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@MacIsBack_93 Controversial perhaps but: - Jonny definite red - Dawson should have had red - Wasn’t a penalty on Semedo - Wasn’t a foul on Traore for last goal Overall I think ref got the decisions right.

Diego Moreira a entrar. A mim parece-me que ainda tem contrato. Está a perder lugar provavelmente por questões extra relvado. Já Luís Semedo, hoje nem no banco. Talvez lesão. Talvez esteja de saída..

🚨NOVA VOTAÇÃO - MÉDIO DIREITO EU SEI que o Di Maria jogava na esquerda, mas vamos ignorar isso até porque depois passou a jogar na direita ao longo da carreira. ▶️Escolham agora entre Salvio ou Di Maria 😉 Até agora: Ederson, Semedo, Luisão, Garay, Siqueira, Matic e Simão..

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We are definitely hiding behind poor officiating. Semedo not a pen for me, Jonny red all day long & Adama play to the whistle & not a foul. Our defending was Dudley & Cradley at best & our finishing is laughable. We need to grow some balls & get on with it!!!.

@Wolfpackwwfc @FA_PGMOL You guys crying about time wasting is hilarious. The amount of time wasting you were doing at Elland starting in the first half was a joke! Semedo went down like he was shot. Embarrassing. Traore should have played to the whistle and Dawson should have been sent off..

cannot understand the reaction of lopetegui and the wolves fans. the semedo penalty shout just isn’t a penalty at all, nowhere near enough contact. dawson arguably should have seen red for his studs up challenge on harrison. jonny’s red was a near career-ender..

@Dwarfio @measlewolf Semedo, Jonny, Podence should all be on the chopping block for me now. Podence seemed our only creative option earlier in the season but now seems to be the one stopping a lot of our attacking threat.

Just watching motd, hows that not a penalty on semedo? 😂😂😂😂 david coote i mean cunt again.

@invextorvic @TalentedFBG 1xbet don chop the 40k wey papa keep for mah acct 😐 Weyre still dey talk say make we rebet.

@zachary_garber From my POV there’s contact with Semedo in the box. “You’ve seen ‘em given”. Jonny defo red. Adama is clearly fouled & enough so to make him lose control of the ball. Incorrect decision to play on but we should’ve played to the whistle. Ref should’ve ruled goal out for foul..

@leeds_lord Controversial perhaps but: - Jonny definite red - Dawson should have had red - Wasn’t a penalty on Semedo - Wasn’t a foul on Traore for last goal Overall I think ref got the decisions right.

@satsomboon Semedo, Jonny, Jimenez & Podence, you can’t hope to win games with these players in the side..

@Nocky1982 Not true, Podence shot with follow up missed by Neto, Kilman cross follow up missed by Semedo, Neves curls one just wide, potential penalty. All in 1st half. Yes have problems & understand frustration at losing, but bigger picture is they’re far better attacking than before WC.

@LeedsInShetland @MrPaulRobinson Did you not see the ref forcing Semedo to run the other way.

@readingwolfWWFC @MacIsBack_93 Adama and Semedo decisions don’t sit right with me, while there’s no doubting they’re soft and should never be deemed as fouls, but when you see decisions like the Grealish one the other week it’s makes you sick that we’re not getting these decisions..

@zachary_garber I called Jonnys red straight away dreadful tackle though for some reason theyve gone unpunished all seasonI thought it was a pen, just, Semedo gets a toe on the ball & is caught We need to grow up as a team at times we’re like a bunch of petulant kids & we lost the plot yesterday.

@MacIsBack_93 @readingwolfWWFC Mate he doesn’t get the ball semedo gets there first. Nicks it away, then catches semedo. I’m not someone who thinks everything goes our way, I wasn’t sure about the Raul one last week, but that’s a pen yesterday 100%.

@JimmyHird5 @WolvesFirst Be careful, the Semedo fan club will come for you with comments like that! 😂.

Whistle at school ffs. Why was a sub even challenging the lino to get a red card, lack of discipline, Jonny, well he just had a shocker, semedo, why did he leave his man at the corner kick to have an un marked nod in from few yards, these are the reasons why a bang average at.

cant wait to see semedo at left back lembikisa right back now.

@jeanpauldl1998 tra kalulu fuori, origi dentro, bennacer fuori, Semedo e Neves faccio fatica a trovare la cosa che mi dà più fastidio.

Bloke sat close to me yesterday was moaning saying that we shouldn’t have sold Willy Boly and that Semedo isn’t good enough… 🤦🏻‍♂️.

@davewwfc1877 Defensively we gifted them the 2nd and 3rd goals, and arguably the first with us slow starting. But we created more then enough to win but showed no composure in front of goal - summed up by Neto and semedo’s awful attempts in the first half.

@NealGardner_ Digne,semedo, junior firpo, Andre gomes, yerry Mina, denis suarez, malcom, braithwaite, coutinho… most of these players can’t even get game time for their clubs, some we don’t even know where they are. Truth is 99% of them weren’t good for barça, griezmann inclusive..

@NathanJudah Stop crying you set of mongs. 4th goal WAS a foul. Semedo WASNT a pen, Dawson SHOULD have had a red. Swings and roundabouts. You should be relegated for the amount of moaning you spout about..

@karl_woodgate @Hadtochangename It was Semedo who lost Ayling it just looked bad on Gomes as he was the closest player.

@wwfcscott We did have some really good chances, Semedo, Neto and that was before half time. After we had more, Raul particularly. But you can’t rely on Jimenez, Neto and Podence to get us anything. Costa and Cunha next time for me with Nunes in a free role..

@NathanJudah When u play semedo and Johnny at this level your going down! Can’t defend ! Crap.

You can clearly see on angle from behind that Firpo kicks Semedo’s foot so much that Semedo’s foot lifts up. The fact people don’t think this is a penalty is genuinely concerning..

@DaysAlbion @FA_PGMOL Dont let shit refs distract from how poor we were ,half of them look lost and shot. Alas, Semedo and Jonny are a combi on a pitch I never wish to witness again.

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