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[email protected] honoured with yet another Doctorate Degree, this time from La Trobe University in Melbourne..

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@JoeyDaley2 I hate to disrespect the dead but I chose to watch the entire series of jade goody’s bullying and not gonna lie if your daughter was spoken to the way jade spoke to Shilpa none of u would have these array of excuses.

#India #IndependenceDayIndia . .This glorious country deserves peace now. . Each and every one of us. . बलवानो को दे दे ज्ञान 🙏🏽🙏🏽.

Jane Goody’s remarks towards Shilpa Shetty destroyed her career and rightly so!!!! Even though there was a clear difference in class between her and Shilpa, that didn’t give her an excuse to be a racist bitch..

@claraamfo I still don’t agree that Jade was racist. She was naive and uneducated and said things she deeply regretted. But she made amends for the things she said to Shilpa. Jo and Danielle did no such things. Jade genuinely regretted her actions and made right..

Shilpa Shetty Vs. Jade, Jo & Danielle has to be thee *worst* thing I’ve ever come across on British television.

literally the only time these white women are mentioned is when the whole big brother racism scandal is brought up whereas shilpa shetty is one of the most known celebrities in south asia 😭.

Dear India, The land where roaming is free, pot holes size of jacuzzi, mosquitos as big as rabbits, pigeon poop that defines stubbornness, seemingly unending spells of wet weather and each day of waking up to a glorious morning. I couldn’t be more grateful to call you home. -S.

it’s so funny how these white women (one who isn’t even alive anymore) are STILL getting dragged (as they should!!) for the racist comments they made towards shilpa, whereas shilpa is booked and busy with a stable career 😘 white women deserve to perish.

I felt that Danielle Lloyd and Jo O’Meara were even worse than Jade towards Shilpa - annoyed that Jade took the full brunt alone. Jade also ignored many symptoms of the cervical cancer. Such a sad story. Needn’t have been so tragic IMHO #JadeGoody.

On the eve of 73 Rd #IndependenceDayIndia 🇮🇳 I salute to all the matryers and great leaders and all the people who sacrificed their life for the next generation us remember all the sacrifices they made for us just for us 🇮🇳.

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Such anxiety watching #JadeGoody 😰 I think she genuinely made a mistake. Actually feel so uncomfortable re watching what happened. Shilpa handled herself like a boss 👊🏼 Also made me remember when that bitch from Sclub played couture in ugg boots a few years back 😂.

@shilpa_lakhani @akshaykumar बस mam 3 hours बाद में हम भी देख लेंगे 😍🚀.

@chizzyakudolu She did apologise - it ruined her career and she received multiple death she was fully blamed -as she should have been - her racist comments were horrendous - she didn’t get away with anything although shilpa did forgive her x.

@StevenFlavell1 @putthetellyon I mean it was pretty poppadom, telling her to go back to where she came from etc..

@putthetellyon I thought Shilpa was a bit of a cunt tbh. Like you said, Jade was very ignorant.

@Nicki01150579 @d_cshn White trash makes my blood boil 😱 poor jade !!! As for shilpa if she was that rich why go on big brother self righteous!!!! Twat.

@Nicki01150579 @d_cshn White trash !! How can say that we get called all sorts for racism ! I have some idiot bragging to me how much shilpa made money wise !!!! The clown is not known in our culture !!!! As jason statham is not known in India !! Makes me so angry ! Great to know you feel the same ❤️.

Watching racist @MissDLloyd telling Shilpa Shetty to fuck off back home is still so disgusting. Why was she never vilified like #JadeGoody was?.

I believe there are varying levels of racism. Comments made by Jade towards Shilpa WERE racist. What was even worse were the comments of Danielle Lloyd and Jo O’Meara but blame was thrown fully at Jades doorstep. I wonder if they ever #JadeGoody.

Just watching the #JadeGoody thing and I’m failing to understand why people are trying to excuse her behaviour towards Shilpa. She was definitely targeted on the season..

Jade Goody fans left ‘uncomfortable’ as Channel 4 airs Shilpa Shetty race row in tragic documentary.

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Watching #JadeGoody documentary & tweets since just shows me that the UK has gone backwards. Racism is worse today. Can I just add that the ‘poppadom’ comment wasn’t the extent of the racist comments. Jade & friends also played a rhyming game describing Shilpa as a ‘p**i*.

It was certainly about a race but even more so jealousy. Shilpa is naturally beautiful, genuinely talented, adored in her country, successful acting career. What’s worse is, she was extremely graceful and classy throughout it all. They were HATING and racist. It was horrific..

A. Some absolutely dreadful comments on here about the #JadeGoody She has two sons who lost their mum on mothers day, at least have respect for them! B. My #BBUK series was the same year as the scandal & I met Jade a few so I asked her about Shilpa. (continues).

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[email protected] honoured with yet another Doctorate Degree, this time from La Trobe University in Melbourne..

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