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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 18 Apr 2018, 00:07 AM IST

Ruth Smeeth Top Tweets On Twitter

  • Ruth Smeeth silences the House simply by reading out the abuse she’s received from self-identifying Corbyn supporters..

  • Ruth Smeeth, who’s spent her life fighting Nazis, currently detailing the anti-Semitic attacks upon from her people within her own party..

  • To hear Luciana Berger,Ruth Smeeth&other Jewish Labour MPs say what anti semitic abuse they have had was heartfelt&very distressing,even worse that its from some on the left!Too many of these antisemitic morons have been allowed to fester in Lab @jeremycorbyn must get rid of them.

  • @Fixed_that_4_U @g_m_hodgson @emmacpicken @jeremycorbyn @Femi_Sorry Are you also saying he stood and applauded Ruth Smeeth?.

  • Just awful. What has our country become? Well done Ruth Smeeth for standing up in the House and being able to tell us about the abuse she has suffered..

  • Ruth Smeeth is a huge credit to Labour. The fact that some Labour members seek to downplay the horrific antisemitic abuse she has received is disgraceful..

  • @Sam34948787 @the_J_Hi @jeremycorbyn Sam, it is no secret that Luciana Berger, John Mann and Ruth Smeeth are Labour friends of Israel. LfoI has a problem with Corbyn. So much that they have used #antisemitism, a serious issue, as a weapon to exploit in order to smear a Labour leader who stands for human rights..

  • Ruth Smeeth MP reads out a selection of the antisemitic death threats she’s received in parliament and Twitter is littered with responses like this.