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southgate est de loin le pire sélectionneur de l’histoire des three lions meme le très nul roy hodgson n’était pas si limité que ça.

Steven Gerrard purposefully missed a penalty to get Roy Hodgson sacked.

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Southgate is just like a young Roy Hodgson, it’s getting worse to watch as time goes on..

@united_sam05 This is the worst run England have been on since the days of Roy Hodgson..

Hahaahahaaaaaa, worst run since……..Roy Hodgson 🤣😂 2 points from 5 games! Relegated! #England.

More insipid football watching a team less than the sum of its parts and then to top it all off Channel 4 mention Roy Hodgson. Fucking hard work supporting England and #watfordfc.

Oh dear. Gareth Southgate is now officially worse than Roy Hodgson. 8 hours plus without a goal in open play. Guess when it all went wrong. At least we will wear pretty armbands at the world cup. #itavseng.

Nice to see Roy Hodgson on holiday with Gazza in Mallorca. No idea what that has to do with Plymouth Argyle Free Chat mind you #pafc.

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I don’t know what’s happened to Gareth Southgate in the last 13 months but it’s very very concerning. It feels like his early days again where he was basically Roy Hodgson.

@NUFC_Index The build up to this tournament stinks of Roy Hodgson before the euros in France. No attacking football, can’t score in a brothel, bereft of confidence. He needs to go before the World Cup or we’re going out with a whimper.

@FootyAccums The manager but knowing how the FA works they would prob bring in roy Hodgson as a replacement. Maddison has to come into the team.

@Sporf Sack Southgate and replace him with who? Roy Hodgson and get Harry Kane back on corners?.

God watching England is so bloody boring! And that will never change while Southgate is in charge he’s a young Roy Hodgson.

Southgate putting Reece James on freekicks is worse than Roy Hodgson whacking Harry Kane on all the corners at the Euros hahahaha.

Reece James taking the free kick on the edge of the box has vibes of Kane taking the corners under Roy Hodgson..

Sven goran eriksson, mcclaren, capello, Roy hodgson, Southgate. All of them have played players in the wrong position. This is nothing new we’ve been seeing this since years maybe the manager isn’t the problem surely everyone u hire can’t keep making the same mistakes.

@Raheem7ii @borgixprxdeli If admitting Pep is a better coach than Rafa Benitez and Roy Hodgson counts as “prop” then sure..

@alanshearer The most boring football ever, bring back roy hodgson! Such a waste of a talented squad,.

@StanCollymore Roy hodgson says all over it seems Southgate simply doesn’t know his best 11 pretty much can say Pickford rice kane are 100% starters in 56 days the rest nobody knows , playing players even out of position saka a side he’s never played ever and James a right back playing RW 🤦‍♂️.


Southgate is not a good enough manager but I’d be very grateful for what he’s done to England recently , we went from being completely dismantled by Roy Hodgson by Iceland to World Cup semi finalists and euro runners up.

@England Sack that fraud. Idc about 2 easy runs at the World Cup and Euros, he’s as bad as Roy Hodgson and Steve McClaren.

Worst form since Roy Hodgson? Southgate = Hodgson.

@Sporf He’s a younger version of Roy Hodgson .. lower prem league /championship manager at best who sets teams up to avoid defeat rather than go for the win ...

This England team are no better than the one that Roy Hodgson put out in 2014 and 2014. England will go out of the World Cup before the quarters. Absolute shite. No plan A let alone a plan B. #SouthgateOut.

Said it 4 years ago Gareth Southgate will waste a generation of talent. Might as well bring Roy Hodgson out of retirement as November will awful!! FACT #SouthgateOut.

@padmondjung @GhanaBlackstars Looks like Viera, Otto Addo, Roy Hodgson and all the other coaches who play him have no clue about football..

Not an FSG fan boy but ruined is a bit far fetched. Roy Hodgson used to coach our club man.

3rd: Fulham 2008/9 (73 goals) Roy Hodgson led Fulham to a 7th place finish with a pragmatic style. Fulham had a reasonable home record but parked the bus away from home - only 19 goals scored or conceded in 19 away matches..

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If Mourinho has set a trend of football managers appearing in more music videos then I’m all for it. Sean Dyche with Harry Styles, Pep with Ed Sheeran, Klopp with Nicki Minaj and Roy Hodgson with Metallica. The possibilities are endless!.

@MoSaleh_07 @Football__Tweet Most of these players they only played together for like 2 or 3 seasons, also look at the managers they had 💀 roy Hodgson and Brendan Rodgers compared to guardiolo.

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