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🚨BREAKING: CWU can reveal that Royal Mail managers will receive up to 20% of their salaries as a bonus payment for introducing unagreed changes and forcing through redundancies. From a company claiming to have no money. Sickening. Be ready for the strikes. #StandByYourPost.

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The Hatred towards underpaid NHS & Royal Mail Staff, but not the bosses forcing them into Honestly, this country has a sickness..


We have today met with Royal Mail Group. CEO Simon Thompson did not even attend the meeting. The strikes tomorrow and Friday go ahead. Join us tonight at 7:30pm for the most important live event in the unions history. #StandByYourPost.


Royal Mail have shared a code where staff can vote on their ‘deal’ BUT its open for ANYONE to vote. Management, public, families. Shambles Here’s the code. What a damn shame it would be if this went viral and thousands of people voted no They are embarrassing #StandByYourPost.

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‘Life is about choices, I choose to fight.’ A powerful message from a postie - to colleagues, members of the public, and Royal Mail managers. #StandByYourPost.


We are hearing that Royal Mail Group managers will be stepping up picket line intimidation today. Don’t rise to it. Be strong but be sensible. We are better than them. #StandByYourPost.

After handing shareholders £400 million in profits last year, Royal Mail is threatening to turn our 400-year-old service into a gig-economy courier. Our posties deliver a vital public service. It should be run for people, not profiteers #StandByYourPost.

anyways I’ve come to this shift but the store is shut so I’m just watching the Royal Mail strike across the road 🧍🏽‍♀️.

It should not be forgotten that the government sold Royal Mail on the cheap. #BBCBreakfast.

Sky News
Sky News

Picket lines will be mounted outside universities, colleges and Royal Mail centres in one of the biggest walkouts on the same day.

It was a privilege to talk to striking Royal Mail workers at my local delivery office early this morning. They’ve been shafted by this Government and deserve so much better. So many of us stand with you, @CWUNews! Solidarity — today, tomorrow and forever. ✊ #StandByYourPost.

UK: Thousands of teachers, lecturers and Royal Mail workers on strike-Yahoo.

Love how people come on here and say sack the royal mail workers who are striking when they only hear a little of what has been offered they dont know the full story.

@mattcurtis8 I had to look twice yesterday, but leaving Royal Mail suits you sir! I didn’t know you were Spanish either! El Matteo Curtiso 😜 Nice goal though mate!! 😂.

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Please remember that things take longer to be delivered at this time of year. If I sent out replamcents every time royal mail took their time delivering something, I would be bankrupt. Two weeks is not an unreasonable wait to make sure something is really lost..

@andrewellson Financially. Striking is the only option left open to me because the CEO of Royal Mail, Simon Thompson is steadfastly ignoring the CWU and manoeuvring around any initiatives offered to resolve this crisis. Sorry I forgot to say, I’m a consumer and also a Postal Worker.

Great performance by Dave Ward, GS of CWU, explaining the cause of, and justification for, the postal workers’ strike, on BBC Breakfast just now. It’s clear that Royal Mail management, supported by the hapless government, have created the whole mess..

🅱️REAKING; Strikes news – live: Royal Mail and education workers stage walkouts as Army urged to help NHS: Health service also faces winter of discontent as ambulance workers and nurses back industrial action VIA @Independent.

Please allow for Royal Mail strike action when ordering from our shop. Items may be 2-3 days later than normal. Shop link in bio. Thanks..

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🅱️REAKING; Rishi Sunak news - live: PM to face Starmer at PMQs as Royal Mail strikes: Public services face winter of discontent as workers across many industries back industrial action VIA @Independent.

If you don’t believe this talk to your posties they will tell you what’s going on , Royal Mail hang your heads in shame 😡.

@tibbo133no @RishiSunak Rishi, Royal Mail strikes are about terms and conditions….it’s another P&O disaster in the making….. and being sold out to Russian backed investors.

@Julian_Aubrey88 And that’s only if UK customs to get it and possible Royal Mail “handling” charges don’t get added..


@SkyNews This man is a joke. The strikes are mainly about him wanting to get rid of Royal Mail staff, and replacing them with lower paid jobs. He wants to do what P&O ferries done to their workers. The man is a joke.

Only me pays nearly a tenner for next day delivery for my parcel to be with Royal Mail who are on strike for 2 days 🙃.

@SkyNews Not only are the unions not trying to destroy Christmas, they are fighting to stop the head of Royal Mail selling off the service to another asset striping company who will ACTUALLY destroy it, leaving us all with a pretty non existent mail service. #SupportOurPosties.

Strikes by Royal Mail workers, lecturers and teachers being solidly supported.

Shadow business secretary demands inquiry into Royal Mail bosses for wrecking company.

@CWUnews My mail was delivered by a subbie 8am as opposed to buh bye Royal Mail.

@BladeoftheS As an ex postie i have share in royal mail they are now getting sold as the company no longer represent any values i have whatsoever. perhaps a few more of us should do the same..

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