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Updated: September 26th, 2021 03:46 PM IST

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I have enormous respect for my courageous colleague Rosie Duffield who has done so much to raise the issue of violence against women & girls.

Rosie Duffield Twitter

What is it with the media obsessing over the transphobic dog whistle of “only women have a cervix”? (Trans men and AFAB non-binary people also do.) When Rosie Duffield has stated her wish to roll back rights trans people have in the Equality Act, this is bad faith. #Marr

The fact that the Labour Party Conference is dominated by banning of Rosie Duffield tells us everything we should know about the poor state of the LP. The issue is not so much whether she should be banned or not, but that it is dominated by such issues as trans rights.

@UKLabour No, you’re not. You use us for bullshit ‘look how inclusive we are’ tweets like this, whilst doing the sum total of fuck all to actually promote our rights. Get rid of Rosie Duffield and her acolytes, and maybe then we can talk about you ‘standing with’ our community.

Happy #BiVisibilityDay from a visible bi. We are a friendly lot and ask only for the simple things: ❤️An end to biphobic erasure of our identities 💜Lots of people telling us how cute we are 💙The whip to be removed from Rosie Duffield Kisses 💋

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On #BiVisibilityDay, it would be a good idea for @UKLabour to denounce the biphobia from one of its MPs earlier this week. (I was happy to see the clarification about trans rights, though, following some shocking misreporting.) Context and info:

I agree. It is grossly irresponsible that my party continues to ignore the fact Rosie Duffield is a Labour MP. We should be shouting it from the roof tops. Rosie Duffield is a fabulous, LABOUR MP. We love her!!

My wish list for #BiVisibilityDay: 1) Remove the whip from Rosie Duffield 2) Stop letting Sarah Ditum write things 3) Bring back Teenage Bounty Hunters on Netflix 4) Sustainable clothing lines discover colourful fabric I will remain visibly bisexual until my demands are met!

Rosie Duffield: Labour MP should not have to fear for her safety

So we’ve had Labour MPs tweeting veiled criticism of Rosie Duffield without naming her, and other Labour MPs condemning her explicitly, but hiding behind their own anonymity. It would be nice if just one of them had the courage to name both her and themselves.

When Gender Critical people like Rosie Duffield talk about abuse, this is the kind of thing they mean. They are calling to ruin the lives of tens of thousands of people and are then trying to pretend to the the real victims when those people are rightly upset

Rosie Duffield has done this morning the thing her extremist harassers hate most - not shut up. Thank you @RosieDuffield1 for standing up for women and standing up for us gay guys who have a problem with people calling us “queer”. Few MPs do this - thank you for your courage.

You forgot to add “as Stonewall misrepresents the Act to be” after the words “Equality Act”, @AyoCaesar. Because I’m sure you know the Equality Act well enough to know that Rosie Duffield’s beliefs are not only fully in line with the Act, but also afforded protection by it.

As a female Labour Party member I find Rosie Duffield’s comments revolting. I’m embarrassed to be in the same party as her.

Except when questioned, Rosie Duffield changed her claim that she’d received “threats” to a more generalised and non-specific statement that “levels of vitriol are pretty horrible” This is pure #DARVO spin and a favourite tactic of ‘cry bullies’ everywhere! 😣

Rosie Duffield Photo,Rosie Duffield Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

I didn’t think that when Rosie Duffield, teaching assistant, unexpectedly won Canterbury for Labour a little over four years ago, she expected to become the voice of transphobia or biphobia for the Labour Party, nor have lost two members of staff because of her bigotry

More accurate to say she wants to talk about protection for women, but @Keir_Starmer has avoided the issue for far too long. BBC News - MP Rosie Duffield wants meeting with Sir Keir Starmer over transgender debate

What about the non-public trans people who have to think about security even more now that trans-hostile sentiment has been whipped up by the likes of Rosie Duffield??? They don’t get a front page in The Sunday Times, or interviewed by the BBC! 😣

Rosie Duffield is using the public’s misunderstanding of how online spaces work to push her anti-trans agenda

Rosie Duffield 7:49. I think it’s about time we started to monitor how emotional blackmail is used on women on this issue. #r4today. Do men get the same “do you realise how hurtful liking this tweet could be” treatment? Does it happen on other topics?

If all trans people with over 10k followers would respond to twitter harassment the same as Rosie Duffield none would ever leave their house again

Why is The Sunday Times deliberately dog whistling by saying Rosie Duffield is being threatened by ‘militant transgender activists’ when she later says the (wholly unacceptable) threats primarily come from straight white men? It’s exposed it’s own agenda and discredited itself

What a disgrace that chair of the women’s parliamentary Labour Party Rosie Duffield can’t attend Labour conference because of threats to her safety. Left misogyny in action. I’m surprised not to see more male Labour MPs speaking out in solidarity.

I condemn whatever the threats are being made against Rosie Duffield. I also condemn her transphobia. She has not only said women have a cervix and to minimise it to that is disingenuous.

Keir Starmer must respect women or lose them: my @thetimes column on his cowardice over Rosie Duffield & the most poisoned chalice in politics.

Another great article by the fearlessly honest ⁦@DebbieHayton⁩: “Four thousand miles away in Kabul, women are being forced to stay home by a misogynist regime that has seized power in Afghanistan.”/1of2

In that case Rosie Duffield should have the whip removed, rather than merely being urged to reflect

Seen at least three Labour MPs forcefully condemning Kemi Badenoch’s comments today and expressing ‘solidarity’ with the LGBTQ+ community. To date, I have not seen a single Labour MP offering any criticism of Rosie Duffield or other anti-LGBTQ+ bigots in their own party.

@zarahsultana @KemiBadenoch Strong words indeed, and quite right. Could you please point me to your tweet in which you condemn Rosie Duffield in similarly unequivocal terms?

Solidarity with my trans brothers and sisters today and always. The Labour Party is absolutely committed to advancing trans rights and updating the GRA to introduce self-declaration for trans people and upholding the Equality Act. Your fight is our fight.

I have enormous respect for my courageous colleague Rosie Duffield who has done so much to raise the issue of violence against women & girls.

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