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“Thank goodness for gardening. It’s been the saving of me,” quote of the series. @RacheldeThame @GWandShows #shoutyhalfhour. Just wonderful words, and hope for many.

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Outdoor garden jobs for the weekend? Yeah, I don’t think so… 🌧😂 #GardenersWorld #shoutyhalfhour.

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Omgosh my Internet went down just as the chickens appeared. I might grab Geraldine from the coop and give her a squish until it comes back! #shoutyhalfhour.

@kgimson @GWandShows I have brahma’s like them but 4 times as big #GardenersWorld #shoutyhalfhour.

Dahlias and dolly tubs and bee hotels. This. THIS is what life is about 💚 #shoutyhalfhour #GardenersWorld.

@lifeonpigrow @Greentarnie Yes, Tanya was doing what I think was supposed to be the agitator action, but which actually looked like something completely different. :) :) :) #ShoutyHalfHour.

@GreenJimll @Greentarnie Always called them dolly tubs, the dolly was the wooden agitator to wash the clothes #shoutyhalfhour and nothing to do with #dollyparton.

those peking are fine in garden my big girls would devastate the flower borders but fantastic on the veg beds over winter if nothing growing #GardenersWorld #shoutyhalfhour.

That container garden is beyond gorgeous 😍💚 #shoutyhalfhour #GardenersWorld.

Oh goodness, I want those hens! Bug control and dandelion control. Plus they are So cute @GWandShows #shoutyhalfhour.

Wonderful role models - @RacheldeThame and @TheMontyDon discussing vulnerability and the positive effects of gardening and nature. #shoutyhalfhour.

That container garden is wonderful and so inspirational! Great idea for small spaces #shoutyhalfhour #GardenersWorld.

“The garden looks after me.” This is so SO true. For me, my garden gives back so much more than I give it. It’s a salve and the very best medicine there is 💚 #shoutyhalfhour #GardenersWorld.

I have to cover my pots with covers of chicken wire till bulbs emerge or lose them to squirrels #GardenersWorld #shoutyhalfhour.

“Thank goodness for gardening. It’s been the saving of me,” quote of the series. @RacheldeThame @GWandShows #shoutyhalfhour. Just wonderful words, and hope for many.

Watching #shoutyhalfhour and I’m very fond of Rachel but the bulb lasagnes are making me shout very loudly indeed!.

Putting grit on top of the pots can deter squirrels from digging #shoutyhalfhour.

remember you can plant saffron crocus which is useful and beautiful #GardenersWorld #shoutyhalfhour.

do think Monty must have shares in Whichford pottery as there wonderful but expensive pots #GardenersWorld #shoutyhalfhour.

@officialhoppy Possibly, but lichen only tends to grow on old larger plants that will have a lot of lenticels to compensate #shoutyhalfhour.

I do think lasagne way to go #GardenersWorld #shoutyhalfhour.

Hurray for the shout out for #lichens on @GWandShows. Beautiful and fascinating organisms. #shoutyhalfhour.

#shoutyhalfhour shame Benmore shuts in two weeks! Might have been good to show this segment earlier in the season. We Scots have a passion for gardens @GWandShows.

been wanting to visit Painswick, or Panswick apparently, rococo garden for ages, so another on the list for next year #ShoutyHalfHour @GWandShows #GardenersWorld.

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@TreesPayne @10MinGardener Precisely, we live in front of a quarry which is now a capped tip with a bird wildlife reserve on it, but in the time of operation it was hell #shoutyhalfhour.

I’ve always liked a good lichen since working at @NatureBureau and working with @GrasslandsMusic back in the day. #GardenersWorld #ShoutyHalfHour.

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