, he may find his position untenable. #KayBurley FC.

The Conservatives have lost two by-elections at the hands of Labour and the Lib Dems. Conservative chair, Oliver Dowden has resigned from his position. Sir Ed Davey, Louise Haigh and Sir Roger Gale all spoke to #5LiveBreakfast about the results ⬇️ 🎧 Listen @BBCSounds 📲.

Roger Gale claims that he is not in favor of changing the rules in the middle of the game. Then proceeds to state that he would be in favor of a rule change in the 1922 Committee permitting another confidence vote in the PM before a year has elapsed. Funny guy..

@SirRogerGale Sir Roger Gale, the by-election results are about Johnson, and the whole Conservative party. Johnson heads a cronyism system, that now decends to the roots of the party. It selects for blind allegiance, lack of political acumin, pure greed and self-promotion. You ALL must go!.

Yes, and Sir Roger Gale.….yet another “Knight of the Realm”…. Starmer,… Davey,… Savile,…Blair, ..none of them Sir Galahads are they?? Where do they get this entitled crap from???.

@BestForBritain @SirRogerGale Both our candidates deserved better made me spit my coffee. But fair play to Roger Gale..

@lewis_goodall Trust the BBC to interview Barwell and Roger Gale for their predictable anti-Boris views. No balance - as usual..

@RhonddaBryant As Sir Roger Gale said Mr Johnson is hanging onto the door handle of Number 10..

Wow damning condemnation of Boris Johnson by Sir Roger Gale, a Tory MP, on @SkyNews just now. And Gale was so right..

@BrexitDuck @TalkTV 👏👏👍 Roger Gale is exactly what is wrong with the Tory Party. No idea or connection with real people.

@RedRobbo22 @SirRogerGale Oliver Dowden as PM LOL more chance of roger gale winning the whole Tory party is rancid.

Triple blow ‘massive vote of no confidence in Prime Minister’ – Sir Roger Gale.

@jrmaidment @TelePolitics Sir Roger Gale is using what used to be called English understatement.

He is thinking of himself again. I really wonder what Roger Gale has achieved for his constituency?.

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