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Ladies go 1-2-3 in the 1600 meter run! Natalie Cook State Champion in 4:40- State Meet Record! Samantha Humphries second place. Nicole Humphries third place..

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it’s so interesting how they were so ok with staying in amphibia forever to save amphibia and then were so ok with leaving afterwards like !! they’re willing to stay in their second choice place if it means saving the ones they love.

@BouchonMonsieur @Eurovision Hey can you tell me how Moldova who 1. Also fused modern + folk 2. Also had quirky costumes 3. Also sang in their own language got second place in the public vote? Politics? Or are people maybe fed up with boring pop shit at Eurovision?.

🏆 The Shadow Creek girls, on the strength of two gold medal relays, take second place in the girls standings. They finished the night in style with a victory in the 4x400-meter relay at 3 #UILState.

@LizDoesTheCries think so also there is the fact that the UK gets chosen a lot to host for other countries and with them being second place they will likely be the hosts still next year so even without a win London 2023 is still on board to happening 💃.

CIFSS UPDATE: LB Jordan comes up huge over the second half of the meet with a 60-58 victory over Mater Dei for the Division 2 team title! Their first-ever, they took 3rd place on the final relay to catapult themselves to the title!.

Is anyone else feeling so happy and confused about the getting second place in Eurovision that their brain can’t compute emotion? #Eurovision.

We get a 3-3 draw at BC Place, Cavallini almost gets the winner as his header goes centimetres wide. He worked hard all game and Raposo is showing some promise. Some defensive errors need to be addressed however. What a wild second half after a dull first. #VWFC.

Sam Ryder has created history for the United Kingdom, changing last place to second place. Not only was the song and staging incredible, he is such a genuinely lovely man - and i believe that also helped him do so well. #BeKind #IStandWithUkraine.

also really happy that sam ryder did so well ahh it’s not my type of music really, but the mastery he brought to the stage had to be recognized — not to mention the good sportsmanship — and the jump from last place with zero points to second as the jury winner was LEGENDARY.

@reallybaduse Dude, the way his man titties go back into place in the second punch 🤢.

ICYMI: Florida’s women’s track and field wins the 2022 SEC Outdoor Championship. An improvement from their second place finish in the SEC Indoor Championships earlier this year. @alligatorSports.

Congratulations to England for the first place and to Chanel for the second, more than deserved ❤️🫶🏻 #ESC2022 #eurovision.

we went from 0 points last year to second place this year that’s actually mental #Eurovision.

@Billie_T GB being very Spursy - snatching second place to a country that wasn’t fancied less than a year ago..

Second place! The UK curse is finally broken! Happy happy happy here in the UK. #Eurovision2022 #Eurovision.

Moldova is in the second place for me because I only know the audience ranking 😌 🇺🇦❤️🇲🇩❤️🇺🇦❤️🇲🇩❤️🇺🇦❤️🇲🇩🇺🇦 #Eurovision.

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I’m really happy about the UK getting a second place. Now they know they are on the right path to victory and might bring something deserving of the win as soon as next year. 🤍.

@Socialistexpat @BBCNews I agree !! Second place is the actual winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

@Otto_English This is what you can achieve without the shackles of EU membership! Eurovision second place was definitely one of the Brexit Benefits I voted for and we’ve got JRB and his media free desk to thank 🎉.

@eurovisionbrent praying we (the uk) host, we got second place anyways it makes sense.

Lmfao 12 hours later @Money23Green went on to call ESPN racist. Yes- Walt Disney Sports - The World Wide Leader in Affirmative Action - a place putting the second gentlemen in this video on national television multiple times daily - is racist - according to Dray. Deleting app..

@themercenarysgf 🎮:”nice, welp I’m gonna go to the place, see you later cass!” He noclipped into the floor before returning with nothing but ragid clothes on and a busted up helmet 🎮:”on second thought I’ll come with you.”.

Rochester earns a second place finish in the ESDAA Division II Boys Track & Field Championship Meet with 79 team points. Congratulations! #esdaatf.

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@its_Xopher We’re getting bike lanes and my neighbor is freaking out because they won’t have a place to park their second car. Like…this is a problem you created yourself, you realize that, right? They’ve gone full Malthusian, “there’s too many people here.” Cars break brains..

Congratulations to Sam Ryder for winning the #Eurovision Song contest, and WELL DONE CHANEL for that amazing second place ❤️❤️.

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@sparticus2005 Second place for us is a massive improvement from last place last year!! Go Sam Ryder ❤️ #UK #Eurovision.

I think everyone knew ukraine would win this done 👏 but look at us in second place! Never thought id see uk up there. Absolutely amazing. Well done sam ryder #EUROVISION.

Second place! Absolutely incredible. Well done to #Ukraine and well done @SamRyderMusic 👏 #eurovision.

@ClarkHistoryPol Would be interesting to see the vote breakdown. They could be getting 70% in a country and get 12 pts whilst second place with 10% get 10 pts..

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