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I remember back in March commentators saying reason Johnson was carting Chris Whitty around with him to all the press calls was so he could take the fall when things inevitably went wrong. Sure enough, with depressing inevitability, today #SackWhitty is trending 🙄

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Romy Cerratti
Romy Cerratti ()

@SunetraGupta for CMO!! She’s the only one who understands that the deaths from non Covid reasons due to Covid restrictions will far outweigh Covid deaths! Get rid of the dire Whitty and Hancock! #bbcqt #SackWhitty

The New European
The New European ()

James O’Brien claims ‘conspiracy theorists and fore-lock tuggers’ are behind #SackWhitty hashtag

WheelyBadger ()

The state of discourse in this country. #SackWhitty for example. Pointing out his idea of a 2 week lockdown will lead to a much longer one, remember the first one was supposed to be only 3wks & his salary gets paid regardless, makes you a right wing extremist? Fucking wet libs

Kâkebuke 🤘
Kâkebuke 🤘 ()

It’s called having a narrow perspective (that covid19 is the ONLY thing which matters). You are the one going to win the Darwin award #SackWhitty #SackWitty

Cazi B
Cazi B ()

#SackWhitty he just admitted that they are just making up cases and all those defending him are ok with that. Wow talk about stockholm syndrome.

John EFC
John EFC ()

@jadenozzz Everyone needs to contact there local MP, make them accountable #sackwhitty

Paddington #KeepBritainFree
Paddington #KeepBritainFree ()

@courtsfineline @RealDeniseWelch yes you can. Stress and anxiety increase the risk of cancer and CVD and suicide. Poverty also increases them as does lack of access to healthcare. So YES you are consciously promoting healthcare policies leading to the spread of non communicable diseases. #SackWhitty

Lord Of Wobbling
Lord Of Wobbling ()

#SackWhitty is trending because you fuckwits are posting about how awful #SackWhitty is over and over.

John EFC
John EFC ()

@TheKanehB @Kekkadivvy Year 9, age 13 to 14 the exact age they want to jab your kid with HPV, how convenient #sackwhitty

The Ginger Paladin 🗣
The Ginger Paladin 🗣 ()

I wondered where the right wing blame-bottle was gonna come to a stop. #SackWhitty The man’s an advisor, that is all. The PM decides what to do (or not) Ever noticed that they never blame the Government for anything?

Centrefuter ()

#SackWhitty #SackHancock ABANDON! the false Ferguson model STOP! Destroying the economy, no economy = no NHS STOP! Exploiting inevitable increase in cases from increase in testing STOP! Infringing our freedoms with draconian authoritarianism built on RUBBISH data analytics

What fresh hell
What fresh hell ()

I see Conservative central office have today desperately seeded a #SackWhitty trend line. We may be watching the first signs of this government imploding @mrjamesob

Northern Left Voices
Northern Left Voices ()

Might be wrong. But #SackWhitty feels like the most #77thBrigade thing in a while to me? Warming up for the big show?

John Gill
John Gill ()

As #SackWhitty trends, a correction goes largely Twitter in a nutshell.

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Claire Norman 🇪🇺🌹
Claire Norman 🇪🇺🌹 ()

Having been horrified at the #SackWhitty trending on Twitter I was relieved to find most people defending the man and outing the nutty conspiracy theorists as complete covidiots!!! The real hashtag should be #sackboris

Angela Drury
Angela Drury ()

#SackWhitty You kidding me!! The buck stops with the government, end of. For once this government needs to be held to account for their

Ian ()

# was only a matter of time before the pricks in power tried to deflect attention from their absolute shit show.

angie brooks
Angie brooks ()

Yes #SackWhitty needs to be trending. Perfect replacement would be Carl Heneghan.

Kate ()

I guarantee that all the idiots tweeting #SackWhitty and meaning it are the same idiots who are wholly responsible for the rise in cases. Listen to the science - if you don’t want to wear a mask forever, #wearafuckingmask now.

Smiling Herbert
Smiling Herbert ()

And there it is: #SackWhitty — Dominic “Eye test” Cummings & Boris “Integrity” Johnson’s reason for saying, ‘We are following the science,’ when they had already failed.

Be.free ()

According to James O Brien we only want to #SackWhitty to deflect from @BorisJohnson who we all love for his #brezzt promises! Wrong again James! Boris, Hancock and most of the cabinet should be sacked too.

Chris ()

Worried that I’ve shaved off my beard and now #SackWhitty is It will grow back!!

Natasha Devon 🌈
Natasha Devon 🌈 ()

I remember back in March commentators saying reason Johnson was carting Chris Whitty around with him to all the press calls was so he could take the fall when things inevitably went wrong. Sure enough, with depressing inevitability, today #SackWhitty is trending 🙄

per-fumus #KBF
Per-fumus #KBF ()

Is that the Chris Whitty that is the bill Hates foot soldier perchance🧐think he needs to be stepped and forced to do another govt tv statement and sacked #SackWhitty


Are we right to have #SackWhitty trending? I think he’s the only one to have a reputation left after this mess is over with. It’s not his fault the government don’t listen to him

Matthew Shirazi
Matthew Shirazi ()

Chanting #SackWhitty is exactly the diversion distraction his overlords want. Guaranteed there are blue bots hammering away to deflect some heat from the bosses.

You Lazy ⭕️
You Lazy ⭕️ ()

#SackWhitty What about sack Johnson and the whole f••king Tory government for perusing herd immunity rightard tossers ...

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Ian ()

I wonder if someone in a very senior government position was behind the #SackWhitty hashtag ?

Jannermaid 👑🥂🇬🇧
Jannermaid 👑🥂🇬🇧 ()

@NeilClark66 I still think that they should #SackWhitty and #SackHancock while they are at it

Unlit Uplands
Unlit Uplands ()

That #SackWhitty is trending proves the tradition of shooting the messenger alive and well. Which many people soon won’t be if we don’t take scientific advice seriously.

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