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Updated: September 19th, 2021 06:42 AM IST

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Hello Media. People who break into schools to try to stop vaccine clinics are not protesters. Find another word. There are plenty.

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@BenRoss_AKL L3 is going to need excellent compliance. Masks in schools woulds be a good addition.

Student Mental Wellness has taken a backseat within the school system and politics for too long. Schools need the proper funding to address this very important crisis. Make sure to Vote on Monday!

@Mssarahmssarah @Irishroots115 all doe schools remote by 3rd week of October, it seems

Social programs are those services that are available to all citizens. IE: schools, roads, police and fire protection, Social Security and Medicare. Socialism is an economic philosophy where the workers of the world own the means of production.

@LordChancello13 @GlobalBC Why does that make a difference. That allows them to enter places such as schools. Bet you think what happened in DC on Jan 6th was just a peaceful protest

It was a beautiful but scorching hot day in Joplin MO today. The boys held their own against very good Missouri schools and came away 8th of 19 teams. #PHStigerspeed

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@JamesleyHanley @_evelynrae - vaccine passports. You mean vaccine records? You already fucking have those for fucking fuck sakes. Holy fuck. You needed those to get into schools loooong before now. - unable to attend church. Literally the most unimportant reason of all. (cont)

@DonaldJTrumpJr Stop it. Only a handful of law schools are actually teaching CRT. You racist twat, you.

@NetflixIsAJoke @ChiPartyAunt I believe this qualifies the show to be considered “educational programming” put it in The schools!

Ranking the most diverse business schools in the Where does your program compare?

I saw another one showing how this schools bathroom got fucking ravaged dude the whole sink row and some urinals were gone

@HA_GaryHickey When all this is over there will be a reckoning. Schools have been negligent and in breach of health and safety law. Sadly the DfE have passed the responsibility to heads who will bear the brunt of legal action. The lawyers are going to be very busy soon!

@DeborahGatrell1 What would this do? Mandate masks for schools? Provide more testing?

मागील १८ महिन्यांपासून ७७ दशलक्ष मुलांना शाळेत जाता आले नाही, युनिसेफची नवीन माहिती -

در زمان رژیم صهیونیستی و جهالت طالبان یا داعش، طبقه اناث از مدارس و مکاتب افغانستان محروم شدند. At the time of the Zionist regime and the ignorance of the Taliban or ISIL, the female class was deprived of Afghanistan schools.

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@Daminals76 @RedditCFB Hell, I never said that. I’m from Pittsburgh and gave a degree from both schools, I love the animosity. It’s way fun.

Very sad :( Afghanistan: Girls excluded as Afghan secondary schools reopen - BBC News

Activists have targeted 44 public schools, accusing them of having “racist” names and demanding that they be changed. However, after hearing the demands, the school board made a surprising decision. The San Francisco School Board made a stunning announcement after voting to…

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@shirleybond @jjhorgan OUTRAGE this storming of hospital, medical zones, entering school grounds and schools is unconscionable and must be stopped now. Institute a exclusion zone around schools, medical (esp vaccination sites) and hospital zones. NOW.

hate that i transferred schools like im taking classes w seniors in hs in dual enrollment when im almost a mf junior ,,, i hate these kids

@Ureshiisekai Im definitely interested!! 🥺🥺 But there’s no korean language schools in my city 🤯 so i wanna get at least a good online course, i will definitely study it in the near future 😃 do you speak korean? I’ve seen you write like 3-4 languages i think right? 😱 You’re amazing!!!!!

@JoycePrideW @emma__jenner1 I agree 100%! Ppls long term behavior patterns and outlook on life are LEARNED early and most influenced when they are between the ages of 6-11. Schools need to FOCUS on teaching kids how to embrace cultural differences and promote fairness. Getting along is not enough.

@Sflecce So happy for your highway. Now how about doing something about the schools? Like spending the money the Feds gave you to upgrade ventilation, etc. instead of hoarding it.

@taimhuynh @thelocalhealth It’s higher now… (as a parent in one of the affected schools 😭)

@POTUS We’ll believe it when we see corporations funding homeless shelters, schools, roads, bridges and environmental clean up instead of joyrides into space and their own vanity, “vaccine” projects.

@lesbiantojos this wasnt of the devious lick trend bc all australian schools r locked down rn but one time a kid stole a whole ass locker

@cringelee basically ppl steal random shit usually from their schools and it gets outta hand a lot like ppl stealing whole toilets

LETS GO BABY #33 Public school in the nation, SUNY supremacy baby, private schools are WACK

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Hello Media. People who break into schools to try to stop vaccine clinics are not protesters. Find another word. There are plenty.

This is the free lunch they are serving in Paterson Public High Schools. The picture on the left is “chicken cheese steak”. We don’t know what’s on the right. Our kids deserve better.

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