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60’—Sheff Utd 1-2 Blackburn 90+1’—Sheff Utd 3-2 Blackburn Tommy Doyle’s stunner sends Sheffield United into the FA Cup semifinals ☄️ (via @EmiratesFACup).

I’m all for ballsy managers pushing the envelope. This is a world class lack of self awareness. #conte #thfc This team ,your team;loses to Sheff Utd ,wolves,knocked out by average Milan ,average against poor forest and draw against Southampton. That’s nothing to do with you.

JDT changed to a 5-4-1 when they didn’t look like they were going to concede. Within 2 minutes they conceded and now Sheff Utd are piling the pressure on… Why complicate it and confuse the players with only 10 mins left. TRUST YOUR PLAYERS!.

Hopefully the FA will make the City-Sheff Utd semi the Saturday game to limit the travel issues that always come on Sundays when two northern teams play at Wembley..

Semifinales de la FA Cup: Man City - Sheff United Brighton - Man Utd/Fulham Esto quiere decir que Tommy Doyle y James McAtee, dos de los mejores jugadores del Sheffield United, no podrán jugar contra el Manchester City porque están cedidos por ellos..

If sheff utd beat blackburn by more than 2 goals in the Fa cup one person will win the item Retweet this, follow me, retweet my pinned tweet If a free giveaway is won a winner is contacted within 24 hours. Don’t like it? Don’t enter, it’s free 😃.

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Sheff Utd coming straight off the elation of a last minute winner to reach the semi-finals of the Cup and then being drawn against Man City.

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FA Cup dilemma. I suppose we could do with Sheff Utd winning today: an extra game to fit in and the Wembley distraction *may* have an impact on their league form. Then again, if they lose, it may hit morale..

HT: Sheff Utd 1-1 Blackburn All square at the break! 🤝 Who do you fancy for the second 🤔 #ITVFootball | @EmiratesFACup.

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Join us LIVE NOW on @ITV 1 and @ITVX as Sheff Utd host Blackburn in the #FACup quarter-final! 🤩 Click the link below to follow 👇.

Sheff utd v Rovers🔵⚪️Proper FA cup tie, well fought game with two good teams giving their all, the game had it all. Penalties, good finishes and an absolute worldie to win the game. A @rovers performance to be proud of, a great cup run nevertheless 👏⚪️🔵.

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Man Utd Sheff Utd having to drag down to London for a semi final is back the neutral ground semi finals. #FACup.

@Thogden Sheff Utd v Brighton would be a great game of football. But the battle of Uniteds?.

Man City vs Sheff Utd Man Utd vs Brighton City loanees Doyle and McAtee won’t play for Sheff Utd..

I’m annoyed watching this sheff utd are shit if we had carrick all season we’d be above them by about 12 points.

Why are people saying that pen against Sheff Utd is harsh, it’s stonewall. Come straight onto his outstretched arm? 🤣 #brfc #sufc.

How do Blackburn Sheff Utd get Ally Mccoist and Man Utd get Lee Dixon and Sam Matterface 😫😫😫.

Thanks goodness Ally McCoist is commentating. @SkyBetChamp please don’t ever let Don Goodman EVER commentate a Sheff Utd match again. I’d of turned it off if blades wasn’t playing. Ruined the program..

The more I think about it I can’t believe we didn’t beat Sheff I was mad about the line up changes but at the end of the day it was their second team…. A championship reserve team… That result was 100% on the players… They just didn’t give a shit when it mattered.

@YernitedBharat Nah bro we have to win we can potentially get Sheff Utd a Championship side in the semi final.

@AllEnglandFlags I agree. I like the inclusion of female pundits but she is poor. She tried to claim that the defending for the deflected goal for Sheff Utd was lazy 😳 The ball was hit hard & he couldn’t do anything else to try to stop it..

Positives - point whilst only getting going 2nd half. Ejupi making a big impact. Negatives - Sheff Utd should have had the game won in the first half. Still not keeping the ball well enough🔴⚪️ #safc.

Da må Sheff Utd komme seg forbi semifinalen for at Doyle skal komme seg til Wembley i FA-cupen.

i sport
I sport

BREAKING 🏆 The FA Cup semi-final draw is complete: ⚽ Sheff Utd vs Man City ⚽ Brighton vs Man Utd/Fulham #FACup.

I can’t even watch the sheff utd Blackburn game because I’m still not over us going out I hate this club right now there’s just absolutely no positives at all I just want some positivity back but it just seems so far away.

@garyrudland1 Keep the faith. Dude. I am still hoping for the play offs. Going to be tough with sheff utd and Middlesbrough to come..

🏟 Sheff. Utd v Blackburn Preview ⌚ Kick off 12:00 📊 Pre-match stats 👇 🗞.

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Football is all about opinions. Eniola Aluko says 1. Sheff Utd moves his hand 2 the ball deliberately -how? Didn’t have time to think . 2. Lazy defending by Gallagher-why? Happened so quick and trying to block Ref right to use discretion not giving a 2nd yellow- ridiculous.

To take 4 points from the teams we’ve played this last week is very good. Luton, Norwich and Sheff Utd are all very good teams! Onwards and upwards🔴⚪️ #safc.

@martincroom Not on my telly Had enough with the shitbeard experts discussing Sheff Utd v Blackbum at half time It really was not arf time ((CLICK)).

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