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Scottish Parliament thinks it’s removed the Salmond submission. But it just removed the link. The evidence is still there. And can be read.

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Politics For All
Politics For All ()

BREAKING: SNP MP Angus MacNeil has said that the Scottish Prosecution service “looks crooked” following their censoring of Alex Salmond’s evidence which accuses Nicola Sturgeon of breaking the ministerial code

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Fatzdomingo ()

@BuckieDim Why are all of the Crown Agents and Civil Servants making sure, as best they can, that Alex Salmond’s Evidence never sees the light of day? Who are they Sworn to serve, because it isn’t Scotland? Whom does their interference protect? Answer those questions if you can.

David ()

Nicola Sturgeon is about to bow out of politics embroiled in a scandal over Alex Salmond while imposing endless curbs on freedoms for over a year. They fucked this up from the get go, why should we be punished for that a year on? SNP will never get my vote again.

Gavin Barrie 🏳️‍🌈🐕🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👬🎮
Gavin Barrie 🏳️‍🌈🐕🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👬🎮 ()

So from Alex Salmond’s evidence, it turns out HE was instrumental in protecting the identity of the Women who were his accusers. So can we stop all this noise that he’s trying to ‘out’ then and cause harm please? It’s just not true.

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Andrew Neil
Andrew Neil ()

Scottish Parliament thinks it’s removed the Salmond submission. But it just removed the link. The evidence is still there. And can be read.

Peter A Smith
Peter A Smith ()

Further update: Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body will now remove Alex Salmond submission, and resubmit it with new redactions. This comes after the concerns raised by Scotland’s Crown Office regarding identification of the women who made allegations. @itvnews

Eli... Brexit forever
Eli... Brexit forever ()


Frenchgranny ()

@conor_matchett Then Salmond needs to say adios to the inquiry and go for a press conference. Cut them out of the equation altogether. This is corrupt and I am ashamed, so ashamed.

💙ShadyShe55a❤️ ()

As much as I don’t like Salmond I hope he has evidence to back up his claims and destroy this wee witch! Rancid party from top to bottom! #ResignSturgeon #snpout

Bruce Lawson
Bruce Lawson ()

3. A more cynical person than me might think this was a particularly tawdry attempt by the Nicola Sturgeon run SNP to try and deflect attention away from her and the evidence against her that Alex Salmond has provided. I’m sure there’s a totally innocent explanation however.

oor bonnie blue flag #FBPE #FBSI
Oor bonnie blue flag #FBPE #FBSI ()

@msm_monitor This is absolute and utter bullshit and I am usually very much behind a lot of your posts. You are the one doing real damage by posting absolute nonsense like this. Alex Salmond has done more for Scotland and indy than you, or I, will ever do! Got it? Hope so!

Paul McLafferty
Paul McLafferty ()

Salmond to appear on Wednesday - Sturgeon seems riled. Most surprising of all is that the BBC are reporting it!

Tommy Girder Brawley
Tommy Girder Brawley ()

@msm_monitor ffs Salmond offered his resignation on live news when he was first minister if it meant independence that day ! thats how much he wanted it ! something Sturgeon would never do 🙄

Ted Ogden
Ted Ogden ()

She help to orchestrate the demise of Salmond to get in power,she will have to be drag by both feet to remove her from Holyrood. She is a very devious and dangerous women with a diseased mind against the English through her childhood upbringing. Not a stable person.

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Owl Piper
Owl Piper ()

@jamesmatthewsky @SkyNews what a ridiculous response from the SNP - they are seriously deluded if they think Salmond is ‘lashing out’ it is all very measured and detailed - it’s horrific the corruption that goes to the very core of this govt. I hope justice is duly served on them! This from Alex 👇

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Andrew Mcguiness
Andrew Mcguiness ()

I have no direct interest in the politics of Scotland, attempting to convict and imprison Alex Salmond on false pretences is indicative of the slide in Western democracies towards erasing the separation between legislative, judicial and executive powers.

Steve Reid
Steve Reid ()

Great stuff. Sturgeon dictatorship Top Scots civil servant Leslie Evans faces sack over role in Alex Salmond probe

Yes 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Yes 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ()

@sceptical_scot @ProfJMitchell I dont think we have seen the last of Alex Salmond; it is unwise to write him off so soon. He is a Scottish icon with his high-profile place in Scottish history secured - one of the most famous Scots to ever live.

J. R. Tomlin
J. R. Tomlin ()

@PaulaCoyscot What I want to know If I am not supposed to assume that Salmond is innocent until proven guilty, does that mean that I must think Ms. Sturgeon who has NOT been proven guilty of anything is guilty because she is accused of something? is that what you are saying?

JOE RICH #StayAlert
JOE RICH #StayAlert ()

@afneil Did the people within the SNP’s hierarchy who have allegedly plotted to destroy Alex Salmond, once upon a time, think all this was a great wheeze? I bet that not one of them does now.

Kim Jong Dong
Kim Jong Dong ()

@HFT3102000 Announcement that he is now Alexa Salmond, she is 6 months pregnant with a child she fertilised herself, Mhairi Black is the surrogate father, Joanna Cherry bursts in and suplexes them both and gets jailed live on BBC Parliament.

Edward R. Rooney
Edward R. Rooney ()

@AgentP22 @Actinomorphic13 Looking forward to the Salmond and Sturgeon show this week

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Timmy H
Timmy H ()

Just catching that thing about the snp and salmond. If he has that evidence the snp are finished and there never be an Indy Scotland.

Nicola ()

@TomKernan @afneil Ffs, Salmond hand reared Sturgeon and Murrell, if anyone knows what they are capable of its Salmond.

Ohforgoodness ()

@afneil Salmond losing the plot and doing a Trumo? Wild conspiracy theory cranking up, everyone is against him. Getting closer to his evidence and scatter gun attack?

Lilibet ()

I don’t know what Alex salmond is so upset about, if he’s got the jail he’d have got a phone and a vote

Oyvay Maria
Oyvay Maria ()

@polybore @afneil Mibbes aye, mibbes ’d have to take the SNP voters temperature on those who thought Salmond was totally committed to Indy and Sturgeon was using her position as FM to give her a leg up the EU ladder

Jd ()

@patrickharvie Is the issue now wether the first minister misled parliament. The courts have found salmond not guilty. This has nothing to do with harassment and everything to do with the first minister being honest

Thomas Ingram
Thomas Ingram ()

Wife just commented that all this Sturgeon / Salmond scandal is like a Soap box set , anyone remember soap ? Anyway she also asks when our prime minister @BorisJohnson will intercede? After all he is our prime minister , some tend to forget that fact eh ?

James Matthews
James Matthews ()

Alex Salmond final submission: “Perhaps the most serious issue of all is the complete breakdown of the necessary barriers which should exist between Government, political party & prosecution authorities in any country which abides by the rule of law @SkyNews

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