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I have great news! Republican voter registration is on the rise in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Luzerne voted 58% for @realDonaldTrump in 2016. This one county, alone, could push Trump to victory in 2020. #SaturdayMorning

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Love Story ()

#SaturdayMorning and it’s 2/22/2020! Perfect day to tie the knot 💍 we have limited availability so book now!

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A daisy does not pretend to be a rose. She simply blooms. 🌼 (You are beautiful just the way you are.) #SaturdayMorning

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Carolyn B. Maloney ()

SNOPES AGREES: @realDonaldTrump created million fewer jobs in his first 3 years than Obama did in his last 3 years. #ThanksObama #SaturdayMorning

Andrea Freeman ()

[email protected] gives me hope for the #Resistance #SaturdayMorning

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Aaron David Yeoman ()

Great Horned Owl The Tiger of the Sky #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayVibes 🦉😊🍂🌿

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Spiritual Book Club ()

#SaturdayMorning What feels #abundant for you today? What feels like more than enough?

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Tomthunkit™ ()

This good boy is a service dog for his blind little buddy. Dogs, 💪🐶😍😇❤️💪 via RexChapman 01 #SaturdayMorning

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I have great news! Republican voter registration is on the rise in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Luzerne voted 58% for @realDonaldTrump in 2016. This one county, alone, could push Trump to victory in 2020. #SaturdayMorning

Cynthia Chambers ()

When you justify your conduct, you lose your ability to change it - Mike Murdock. #Wisdom #SaturdayMorning

Nuchas ()

With croissants and coffee, breakfast may just become your favorite time of day! #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayMood 🥐❤️☕️

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McNielGaming ()

Playing GTA 5 storymode and trying to get the 100% completion trophies. 50% done with knife flights and 100% done on the under the bridge challenges. #SaturdayMorning

Kevin Avery ()

This shy girl wants to say good morning! #SaturdayMorning #AdoptDontShop

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Rosanne Rust, MS, RDN ()

Day 1/7 My life in pictures, no words, no people. I was nominated by @EWardRD #SaturdayMorning

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Kim Berly ()

Morning lovelies 😍, have a great day ahead 💖💕 #SaturdayMorning

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Andy Mascola ()

Just saw a squirrel running up a tree with an unused napkin. What the hell, bro? #SaturdayMorning

Robert Park | Riobeárd Uá Pháirc ()

Crikey! @tunnocksuk tea cakes - big box for £1 in Asda #larne. Like it’s a high altar to bow down! #SaturdayMorning

Johnathan Cranford ()

The fastest/easiest cut I ever did was keto mixed with a little IM. This stuff works, but only if you have your sugar addiction under control. Find out how: #SaturdayMotivation #SaturdayMorning

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Steve Baxi ()

Catching up on the latest memes every morning like #SaturdayMorning

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Peter Hyatt ()

US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson lectured Roger Stone politically for 30 minutes about how the investigation, trial & outcome weren’t political. #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayMood Corrupt judges corrupt justice.

Gadfly ()

@DawnCampion2 I had scorned red also, but there’s no need for such severe consequences. Proudly wear red and display the Maple Leaf of our nation sister to the north. We all love Canada. ❤️❤️❤️ #Canada #SaturdayMorning

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Mike McCombs ()

1. Wake up 2. Make some sausage, eggs, & hash browns for breakfast 3. Eat 4. Shower 5. Stretch 6. Get dressed 7. Head to @topgolfindy and break some all-time high 😉💪🏆🏌️‍♂️⛳️ #SaturdayMorning

Move Forward ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ()

Bernie was BRIEFED They NEVER BRIEFED Candidate Trump instead they sent CHS wearing wires - opened up investigation - committed Fraud on the FISC with what they knew was FAKE information / altered evidence / withheld exculpatory evidence 2 illegally spy on Trump #SaturdayMorning

The Musical Theorist (YouTube) ()

New video! #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayThoughts Alan Walker - Faded (Minecraft Noteblock Cover)

PubKoinonia ()

“I’m learning that all the things I have planned, the things I want to do, and even the things I am called to do, are best left in the hands of the One who can do them all.” — @MorganGal1982 #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayThoughts

✨Bridgette J✨ ()

Sometimes you have to forget what you want and remember what you deserve. #SaturdayMorning

Crystal Glass Canada ()

#SaturdayMorning⏰ Be humble. Be hungry. And always be the hardest worker in the room. 🔺#CrystalGlass for all your glass needs.📲310-Glass 🔺

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#SaturdayMorning Playlist 🎶 Music: Niga Rich - No Time Ft Kelvino x Warrieson via @southjamz

♓EⓂ️L🅰️✝️🅰️ B♓🅰️💲K🅰️➰ ()

#GodMorningSaturday जब तक सच्चा गुरु न मिले, तब तक गुरु बदलते रहना चाहिए। झूठे गुरु को तुरन्त त्याग देना। सतगुरु बिना मोक्ष असंभव है। #SaturdayMorning Please must watch Ishwar TV 8:30pm.

Peace&Love🌍🕊💚🌳🌲🕯️ ()

Every #saturdaymorning Check out Peace in the Park - Outside in nature, Shinrin Yoku ( forest bathing)and inner peace meditations on Eventbrite! Date: Sat, 22 Feb, 09:30 Location: Coombe Wood Gardens

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Abhi Zinda Hoon To Jee Lene Do Jee Lene Do Bhari Barsaat Mein Pi Lene Do !! #SaturdayMorning

☚ #FleshAndBlood David Hayes ☛
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