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A call to arms from the #RSPB. The government wants to revoke 570 laws that protect English nature. A million members - the largest environmental pressure group in the world - are being mobilised. That’s a lot of angry voters. Please read this thread..

They are rapacious & destructive & care for nothing. (The government, not the RSPB!).

Starlings, Golden Plovers and Lapwings at sunset. 😍 Taken in 2017 at RSPB Greylake in Somerset. 😊🐦.

RSPB Photo,RSPB Photo by Carl Bovis,Carl Bovis on twitter tweets RSPB Photo

Imagine making The RSPB this pissed off at you. Surely this should be seen as a line in the sand @Conservatives. You’re drunk on your own power without any friends telling you to stop.

This government is so achingly bad, the *squints* RSPB are heading to the barricades.

Never seen anything like this from the usually mild-mannered RSPB. Gloves are off it seems. Wow..

Which viruses in animal reservoirs are at risk of emerging in human populations? Key parameters include: average lifespan of host, rate of viral mutation, and the virus causes persistent infections and/or a transient immune response in the reservoir host 👉.

RSPB Photo,RSPB Photo by Michelle Wille,Michelle Wille on twitter tweets RSPB Photo

@DehennaDavison @yorkshirepost It’s vandalism in some of the areas of natural beauty. WWF and RSPB are up in arms and you’re removing the (previously) EU laws protecting them. Unmandated vandalism..

National Trust: Government going in ‘opposite direction’ to protecting nature.

What modulates the susceptibility of birds to avian influenza infection? Heavy metals, like mercury, play play a key role and explain why we see prevalence differences in closely related species. 👉.

RSPB Photo,RSPB Photo by Michelle Wille,Michelle Wille on twitter tweets RSPB Photo

The RSPB have a lot to say @bbcnickrobinson. #r4today @BBCr4today.

*slams door, runs into room panting* “Do the RSPB have a militant wing?”.

Here’s hoping that King Charles raises this in his weekly meeting with Liz Truss. Good to see major organisations like the RSPB and the National Trust coming out heavily against this dumb decision..

3/3 - tonights sunset finale as photographed from the garden. ⁦@RSPB_Wokingham⁩.

RSPB Photo,RSPB Photo by David Turner,David Turner on twitter tweets RSPB Photo

Love the idea of the RSPB deciding it must act. Feels very Tolkienesque..

If the National Trust, RSPB & Wildlife Trusts all mobilise their members against this reckless government’s ecocidal actions - we can boot them out before Christmas (or at least win some major policy u-turns). ✊.

First the RSPB, now the National Trust is getting ready to RIOT. 🔥🔥🔥.

This is Rio Marley our Long Eared Owl. These owls are the least known of the British Species being nocturnal and secretive. Per the RSPB there are 1,800 - 6,000 pairs breeding annually in the UK. Come and visit us on 1st October to learn more about British Wildlife. #owls.

RSPB Photo,RSPB Photo by Screech Owl Sanctuary & Animal Park,Screech Owl Sanctuary & Animal Park on twitter tweets RSPB Photo

@H02222_ I’ve seen the Times article just retweeted it half an hour ago - racketeering! I saw the #RSPB campaign yesterday and will take a closer look today. Thank you 😃 Happy Sunday to you! #ToriesOut80.

In the end, it will be the RSPB who lead the revolution. I am fully prepared to throw myself in front of a gannet..

Nick Robinson desperately trying to engineer a conflict between farmers and the RSPB that doesn’t exist on #R4Today was a bit comical. Can imagine him yelling at a producer now for hanging him out to dry.

It’s always troubling when a revolutionary, anti-establishment organisation like (checks notes) the RSPB talks in such stark terms.

Wow. This is strong stuff. @BCfmRadio thé RSPB is accusing the government of launching an attack on nature..

Please read this thread if you value wildlife & the countryside. RSPB are not known for being overly militant or over reacting in my experience so I take note at their concern. You all know how I love the natural world where I live & beyond, & this is not good news..

Tell that to the @RSPB which is raising concerns about the terrifying impact deregulation will likely have on our wildlife. Environmental vandalism, basically 🤷.

Read this thread by RSPB. Yesterday’s budget will rip up nature protections in England and flog off the fragments to developers. #justwhatBrexitwasalwaysabout.

Ok I did not have the RSPB starts a revolution for 2022. But I’ll take it.

Nothing is sacred to these Tories. Urban or rural, human or animal, adult or child. They are the wrecking machine. Is RSPB England going to join the #EnoughIsEnough campaign?.

Taith gerdded i siaradwyr Cymraeg newydd wedi’i drefnu ar y cyd gyda Menter Iaith Môn ac Afonydd Menai. Dydd Llun y 26ain o Fedi am 3yp, safle RSPB Cors Ddyga. Cofrestrwch yma: @MonIaith @afonydd.

RSPB Photo,RSPB Photo by Menter Môn,Menter Môn on twitter tweets RSPB Photo

You can’t exactly regard the RSPB as radical lefties, now, can you?.

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